ACRL Nominations and Policies Audit Task Force


  • Review current ACRL Bylaws and policies, focusing on the ACRL leadership nominations and recruitment process + Board participation requirements, to identify areas that may be impeding efforts to expand dimensions of diversity in the leadership pipeline - including people of color and minoritized groups, individuals in diverse roles within the library profession, and library workers in all types of academic library settings.
  • Identify and evaluate alternatives to current policy, as well as advantages and disadvantages for each alternative, that they may reduce barriers and encourage greater participation.
  • Recommend alternatives based on the evaluation of advantages and disadvantages.
  • Areas related to the appointments process should be considered within scope, albeit not the primary focus, in order to be flagged for future work.


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  • Chair
  • A minimum of five members (i.e., a chair and four members)
  • 1 member from the ACRL Budget and Finance Committee (current or former)
  • 1 member from the ACRL Professional Development Committee (current or former)
  • 1 member from the ACRL Leadership Recruitment and Nomination Committee (current or former)
  • 1 Board liaison
  • 1 Staff liaison
  • Additional member appointments at the discretion of the Vice-President/President-Elect


  • Task force terms: February 1, 2022 - January 31, 2023
  • Date interim report is due: October 2022
  • Date final report is due: January 2023


The ACRL Board of Directors approved the creation of this task force at its January 27, 2022 meeting.