ACRL 2015 Conference Materials

ACRL 2015 Conference Program

The full ACRL 2015 Program Book is available online in PDF format.

ACRL 2015 Conference Proceedings

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ACRL 2015 Front Matter


Bonnie J. Smith
Amanda L. Folk
Steven Irving and Phil Roché
Binh P. Le
Brian Young
Liz Cooper, Laurie Kutner, and Steven W. Witt


Ian Godfrey, Scott Bigler, and Catherine Soehner
Sue F. Phelps, Julie Planchon Wolf, and Loree Hyde
Sarah LeMire
Jamie L. Conklin and Elizabeth O. Moreton
Alison B. Thomas and Alex R. Hodges
Carolyn Caffrey Gardner and Gabriel J. Gardner


Brook Muller
Bethany B. Sewell and Claire A. Clemens
Laura Gariepy, Megan Hodge, M. Teresa Doherty, and Dennis Clark
Jessica Alverson, Jennifer Schwartz, Amelia Brunskill, and Jim Lefager
Gail Munde and Bryna Coonin
Ilana Stonebraker and Tao Zhang
Amanda Nichols Hess


Lorelei Rutledge, Sarah LeMire, and Alfred Mowdood
Jane Schmidt
Luke Leither
Rebecca M. Marrall
Roxanne Shirazi
Jee Davis and Kristen Hogan
Shannon Fay Johnson, Lisa Jarrell, and Tiff Adkins


Christina Mune and Ann Agee
Julie Linden, Angela Sidman, and Sarah Tudesco
John Garrison, Jamie Kohler, and Erin T. Smith
Elizabeth L Black
Kendall Hobbs and Diane Klare


Shannon Fay Johnson and Ludwika Goodson
Stephanie E. Mikitish
Patrick K. Morgan
Sally Gibson


Tobi Hines, Amy Kohut, Sara Wright, and Sarah Young


Ariel Turner
Merinda Kaye Hensley
Richard Gray and Amy Barker
Rebecca K. Miller
Nathan Hall
Kevin Fosnacht
Jodie L. Borgerding


Jason Martin
Laura Heinz and Donell Callender
Emily Z. Brown and Susan Souza-Mort with Michelle Chiles (Norming Contributor)
Megan Lotts
Ellen R. Urton, Meagan J. Duever, Casey D. Hoeve, Jenny K. Oleen, Livia Olsen, and David Vail
Steve Brantley, Todd A. Bruns, and Kirstin Duffin
Kelly C. McCallister, Margaret N. Gregor, and Deborah W. Joyner
Kathryn M. Crowe
Katie Emery and Todd Schifeling
Rhonda Huisman
Camille Andrews and Sara E. Wright
Leila June Rod-Welch and Conner J. Brakeville
Sigrid Anderson Cordell and Melissa Gomis


John Burke
Emily Campbell, Pamela J. MacKintosh, Sara Bahnmaier, Ash Brown, Rafael Escobar, and Heather Shoecraft
Katelyn Angell and Eamon C. Tewell
Elizabeth Namei and Christal A. Young
Cynthia Steinhoff, Charles Rudalavage, and Jolin Wang
Hilary Bussell, Jessica Hagman, and Christopher S. Guder


Lettie Y. Conrad, Elisabeth Leonard, and Mary M. Somerville
Steven Bell, Lorcan Dempsey, and Barbara Fister
Devin Savage


Beth Hoag
Junior Tidal
Heather Joseph
Kate Hinnant and Robin Miller


Pearl Herscovitch, Margy MacMillan, and Sara Sharun
Melissa N. Mallon


Karen R. Diller
Maliaca Oxnam and Kimberly Chapman
Kelly McElroy and Chris Diaz
Katie Bishop and Eleanor Johnson
Kent LaCombe


Kathleen Reed and Dawn Thompson
Heather A. Dalal, Amy K. Kimura, and Melissa A. Hofmann
Michael Ridley, Clare Appavoo, and Sabina Pagotto
Amanda L. Folk
Laurie Alexander and Karen Reiman-Sendi
Darcy Gervasio, Kimberly Detterbeck, and Rebecca Oling
Meg Scharf, Ameet Doshi, and Bob Fox
Gene R. Springs
Valeria Long and Lynn Sheehan


Margy MacMillan and Stephanie Rosenblatt
Kayo Denda and Jennifer Hunter


Jill Markgraf
Harriett E. Green, Mara Wade, Timothy Cole, and Myung-Ja Han


Jason Mickel and Elizabeth Anne Teaff


Betty Rozum, Becky Thoms, Scott Bates, and Danielle Barandiaran
Sa’ad Laws, Ross MacDonald, and Ziyad Mahfoud


Jennifer Poggiali