WGSS Award for Career Achievement in Women & Gender Studies Librarianship

ACRL's Awards program will be on hold for the 2021-2022 award season, during which time nominations will not be accepted or juried and no recipients will be chosen for any ACRL awards. For more information, please contact Lauren Carlton.

This award is given annually to honor a distinguished academic librarian who has made outstanding contributions to women and gender studies through accomplishments and service to the profession. This award was established in 1999.


Sponsored by Duke University Press. $750 check plus plaque for the recipient.


The ACRL Women & Gender Studies Section Award for Career Achievement in Women & Gender Studies Librarianship is designed to honor individual career achievement in Women & Gender Studies Librarianship. Nominees should have demonstrated significant achievements and contributions in one or more of the following areas:

  • Service within the organized profession through ACRL/WGSS and/or related organizations;
  • Academic/research library service in the area of women and gender studies;
  • Research and publication in areas of academic/research library services in women and gender studies;
  • Planning and implementation of academic/research library programs in women and gender studies disciplines of such exemplary quality that they could serve as a model for others.   


Submissions are not currently being accepted.

Electronic submissions through the online nomination form are required. Nomination should include a nominating letter addressing specific area(s) or criteria and citing concrete examples, and at least one (1) letter of support.

If you have questions or require assistance in completing a nomination packet, please contact award committee chair Jessica Szempruch, jszempru@usf.edu.

View the full award committee roster here.

2021 Recipient

Photo of Jane Nichols
Jane Nichols, Associate Professor and Head of the Teaching and Engagement Department, Oregon State University

Previous Recipients

  • 2020 - Emily Drabinski
  • 2019 - Carrie Kruse
  • 2018 - Diedre Conkling
  • 2017 - Jennifer Gilley
  • 2016 - Kayo Denda
  • 2015 - Connie Phelps
  • 2014 - Laura Micham
  • 2013 - Hope Olson
  • 2012 - Ellen Greenblatt
  • 2011 - Kay Cassell
  • 2010 - Cindy Ingold
  • 2009 - Linda Krikos
  • 2008 - Dolores Fidishun
  • 2007 - Sandra River
  • 2006 - Marlene Manoff
  • 2005 - Ellen J. Broidy
  • 2004 - Phyllis Holman Weisbard
  • 2003 - Ruth Dickstein
  • 2002 - Joan Ariel
  • 2001 - Sarah Pritchard
  • 2000 - Susan E. Searing