2024 ALA Annual Conference - ACRL Program Proposal FAQ


The process for selecting ACRL programs at the ALA Annual Conference is managed by the ACRL Professional Development Committee (PDC). This process was put in place largely to: systematically coordinate the program offerings of ACRL; ensure a diversity of programming options; share ideas about programs that may be proposed, individually or jointly; and help ensure the quality of ACRL programs offered at the conference.

Interested 2024 Program Planners - Please review for complete details.
Submissions are now open and due September 18, 2023.

When do I submit a proposal for an ACRL program to be offered at the ALA Annual Conference?
Proposals must be submitted 9 months ahead of the intended conference date. For example, proposals for the June 2024 conference must be submitted by September 18, 2023

How do I submit a proposal for an ACRL program at Annual Conference?
ALA Annual Conference program submission allows ACRL members to submit ACRL program proposals for the 2024 ALA Annual Conference by signing in at the proposal site with their ALA login. To be considered in the ACRL pool of programs, you must choose "ACRL" from the dropdown menu at the start of the proposal form. Otherwise the proposal will go in the general ALA pool of programs, and will not be considered an ACRL program eligible for funding.

The submission form will open August 14, 2023 and users can edit their program proposal up until the September 18, 2023, submission deadline.  

What is the submission deadline?
Proposals must be submitted by September 18, 2023

What criteria will PDC use to evaluate and select the programs?
PDC will evaluate whether program submissions meet the following criteria:

  • Content is relevant to academic libraries and librarianship
  • Content is unique and different from other programs
  • Content identifies clarity of purpose
  • Proposal has clearly stated intended learning outcomes for the audience
  • Content is engaging to audience members in thinking about or participating in discussions and/or active learning
  • Content could be re-purposed (e.g. webcast, online course, article) to ensure it has a life after the program
  • Content provides evidence of collaborative co-sponsorship
  • Content supports one or more of the ALA strategic directions: Advocacy, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Information Policy, Professional and Leadership Development

You are not required to have speakers confirmed before submitting a proposal.

Can individuals submit a proposal for an ACRL Annual Conference program?
Yes, ACRL members may submit proposals for an Annual Conference program. The person(s) submitting the individual proposal must be an ACRL member, and must maintain ACRL membership throughout the planning cycle.  Individual program planners are encouraged to thoroughly evaluate the planning process before submitting a proposal, including ensuring the ability to commit to onsite attendance to present the program.

Will proposals from individuals and proposals from sections, interest groups, or division-level committees be evaluated the same way?
Yes. All proposals will be evaluated using the selection criteria. ALA sets limits on the number of programs each unit can approve. ACRL is accepts approximately 15 programs each year.

Do you offer any tips for submitting a program proposal?
Click here to view the Tips for Submitting a Proposal document.

Program date/time will be assigned by ALA Conference Services.
Programs will be scheduled by ALA Conference Services, working collaboratively with the ALA Conference Committee. Programs will be spread across the entire array of time slots. Program planners will need to indicate specific limitations - e.g. "should not conflict with...," "speaker only available on Sunday," etc.

Is a Section, Interest Group, or Committee required to submit a program each year?
A section, interest group, or committee is not required to have a program annually. Some groups may want to sponsor programs every other year; perhaps alternating with the next ACRL Conference. Groups may also consider co-sponsoring programs with other sections, interest groups, or committees.

Can programs be co-sponsored?
Yes, PDC strongly encourages units and/or individuals to cosponsor programs with other ACRL or ALA units and outside organizations. ACRL recognizes two types of co-sponsorships:

  • Co-sponsorship in name only (limit of two per program).
    • A written request should be sent to the ACRL Senior Program Officer as early as possible, but a least 8 months prior to the Annual Conference at which the program is being presented.
    • Contact information for section chairs is always available by logging into the ACRL Web site and going to the applicable roster.
  • Co-sponsorship with shared planning and financial responsibilities (should be treated as a regular conference program with written proposal responding to criteria and guidelines and submitted 9 months prior to the Annual Conference).
    • An example of a jointly sponsored program would be if two sections decided to plan a program together. 
      • Only one proposal should be submitted.
      • There is a field at the end of the proposal to indicate which ACRL units are co-sponsoring the program.  Please note if this is a jointly sponsored program or in-name only co-sponsorship.

What if I need funding for speakers?
The ACRL Board of Directors allocates funds to support ACRL Section-sponsored programs at the ALA Annual Conference for speaker honoraria. PDC in consultation with ACRL staff will determine how these funds will be allocated among the accepted program proposals. 

Annual Conference speakers must register for the ALA Annual Conference in order to participate. Conference Program Planning Committee chairs and members must register for conference in order to participate in the conference.

Is the ACRL President’s Program selected by the PDC?
The President’s Program will be exempt from review by the PDC. The President’s Program Planning Committee works closely with staff to plan the program each year.

Program Speakers and Recordings
All approved programs will be recorded. Speakers must sign a release form and provide all presentations electronically. Speaker information will be requested from program planners after program acceptances have been issued in November.  All program speakers must attend the program onsite; virtual participation cannot be supported.

Things to keep in mind:
- All programs will be 1 hour in length
-Majority of rooms are set theater-style. Limited number of mixed room sets with rounds up front and theater in back.
-Add date/time restrictions and room set requests to the proposal submission.
-ALA Conference Committee assigns date/time slots.
-Date/time assignments available late January.

Submit now!

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Questions? Contact mconahan@ala.org and lcarlton@ala.org.