Friends of ACRL 2008

ACRL expresses its sincere appreciation to the following Friends for their generous donations totaling $6,665. Your support enabled ACRL to take bold steps above and beyond its traditional member programs and services. We thank the individuals below for joining the Friends of ACRL family:

Patrons ($1,000 and over)

Peter B. Kaatrude

Sponsors ($500-$999)

Patricia Senn Breivik, in honor of Clyde C. Walton
Erika Linke
Patricia Wand

Contributors ($250-$499)

Susan Brynteson
Trevor Dawes
John A. Lehner
Henry Pisciotta, in honor of Erika Linke
Pamela Snelson

Associates ($100-$249)

Susan Allen
Janis Bandelin
Anne Beaubien, in memory of Sharon A. Hogan
Steven J. Bell
Lisa Browar
Mary M. Carr
Julia Gelfand
Lori Goetsch
Lynne King
Patricia Kreitz
Susan Kroll
Michael LaCroix
Debbie Malone
Beth McNeil
W. Bede Mitchell
William Neal Nelson, in memory of Charles Beard
Alison Ricker
Joan Roca
Brian Schottlaender
Louise S. Sherby
Helen Spalding

Friends (Up to $99)

Teresa Ashley
Sherri Barnes
Norman Belk
Mary Linn Bergstrom
Kathryn Boyens
Jerry Brown
Marilyn Carbonell
Ana Cobos
Melissa Conway
Jonathan Cope
John Danneker
Christian Dupont, in honor of Mary Ellen K. Davis
Anne Earel
Jeffrey Earnest
Kathleen Finegan
Elaine Franco
Christine Godin
Tammy Hampton
W. Lee Hisle
Sara Holder
Christine Inkster
Deborah Katz
Linda Keiter
Carol Kem
Patricia Keogh
R. Cecilia Knight
Mary Lacy
Sharon LePage
Robert Martin
Suzanne Martin
Jennifer MacDonald
James McCloskey
Jeanette McVeigh
Debra Moore
Kate Moriarty
Kenley Neufeld
Kathy Parsons
Mary Jane Petrowski, in memory of William A. Darrow, Sr.
William Pidduck
Amanda Piegza
Rebecca Roberts
Eliza Robertson
Ronald Rodriguez
Marina Salcedo
Heidi Senior
Stephen Skuce
Elaine Smyth
Kerry Spears
Michelle Spomer
Keith Stetson
Loretta Wallace
Amanda Werhane
Susan Barnes Whyte
Juana Young