Friends of ACRL 1999

ACRL expresses its sincere appreciation to the following Friends for their generous donations totaling $4,145. Your support enables ACRL to take bold steps above and beyond its traditional member programs and services. We thank the individuals below for joining the Friends of ACRL family:

Patrons ($1,000 and over)

Sharon Rogers

Sponsors ($500-$999)

Larry Hardesty
William Miller

Contributors ($250-$499)

Erika Linke

Associates ($100-$249)

John Budd
Jill Fatzer
Rena Fowler
Vicki Gregory
W. Lee Hisle
Althea Jenkins
Barton Lessin
Claudia Morner
James G. Neal
Marion Reid
Robert F. Rose
Cary Sowell
Mary Lee Sweat
Patricia A. Wand
Lizabeth Wilson

Friends (Up to $99)

Mignon Adams
Frances Maloy
Lawrence McCrank
Laurence Miller
Dana Rooks
Carolyn Sheehy
Keith Stetson
Lee Marie Wisel