Patrice-Andre "Max" Prud'homme

Patrice-Andre "Max" Prud'homme headshot
Describe yourself in three words

Collaborative, curious, creative.

What are you reading (or listening to on your mobile device)?

I listen to podcasts like Hidden Brain and Ted Talks and have recently read "Ill Fares the Land" by Tony Judt.

Describe ACRL in three words:

Leadership, community, opportunity.

What do you value about ACRL?

ACRL is a welcoming community to connect with one another on a wide array of experiences and expertise. I am very appreciative of the relationships I have built over the years with committee members and mentees. I value the opportunities ACRL offers to learn about and explore new ideas and concepts, and share with the community.

What do you as an academic librarian contribute to your campus?

As the Director of Digital Curation, I provide leadership and management in the areas of digital curation, preservation, and discovery of digital resources. My role is also to connect with campus and beyond to support the interdisciplinary nature of my work to further collaborative efforts towards providing access to information.

In your own words

I became interested in library and information science while working as an instructional designer. I soon realized that it was what I wanted to do. I started my library career working in digital libraries. That path opened new opportunities, such as leadership, management, grant work, and more. I am now working in digital archives. I think this is how one gets to become part of that interdisciplinary field of study that makes it special.

Title:Director of Digital Curation

Workplace:Oklahoma State University

Location:Stillwater, OK