Responsibilities of ACRL Liaisons

NOTICE: The Council of Liaisons has been superseded by the Liaisons Coordinating and Component Committees. These policies and procedures govern only individual liaisons whose terms end in FY11 or FY12.

ACRL liaisons work to make library related interests and concerns an active part of the target organization's culture. Liaisons develop a relationship with groups within both ACRL and the liaison organization; forming links for exchanging information and ideas, sharing publications, sponsoring programs or engaging in unique activities. They improve the knowledge of both organizations about the work of the other group's membership.

Specific Duties

  • Attend the meetings (conferences and programs) of the target group.

  • Participate in the meetings and programs and seek leadership roles within the liaison organization.

  • Inform the ACRL Board, any appropriate ACRL groups, and the membership of the liaison activities.

  • Prepare timely reports of activities for the Council of Liaisons. Might also provide:

    • Columns in
      C&RL News

    • Inform the Board of cooperative opportunities for ACRL

  • Share documents from the target group with the ACRL Council of Liaisons and other relevant ACRL groups.

  • Look for windows of opportunity to involve the liaison organization in ACRL’s discussions or activities.

  • Submit a formal Annual Report to the Council and assist the Council in preparing the Council Annual Report for the Board

In addition: Individuals appointed to serve as ACRL Liaisons must submit reports on activities prior to travel reimbursement and submit a portfolio of accomplishments for dissemination.