Guidelines for Funding Members of the ACRL Liaisons Assembly

  1. Only liaisons to non-library organizations whose positions are on record with the ACRL External Liaisons Committee may apply for funding (up to $1,500 per liaison).

  2. ACRL units managing liaison relationships with target organizations are encouraged to contribute funding for the work of their liaison.

  3. Liaisons submit a funding request to the ACRL External Liaisons Committee by TBD for Fall 2022 grants and TBD for Spring 2023 grants, although requests for unexpected opportunities may be considered after that date. If there are unexpected expenses, you will need to fill out another request for funding, emphasizing the new project or event.  If you do not plan to request reimbursement (e.g. you do not plan to submit a funding request or you are unable to participate in certain liaison activities for which you proposed and were awarded funding), please notify the ACRL External Liaisons Committee.
  4. The Funding Evaluation Rubric and the ACRL Liaisons Grant Funding Request Template will help you write your request. The funding request should include:

a. Activities: A detailed description of the activities/projects proposed for the upcoming year(s) with accompanying timeline. Please include statements regarding priorities if multiple activities/projects are proposed.  Multi-year projects can be accommodated within one funding request.  These activities/projects may include:

  • Contact with leaders of the target organization
  • Appointments to target organization committee or working group.
  • Publications.
  • Presentations and workshops at conferences or other events.
  • Development of outreach material for a target group.
  • Other creative activities/projects.

b. Outcomes: A description of what the liaison’s constituents will do/learn/carry out as a result of the liaison’s work. Outcomes should:

  • Support the goals expressed in the ACRL Plan for Excellence
  • Clearly align with the liaison’s activities
  • Have the potential to involve a great number of individuals within the partner organization as well as ACRL.
  • Have the potential for sustainability in future year

c. Assessment Plan: These are activities that are undertaken to analyze a service, program, publication, etc.: In this section you should report how you will judge what you have done or will do.

d. Relationship to the goals expressed in the ACRL Plan for Excellence.

e. Funding Request: Please list the dates and location of the conference that you will be attending and associated costs. The following is an example of possible expenses that would be covered by ACRL. See example:

2018 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference: October 30 – November 2

Flight from NY to Denver: $0.00
Meals: $0.00   Per diem rate is $50/day, or for individual meals; $10 for breakfast, $15 for lunch and $25 for dinner. (No receipts needed)
Ground Transportation: $0.00
Conference Fees: $0.00
Hotel Fees: $0.00
Presentation Material: $0.00
Luggage handling fees: One bag per trip
Reasonable tips: (no receipts needed)
Other: $0.00

  1. Reimbursement for liaison expenses is tied to submission of reports that are suitable for distribution to the ACRL Board and possible publication. End of the year reports are due by August 15 of FY when the funding was allotted. A sample liaison report is provided. Submit all materials to our ACRL Staff Liaison, Allison Payne, ( Please also send a message to the Chair of the External Liaisons Committee to indicate that you have sent the paperwork to Allison Payne along with a copy of your progress report. Also post your report to the ACRL Liaison Assembly in ALA Connect. Reimbursement will conform to ALA/ACRL expense and reimbursement guidelines.

  2. A liaison who has been awarded funds by the ACRL External Liaisons Committee for the fiscal year can request reimbursement multiple times before the final August 15 deadline as funding and ACRL reimbursement deadlines allow. The total amount reimbursed before August 15 will not exceed the amount awarded.