STS Core Values

Member Enrichment and Engagement

STS is committed to providing exemplary service to its members through visionary leadership, mentorship, and continuous learning and professional development. Through this, STS creates a network of support for all science and technology librarians.

Role of Science and Technology Libraries

STS is committed to the stewardship and role of libraries in science and technology, research, and education. STS will continue to value higher education, new ideas, transformation, and welcome global perspectives.

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA)

STS actively engages in IDEA practices and works to promote and model them by recruiting a diverse membership, engaging in IDEA programming, and striving to create an environment that is welcoming, inclusive, and accessible to all its members.

Open Science Resources

STS supports sustainable models of open science, open data, open journal access, and open educational resources that bring greater accessibility and equitability to the practice of science research, communication, and education.


STS commits to integrity by supporting transparency, social responsibility, and sustainability in its activities with members, constituents, vendors, and society at large.


Past Strategic  Plans


STS Strategic Plan Implementation Report 2010 (pdf) 

STS Strategic Plan 2007 (doc)

STS Strategic Plan 2002 (pdf)

STS implementation of the ACRL strategic plan 2003-04 (doc)

2004 Strategic Plan (doc)