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ACRL 2019 Proceedings

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ACRL 2019 Front matter

Recasting the Narrative

1G Needs Are Student Needs: Understanding the Experiences Of First-Generation College Students
Emily Daly, Arianne Hartsell-Gundy, Joyce Chapman, and Brenda Yang


Academic Libraries, Government Information, and the Persistent Problem of Jargon
Jennifer Kirk, Alex Sundt, and Teagan Eastman

Analyzing an Interactive Chatbot and its Impact on Academic Reference Services
Danielle Kane


Ban the Nazis, Jack: Teaching Information “Ownership” in Information Literacy Instruction
Megan Browndorf

Belonging, Intentionality, and Study Space for Minoritized and Privileged Students
Kelly M. Broughton

Bias in Publishing? Gender Trends in Academic Library and Information Science Monograph Publications
Ngoc-Yen Tran and Erin Nevius

Black & White Response in a Gray Area: Faculty and Predatory Publishing
Nicole Webber and Stephanie Wiegand


“Cannabis” is a Blue State Word: Marijuana Decriminalization, Keyword Development, and Considering Political Contexts in Search Results
Kevin Seeber and Rachel Stott

Capturing the Narrative: Understanding Qualitative Researchers’ Needs and Potential Library Roles
Karen Downing, Caroline He, Andrea Kang, Alix Keener, Claire Myers, Joseph Muller, Alexa Pearce, Russel Peterson, Hilary Severyn, and Elizabeth Yakel

Career Paths and Perceived Leadership Development of Academic Library Directors at Baccalaureate Institutions: Positions, Department Experience, and Skill Development
Colleen S. Harris

Challenging the ‘Good Fit’ Narrative: Creating Inclusive Recruitment Practices in Academic Libraries
Sojourna Cunningham, Samantha Guss, and Jennifer Stout

Collaborating with Students to Find and Evaluate Open Educational Resources in Engineering
Sarah E. Evelyn and John Kromer

Container Collapse and the Information Remix: Students’ Evaluations of Scientific Research Recast in Scholarly vs. Popular Sources
Amy G. Buhler, Ixchel M. Faniel, Brittany Brannon, Christopher Cyr, Tara Tobin Cataldo, Lynn Silipigni Connaway, Joyce Kasman Valenza, Rachael Elrod, Randy A. Graff, Samuel R. Putnam, Erin M. Hood, and Kailey Langer

Copyright and Digital Collections: A Data Driven Roadmap for Rights Statement Success
Sara R. Benson and Hannah Stitzlein

Creating an Outreach Story: Assessment Results, Strategic Planning, and Reflection
Amy Wainwright and Rosan Mitola


Debating Student Privacy in Library Research Projects
Jennifer Mayer and Rachel Dineen

Design for Success: Can Place Attachment and Cognitive Architecture Theories Be Used to Develop Library Space Designs that Support Student Success?
Sam Wallin and Karen R. Diller

Designing Online Faculty Development “Mini-Courses” at Community Colleges to Speed OER Adoption
Matthew Pierce

Developing “Fabulations”: Factors that Influence the Development of Successful Research Collaborations Between Liaison Librarians and Faculty Members
Kawanna Bright

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: A Conceptual Framework for Instruction
Meg Meiman, Nicole E. Brown, and Alex Hodges


Empowering Librarians to Support Digital Scholarship Research: Professional Development Training on Text Analysis with the HathiTrust
Eleanor Dickson Koehl, Harriett Green, Amanda Henley, and Terese Heidenwolf

Expanding the Narrative of Intercultural Competence: A Study of Library Faculty and Staff
Nastasha E. Johnson

Exploring the Challenges and Opportunities of Library Outreach for Transfer Students: A Cross-Institutional Collaboration
Donna Harp Ziegenfuss, Jamie Dwyer, and Dale Larsen


Faculty Perceptions of Librarians and Library Services: Exploring the Impact of Librarian Faculty Status and Beyond
Cathy Weng and David Murray

Field Notebooks and Tally Sheets: Finding and Describing Reusable Analog Data on Campus
Shannon L. Farrell, Julia A. Kelly, and Kristen L. Mastel

Finding New Angles: OER Student Survey Data and the Academic Library Narrative
Lily Todorinova and Zara Wilkinson

From “Library Science” to “Library Design”: Recasting the Narrative of Academic Librarianship
Rachel Ivy Clarke

From Matriculation to Graduation: Alignment of Library Data with University Metrics to Quantify Library Value
Rebecca A. Croxton and Anne Cooper Moore

From Survey to Social Network: Building New Services through Connections
Ana Lučić and Heather Jagman

Full Impact: Designing Research with Student Collaborators
Linda Miles and Lisa Tappeiner


How Do We Help? Academic Libraries and Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Gerard Shea and Sebastian Derry

How Faculty Demonstrate Impact: A Multi-Institutional Study of Faculty Understandings, Perceptions, and Strategies Regarding Impact Metrics
Caitlin Bakker, Jonathan Bull, Nancy Courtney, Dan DeSanto, Allison Langham-Putrow, Jenny McBurney, and Aaron Nichols


“I’d Say It’s Good Progress”: An Ecological Momentary Assessment of Student Research Habits
Emily Crist, Sean Leahy, and Alan Carbery

In Their Own Words: Student Perspectives on Privacy and Library Participation in Learning Analytics Initiatives
Kyle M. L. Jones, Michael R. Perry, Abigail Goben, Andrew Asher, Kristin A. Briney, M. Brooke Robertshaw, and Dorothea Salo

Inspiration, Ideation, and Implementation: Library Integration with Design Thinking Courses
Elizabeth Smart, Emily S. Darowski, and Matt Armstrong


Learning What They Want: Chinese Students’ Perceptions of Electronic Library Services
Russell Michalak and Monica D.T. Rysavy

Let’s Hear It! Reimagining the Library’s Teaching and Learning Program Through Cross-Campus Conversations
Laura Barrett and Katie Harding

Leveraging Visual Literacy to Engage and Orient First-Year College Students
Melissa Clark


Making a Positive Impact as a Library Leader: A Qualitative Study of Past and Future Library Leaders
Jason Martin


Narratives of (Dis)Engagement: Exploring Black/African-American Undergraduate Students’ Experiences with Libraries
Amanda L. Folk and Tracey Overbey

Navigating Change Without a Director
Martina Malvasi-Haines


OCLC and the Ethics of Librarianship: Using a Critical Lens to Recast a Key Resource
Maurine McCourry

Outsiders Turned Insiders: Expanding Skill Sets through Non-MLS Hiring
Elizabeth Leahy, Becky Nasadowski, Wes Smith


Part One — OER Adoption in an American History Course: Impact on Student Outcomes and Behaviors and Relation to Institutional Metrics
Penny Beile, Aimee deNoyelles, and John Raible

Part Two — Promotion and Adoption of Textbook Affordability and Affordable Course Materials: Forensic Science
Sandra Avila

“People Need a Strategy:” Exploring Attitudes of and Support Roles for Scholarly Identity Work Among Academic Librarians
Marie L. Radford, Vanessa Kitzie, Stephanie Mikitish, Diana Floegel, and Lynn Silipigni Connaway


Quantifying the #metoo Narrative: Incidence and Prevalence of Sexual Harassment in Academic Libraries
Candice Benjes-Small, Jennifer Knievel, Jennifer Resor-Whicker, Allison Wisecup, and Joanna Hunter


Recasting an Inclusive Narrative: Exploring Intersectional Theory
Diana Floegel and Lorin Jackson

Recasting the “One-Shot” for Student Success: Causal Research Findings for More Effective Library Instruction
Caitlin Gerrity, Scott Lanning, Anne R. Diekema

Recasting the 21st Century Community College Library: Transforming the Student Experience through Space Planning and Assessment
Jennifer Arnold

Recasting the Affordable Learning Conversation: Considering Both Cost-Savings and Deeper Learning Opportunities
Marcos D. Rivera, Amanda L. Folk, Shanna Smith Jaggars, Kaity Prieto, and Marisa Lally

Recoding the Academic Librarian: Our Developing Role as Data Detectives
Jenny McBurney and Alicia Kubas

Reframing Reference Services for Marginalized Students: A Participatory Visual Study
Eamon Tewell

Reporting in the “Post-Truth” Era: Uncovering The Research Behaviors of Journalism Students, Practitioners, and Faculty
Katherine E. Boss, Kristina M. De Voe, Stacy R. Gilbert, Carolina Hernandez, Megan Heuer, April Hines, Jeffrey A. Knapp, Rayla E. Tokarz, Chimene E. Tucker and Kristina E. Williams

Reshaping the Library Literature: Scholarship Challenges and Opportunities for Technical Services Librarians at Smaller Academic Libraries
Heather Getsay and Aiping Chen-Gaffey

Revealing Perception Gaps between Users and Academic Libraries: A Public Relations Perspective
Xiaohua Zhu, Moonhee Cho, Mei Zhang, and Erin E. Whitaker


Safe for Work: Online Professionalism Instruction in the Disciplinary Context
Christina L. Wissinger and Carmen Cole

Save the Time of the Reader: Narratives of Undergraduate Course Reading
Maura A. Smale

Scientists Don’t Use Books—or Do They? How E-book Statistics Can Challenge Conventional Wisdom and Inform Collection Decisions
Michelle Wilde

Setting the Stage for Civic-Minded Education: Casting New Roles for Librarians in Critical Information Literacy Instruction
Jennifer L. Bonnet, Liliana Herakova, and Rose Deng

Sexual Harassment in the Library: Understanding Experiences and Taking Action
Jill Barr-Walker, Denise Caramagno, Iesha Nevels, Dylan Romero & Peggy Tahir

Shaping the Future of the Small Liberal Arts College Library
John Tombarge and Luke Vilelle

Signature Initiatives: Formation of Leadership Foundation
Binh P. Le

Soft Skills Revealed: An Examination of Relational Skills in Librarianship
Miriam L. Matteson, Matthew McShane, and Emily Hankinson

Spinning a Scholarly Story: Using Faculty Interviews to Develop a Scholarly Communications Agenda for Liaison Librarians
Teresa Auch Schultz and Ann Medaille

Support Scholars Who Share: Combating the Mismatch between Openness Policies and Professional Rewards
Ali Krzton


Talking About Research: Applying Textual Analysis Software To Student Interviews
Sarah Wagner and Ann Marshall

Teaching and Learning Centers: Recasting the Role of Librarians as Educators and Change Agents
Sharon Mader and Craig Gibson

Teaching Anxious Students: Reimagining Library Pedagogy for the Age of Anxiety
Al Bernardo

Tenure Not Required: Recasting Non-Tenured Academic Librarianship to Center Stage
Jared Andrew Rex, Jennifer L.A. Whelan, and Laura L. Wilson

The Case of the Missing Books: Using New Digital Analytics Data to Answer Old Questions
Tabatha Farney, Matthew Jabaily, and Rhonda Glazier

The Cost of Speaking Out: Do Librarians Truly Experience Academic Freedom?
Danya Leebaw and Alexis Logsdon

The Librarian Parlor: Demystifying the Research Process through Community
Chelsea Heinbach, Charissa Powell, Hailley Fargo, and Nimisha Bhat

The Open Textbook Toolkit: Developing a New Narrative for OER Support
Mira Waller, Will Cross, and Erica Hayes

Training to Learn: Developing an Interactive, Collaborative Circulation-Reference Training Program for Student Workers
Laura Surtees

Troubleshooting the IT Leadership Gap
Melissa Cherry and Craig Boman


Understanding Graduate Students’ Knowledge About Research Data Management: Workflows, Challenges, and the Role of the Library
Gesina A. Phillips, Rebekah S. Miller, and Cathryn F. Miller

User Perspectives On Personalized Account-Based Recommender Systems
Jim Hahn

Using Depth of Knowledge Questions to Encourage Deep Thinking: Intentional Questioning as an Instructional Strategy
Tiffeni Fontno and Adam Williams


We Don’t Need that Anymore, Exploring the Realities of the Impact of Digitization on Print Usage
Tom Teper and Vera Vasileva

What I Learned from my Summer Research Scholar: The Transformative Impact of Undergraduate Research Mentorship on the Liaison Librarian Narrative
Erica Millspaugh and Barbara Harvey

What Makes A Leader? An Analysis of Academic Library Leadership and Organizational Vision
Leo S. Lo, Jason Coleman, and Melissa N. Mallon

When Enough Isn’t Enough: Rethinking Research Support in the Sciences through the Issue of Data Sharing
Danielle Cooper and Rebecca Springer

When Roles Collide: Librarians as Educators and the Question of Learning Analytics
Megan Oakleaf, Malcolm Brown, Dean Hendrix, Joe Lucia, Scott Walter

Why We Leave: Exploring Academic Librarian Turnover and Retention Strategies
Amy Fyn, Christina Heady, Amanda Foster-Kaufman, and Allison Hosier

“Why Would You Do That in the Library?”: Reshaping Academic Library Spaces to Meet Students’ Spiritual Needs
Christina Riehman-Murphy and Emily Lauren Mross

Wish You Were Here: Embedded Librarianship in an Education Abroad Context
Melanie Griffin and Patricia Puckett Sasser


You Can Lead Students to VitalSource, But You Can’t Make Them Think … Or Can You? The Impact of Training on E-Textbook Platform Preference and Recommendations for Recasting Library Practice
Teresa MacGregor and A.M. Salaz