Open Educational Resources and Affordability

Program Description

ACRL’s Open Educational Resources (OER) and Affordability RoadShow will help you understand the basics of OER and how libraries can be involved in affordability initiatives at your institution. This day-long, introductory workshop is intended for academic librarians and library staff interested in learning about OER and/or developing OER initiatives. The workshop begins with a morning of foundational knowledge about OER: What are OER? How do they impact faculty and students? Throughout the day, we also discuss examples of and opportunities for library involvement in affordability initiatives, analyze stakeholders and institutional context, and determine appropriate strategies and goals for real-world application.

Number of presenters: Two presenters for up to 100 participants.

Who Should Attend

This is an introductory workshop designed for attendees new to the topic of OER. It is appropriate for librarians with leadership and administrative responsibilities, liaisons, or any library staff member interested in building a foundational knowledge of affordable and open educational resources. Workshops are also open to campus partners who may be interested in learning about, leading, and/or supporting affordability initiatives, such as instructional designers, campus store managers, student government representatives, administrators, advisors, and others. Campuses considering hosting a workshop exclusive to their institution are encouraged to think broadly and inclusively about attendee invitations.

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Learning Outcomes

Workshop participants will be able to...

  • Summarize key principles of open educational resources, affordability, and inclusion in order to explain common motivators and opportunities for the adoption, modification, and creation of open and alternative course materials.
  • Analyze how existing library skills and tools can be leveraged in order to advance the use of open and affordable resources in a variety of institutional contexts.
  • Identify possible roles for librarians and campus partners in supporting open and affordable resource use in order to articulate achievable actions that build community, further knowledge, and/or advance open and affordable resource solutions.

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Sample Schedule

Total Time: 8 hours

Part 1: What?

  • 15 Minutes: Welcome and Workshop Overview
  • 75 Minutes: Foundational Knowledge
  • 15 Minutes: Break
  • 60 Minutes: Foundational Knowledge Activities & Discussion

Part 2: How?

  • 45 Minutes: Library Roles
  • 60 Minutes: Lunch
  • 90 Minutes: Stakeholders & Institutional Context
  • 15 Minutes: Break

Part 3: Why?

  • 30 Minutes: Student Voices
  • 45 Minutes: 15% Solutions + My Skills
  • 30 Minutes: Ask Me Anything Discussion


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