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ACRL publishes a range of monographs to assist academic librarians in developing their professional careers, managing their institutions, and increasing their awareness of developments in librarianship. Curious about how you can contribute? Write for ACRL!

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ACRL is the only not-for-profit publisher specifically for academic and research libraries and library workers. Purchases of ACRL books help fund advocacy, research, and continuing education programs for the academic library community worldwide.

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Critical Library Leadership book

Critical Library Leadership: Managing Self and Others in Today's Academic Library
edited by Kristin Henrich and Cinthya Ippoliti

Provides practical, library-specific, hands-on tools that help us shape our approach to leadership and ourselves as leaders...
ISBN: 979-8-89255-547-0
$88 / -10% members

Just Released!

Toxic Dynamics: Disrupting, Dismantling, and Transforming Academic Library Culture by Russell Michalak, et al.

Toxic Dynamics: Disrupting, Dismantling, and Transforming Academic Library Culture
edited by Russell Michalak, Trevor A. Dawes, and Jon E. Cawthorne
Provides practical solutions for confronting these complex issues and innovative ways to promote a healthy and sustainable work culture.
ISBN: 979-8-89255-551-7
$90 / -10% members

ACRL Publications Catalog

edited by Danielle Skaggs and Rachel M. McMullin
ISBN 979-88925-5549-4

edited by Arianne Hartsell-Gundy, Laura R. Braunstein, and Liorah Golomb
ISBN 979-88925-5555-5

by Monica Berger
ISBN 978-0-8389-8955-5

by Sabine Jean Dantus
ISBN 979-8-8925-5557-9
Offers step-by-step strategies for understanding why people visit the library and tailoring your marketing with personalization that resonates with users on a deeper level.

edited by Maggie Murphy, Stephanie Beene, Katie Greer, Sara Schumacher, and Dana Statton Thompson
ISBN 978-0-8389-3991-8
Will help you find new inspiration for how to unframe, adapt, and apply visual literacy pedagogy.

edited by Josh C. Cromwell
ISBN 979-8-8925-5543-2
The ideas, scholarship, and examples presented can inspire and reinvigorate how you engage with the repositories at your institutions.

edited by Claire Walker Wiley, Amanda B. Click, and Meggan Houlihan
ISBN 978-0-8389-3985-7
Offers high-quality evidence from a variety of perspectives and inspires a commitment to evidence-based practice in your day-to-day work and library culture.

edited by Brian Flota and Kate Morris
ISBN 978-0-8389-3950-5
Can help you develop, cultivate, grow, catalog, and make use of comic book collections.

edited by Maria Bonn, Josh Bolick, and Will Cross
ISBN 978-0-8389-3990-1
A thorough guide meant to increase instruction on scholarly communication and open education issues and practices so library workers can continue to meet the changing needs of student

edited by Sarah Hartman-Caverly and Alexandria Chisholm
ISBN 978-0-8389-3989-5

edited by Rebecca Zuege Kuglitsch and Alexander C. Watkins
Offer learning strategies and objectives that can help you teach all manner of creators.

edited by Yvonne Mery and Anthony Sanchez
ISBN 978-0-8389-3952-9

edited by Amanda Nichols Hess
ISBN 978-0-8389-3968-0

edited by Doris Van Kampen-Breit
ISBN 978-0-8389-3939-0