Peter Hernon's Acceptance Speech

2008 Recipient of ACRL's Academic/Research Librarian of the Year Award

hernon award presentation

Left to right: Mark Kendall, Senior Vice President of Sales, YBP Library Services; Peter Hernon, Professor in the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at Simmons College, Julie Todaro, 2007-08 ACRL President

Having written scholarly and research studies on LIS topics for more than 30 years, it is a rare occasion for there to be broad recognition of one's life-long work. As I glance over the list of past recipients of this most prestigious award, I am honored to join them. Also, I am the first library educator to receive the award. To me this signifies there need not be a gap between education and practice. We have mutual interests and concerns. I work closely with those in practice and this association informs me about topics of mutual interest, from which I might select a topic to pursue.

It is my hope that more educators will follow my path and try to make a difference through their scholarly and research writings. Those in ACRL are interested in relevant literature and see how such writings can help them while contributing at a larger level.