Friends of ACRL 2006

ACRL expresses its sincere appreciation to the following Friends for their generous donations totaling $4,315. Your support enables ACRL to take bold steps above and beyond its traditional member programs and services. We thank the individuals below for joining the Friends of ACRL family:

Patrons ($1,000 and over)

Fred Gertler, in memory of his wife, Ilene Rockman
National University Library
Winston-Salem State University

Sponsors ($500-$999)

Educational Testing Service, in memory of Ilene Rockman
Erika Linke

Contributors ($250-$499)

Elaine K. Didier
Vicki L. Gregory
Althea H. Jenkins
W. Bede Mitchell
James Neal
Julie Todaro

Associates ($100-$249)

Janis Bandelin, in honor of Leland Park & Larry Hardesty
Mary Ellen K. Davis
Julia Gelfand
Lori A. Goetsch
Daniel Goroff, in celebration of Marc Granetz's birthday
Patricia A. Kreitz
Susan Kroll
Michael LaCroix
Debbie Malone
Frances Maloy
Bill Nelson, in memory of Charles Beard
Kenley Neufeld
Lorelei Tanji

Friends (Up to $99)

California Academic & Research Libraries (CARL), in memory of Ilene Rockman
Barbara J. Ford, in memory of Ilene Rockman
W. Lee Hisle
Priscilla J. Matthews, in honor of Richard Christensen
Mary Jane Petrowski
Keith R. Stetson
Sister Anita Talar