ACRL-STS Liaison Program

Charge: To promote and coordinate the work of the STS Liaisons to different professional groups with which STS has established formal and informal relationships and to provide information sharing within the Section that may lead to collaboration and exchange. Liaisons will be chosen by the two committee co-chairs and a third member who is not currently acting as an STS liaison. Committee Roster

Many organizations are involved in science & technology librarianship. In an attempt to enhance the exchange of new ideas and shared concerns, STS has drawn from its membership to create a liaison program with the groups listed below.

DO YOU NORMALLY ATTEND CONFERENCES for any of these organizations? Would you like to be a liaison for the Science & Technology Section and have the opportunity to present on what you’ve learned? If so, please contact the current STS Liaisons Committee Co-Chairs for more information.

Not currently an STS member, but still want to be involved? Contact us today!

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Each liaison is expected to serve for a two-year term, attend the assigned organization’s annual conference, and prepare an informal report on what was discussed. This report can be in a standard Word or PDF document, or can be presented via an online or in-person poster session to the STS Liaisons Committee. Terms of service may be consecutive if desired.

American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS)

Description from Website
“AIBS builds community in support of researchers, educators, and scientists who understand the importance of sharing biological discovery and knowledge.”

Years Liaisons
2016 - 2020 Frederick Stoss, SUNY University at Buffalo
2014 - 2016 Ginny Pannabecker, Virginia Tech


American Chemical Society (ACS)

Description from Website
"ACS is a congressionally chartered independent membership organization which represents professionals at all degree levels and in all fields of chemistry and sciences that involve chemistry."

Years Liaisons
2018 - 2020 Joshua Rose, St. Mary's College
2016 - 2018 Patti McCall, University of Central Florida
2014 - 2016 Patti McCall, University of Central Florida
2008 - 2009 Mitchell Brown, University of California, Irvine
2007 Jeremy Garritano, Purdue University
2006 Beth Thomsett-Scott, University of North Texas


American Physical Society (APS)

Description from Website
“The American Physical Society is a non-profit membership organization working to advance and diffuse the knowledge of physics through its outstanding research journals, scientific meetings, and education, outreach, advocacy and international activities.”

Years Liaisons
2018 - 2020 Sandy Avila, University of Central Florida
2016 - 2018 David Dror, University of Illinois at Chicago
2014 - 2016 Rachel Besara, Florida State University


Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T)

Description from Website
“Since 1937, The Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T) has been the society for information professionals leading the search for new and better theories, techniques, and technologies to improve access to information.”

Years Liaisons
2017 - 2019 Michael Luesebrink, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
2015 - 2017 Kristin Bogdan, University of Saskatchewan
2013 - 2015 Moriana Garcia, Denison University
2007 - 2009 Tina O'Grady, University of New Orleans


Council on Botanical and Horticultural Libraries (CBHL)

Description from Website
“The Council on Botanical and Horticultural Libraries, Inc. (CBHL) is an international organization of individuals, organizations and institutions concerned with the development, maintenance and use of libraries of botanical and horticultural literature.”

Years Liaisons
2016 - 2020 Meg Eastwood, University of New Hampshire
2014 - 2016 Flora Shrode, Utah State University
Past Kathy Fescemeyer, Pennsylvania State University


Engineering Libraries Division (ELD),
American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE)

Description from Website
“The division consists of librarians and information professionals concerned with the support of engineering education.”

Years Liaisons
2016 - 2020 Margaret Phillips, Purdue University
2012 - 2016 Daniela Solomon, Case Western University
2009 - 2010 Jill Dixon, Binghamton University
2008 John Meier, Pennsylvania State University
2007 Kathleen Fleming, Wayne State University
2006  Maliaca Oxnam, University of Arizona


Geoscience Information Society (GSIS)

Description from Website
“The Geoscience Information Society (GSIS) facilitates the exchange of information in the geosciences through cooperation among scientists, librarians, editors, cartographers, educators, and information professionals.”

Years Liaisons
2018 - 2020 Chrissy Klenke, University of Nevada-Reno
2016 - 2018 Frederick Stoss, SUNY University at Buffalo
2013 - 2014 Louis Deis, Princeton University


International Association of Aquatic and Marine Science Libraries and Information Centers (IAMSLIC)

Description from Website
"The International Association of Aquatic and Marine Science Libraries and Information Centers (IAMSLIC) is an association of individuals and organizations interested in library and information science, especially as these are applied to the recording, retrieval and dissemination of knowledge and information in all aspects of aquatic and marine sciences and their allied disciplines. The association provides a forum for exchange and exploration of ideas and issues of mutual concern."

Years Liaisons
2020-2022 Jaime Goldman, Nova Southeastern University
2015 - 2019 Mary J. Markland, Oregon State University
2012 - 2014 Michelle Leonard, University of Florida
2009 Janet Webster, Oregon State University


International Association of University Libraries (IATUL)

Description from Website
“IATUL provides a forum for the exchange of ideas relevant to librarianship in technological universities throughout the world. It also provides library directors and senior managers an opportunity to develop a collaborative approach to solving common problems.”

Years Liaisons
2017 - 2019 Tod Colegrove, Nevada State Library, Archives, and Public Records


Medical Library Association (MLA)

Description from Website
“The Medical Library Association (MLA) is organized exclusively for scientific and educational purposes, and is dedicated to the support of health sciences research, education, and patient care. MLA fosters excellence in the professional achievement and leadership of health sciences library and information professionals to enhance the quality of health care, education, and research.”

Years Liaisons
2018 - 2020 Robin O'Hanlon, Temple University
2016 - 2018 Annette Parde-Maass, Creighton University
2014 - 2016 Michelle Rachal, University of Nevada
2011 Mary Slebodnik, Purdue University


National Science Digital Library  (NSDL)

Description from Web Site
"The National Science Digital Library (NSDL) is a national network of digital envirionments dedicated to advancing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) teaching and learning for all learners, in both formal and informal settings."

Years Liaisons
No current liaison - this organization is not currently an active organization  
2012 - 2013 Flora Shrode, Utah State University
2006 - 2007 Flora Shrode, Utah State University
2006 Julia Gelfand, University of California, Irvine


Special Libraries Association (SLA)

Description from Website
“The Special Libraries Association (SLA) is a nonprofit global organization for innovative information professionals and their strategic partners. SLA serves more than 9,000 members in 75 countries in the information profession, including corporate, academic and government information specialists.”

NOTE – any specific scientific division of SLA may qualify for a liaison position

Years Liaisons Div
2017 - 2019 Chrissy Klenke, University of Nevada, Reno PAM
2017 - 2019 Carolyn Jackson, Texas A & M DST
2015 - 2017 Jeffra Bussmann, California State University, East Bay PAM
2015 - 2017 Christine Malinowski, Massachusetts Institute of Technology DST
2012 - 2015 Janet Hughes, Pennsylvania State University DST
2012 - 2015 Jeffra Bussman, California State University, East Bay PAM
2008 - 2009 Louise Deis, Princeton University SLA
2008 Olivia Sparks, Arizona State University DST
2007 Charles Wenger, currently unaffiliated DST
2006 - 2007  Joe Murphy, Yale University PAM
2006    Virginia Baldwin, University of Nebraska, Lincoln DST


United States Agricultural Information Network (USAIN)

Description from Website
"The United States Agricultural Information Network is an organization for information professionals that provides a forum for discussion of agricultural issues, takes a leadership role in the formation of a national information policy as related to agriculture, makes recommendations to the National Agricultural Library on agricultural information matters, and promotes cooperation and communication among its members."  

Years Liaisons
2017 - 2022 Linda Eells, University of Minnesota
2015 - 2017 Innocent Awasom, Texas Tech University
2012 - 2014 Livia Olsen, Kansas State University
2008 - 2010 Amy Paster, Pennsylvania State University




Liaisons appointed by ACRL are under the terms and guidelines of the Liaisons Coordinating Committee (LCC). Please see the ACRL Liaison Activities website for more information.

American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

(AAAS is a three-year term position)

Description from Website
"The American Association for the Advancement of Science, "Triple A-S" (AAAS), is an international non-profit organization dedicated to advancing science around the world by serving as an educator, leader, spokesperson and professional association." 

Years Liaisons
2020 – 2023 Roxanne Bogucka, University of Texas at Austin
2017– 2020 Roxanne Bogucka, University of Texas at Austin
2014– 2017 Alison Ricker, Oberlin College
2011– 2014 Alison Ricker, Oberlin College
2009 – 2011 Diane Rein, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York
2008 Laura Mullen, Rutgers University
2006 – 2007 Stephanie Bianchi, National Science Foundation


International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA)

(IFLA Liaison is a four-year term position)

Description from Website
"The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) is the leading international body representing the interests of library and information services and their users. It is the global voice of the library and information profession."

Years Liaisons
2017 - 2021 Tara M. Radniecki, University of Nevada, Reno
2011 - 2015  Martin Kesselman, Rutgers University
2007 - 2011 Janet Webster, Oregon State University
2005 - 2007 Julia Gelfand, University of California, Irvine
2004 - 2009    Billie Jo Reinhart, Cleveland State University, Emeritus


March for Science

Description from Website
"The March for Science champions robustly funded and publicly communicated science as a pillar of human freedom and prosperity. We unite as a diverse, nonpartisan group to call for science that upholds the common good, and for political leaders and policymakers to enact evidence-based policies in the public interest."

Years Liaisons
2017 - 2022 Aimee Sgourakis, University of Pittsburgh



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