Describe yourself in three words

Thoughtful, people-oriented, resourceful.

What are you reading (or listening to on your mobile device)?

I'm currently reading "My Grandmother's Hands" by Resmaa Menakem as well as re-reading "Rebecca" by Daphne Du Maurier.

Describe ACRL in three words:

Collaborative, engaged, informative.

What do you value about ACRL?

Through my work with ACRL, I've met many amazing colleagues that I've not only enjoyed getting to know personally but have also greatly impacted the work I do. Learning from my ACRL collaborators' expertise always transforms what I bring to my own professional life. I greatly appreciate the ability to have access to a network of so many different experiences and perspectives.

What do you as an academic librarian contribute to your campus?

In my position, I work with many partners from across campus to bring informed and collaborative services to the Herman B Wells Learning Commons. My goal is to create a welcoming informal learning space where students can take control of their own learning by accessing people and resources that meet many needs, whether that's help with research or writing, consultations with financial wellness peer tutors, tech help, or academic peer coaching. Students bring their entire lives with them when they enter a library, not just their academic selves. I believe that by pulling together many different resources using a collaborative service model, academic libraries can positively impact a student's experience beyond academics.

In your own words

My professional life as an academic librarian has always been shaped by those with whom I work. As a graduate student, I was introduced to academic librarianship through an active and engaged community comprised of both my fellow students as well as the incredible professionals who taught us. Entering into professional positions, I've found that my work is always improved with collaboration and my proudest accomplishments have come through these thoughtful and reflective partnerships. These partners are not limited to fellow librarians, however, and the students I've been able to work with through my roles in public services and instruction have also indelibly impacted the ways I approach my position and service design. Academic libraries are living organisms that need to reflect the work and research going on within and around them as well as the lives that our users lead.


Title:Learning Commons Librarian

Workplace:Indiana University

Location:Bloomington, IN