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Summer 2023 (Chicago)
Interdisciplinarity and Humanities Librarianship: Are librarians (and Libraries) Keeping Pace, and What’s Next?
Speakers: Glenda M. Insua, Trishula Patel, Dylan Ruediger
Moderator: Candice Dahl

Summer 2022 (Washington DC)
Cramping Your Style: The Role of Citation Styles in Academic Writing, Today and Tomorrow
Speakers: Emily Drabinski, Angela Gibson, Lorisia MacLeod
Moderator: Ava Brillat

Summer 2021 (virtual due to COVID-19 pandemic)
No official program

Summer 2020 (virtual due to COVID-19 pandemic)
OERs: National and International Perspectives [recording and chat transcript]
Speakers: Jessie Ransom, Elena Sanchez 
Moderator: Ava Brillat

Summer 2019 (Washington D.C.)
Difficult Discussions: Diversity in Digital Collections and Archives
Speakers: Sylvia Fernandez, Alex Gil, Amardeep Singh
Moderator: information not available

Summer 2018 (New Orleans)
Zine Cultures as Critical Resistance: A Hands-On Workshop to Build Community Engagement and Student Learning
Speakers: Daniela Capistrano, Ann Komaromi, Mark Yoffe, Ziba Zehdar-Gazdeck
Moderators: Lydia Willoughby, Kelly McElroy

Summer 2017 (Chicago)
Exploring Chicago Architecture through Art, Literature, and History
Speakers: information not available
Moderator: information not available

Summer 2016 (Orlando)
Archiving the Present: Primary Sources & Unique and Distinctive Collections in European and American Studies
Speakers: Ashley R. Maynor, Thomas Keenan, Zina Somova, Lidia Uziel
Moderator: Kristina M. De Voe

Summer 2015 (San Francisco)
Libraries Behind Bars: Education and Outreach to Prisoners (flyerbibliography; panel bios)
Speakers: Tobi Jacobi, Amy Lerman, and Leah Jacobs
Moderator: Elizabeth Marshak

Summer 2014 (Las Vegas)
"Embedded" Cultural Communities in Europe and the Americas: Challenges for Librarians (flyer; bibliography)
Speakers: Oksana Marafioti, Pedro Oiarzabal, and Loriene Roy
Moderator: Maira Bundza

Summer 2013 (Chicago)
Literary Texts and the Library in the Digital Age (flyer)
Speakers: Paula Kaufman, Laura Mandell, Glen Worthey
Moderator: Patricia Thurston

Summer 2012 (Anaheim)
Fair Use, Intellectual Property, and New Media
Speakers: Jack Lerner, Kevin Smith
Moderator: Shawn Martin

Summer 2011 (New Orleans)
ANSS Program: The Aftermath of Katrina and Rita: The Effects on Libraries, People, and Neighborhoods (announcement; bibliography)

Summer 2010 (Washington)
Contemporary European Fiction in Translation (flyer; bibliography)
Speakers: Chad Post, Alane Salierno Mason, Dr. Edwin Gentzler
Moderator: Dr. Richard Hacken

Summer 2009 (Chicago)
Open Access Digital Initiatives in the Humanities: Creation, Dissemination, Preservation (flyer)
Speakers: Angela Courtney, Chad Curtis, Dino Franco Felluga, Laura Mandell, Robert Melton

Summer 2008 (Anaheim)
Reading Pictures: The Language of Wordless Books (flyer; bibliography)
Speakers: David A. Beronä, Perry Willett, Eric Drooker, Dr. Charles Hatfield
Moderator: Juliet Kerico

Summer 2007 (Washington)
Shakespeare and Libraries: On Stage, Online, Off the Shelves (flyer; bibliography)
Speakers: Georgianna Ziegler, James Harner, Carole Levin, Caleen Sinnette Jennings
Moderator: Kathy Johnson

Summer 2006 (New Orleans)
Introduction to Cultural Studies
Speakers: Joel Dinerstein, Jane Faulkner, Mark Szarko
Moderator: Rob Melton

Summer 2005 (Chicago)
Old Texts Made New: EEBO, ECCO, and the Impact on Literary Scholarship (flyer)
Speakers: Jesse Lander, Helen Thompson, Jeffrey Garrett
Moderator: Kristine J. Anderson

Summer 2004 (Orlando)
Cuban Voices, English Words: Language and Identity in Cuban-American Literature (flyer; bibliography)
Speakers: Carolina Hospital, Gustavo Pérez Firmat, Delia Poey, Virgil Suárez

Summer, 2003 (Toronto)
Canadian English Literature: A User's Guide
Speakers: Sandra Alston, Magdelene Redekop, Susanne Alexander, Alistair Macleod
Moderator: Brad Burningham

Summer 2002 (Atlanta)
Teaching Literary Research: Challenges in a Changing Environment (handout)
Speakers: James Bracken, James Harner, Helene Williams, William Wortman
Moderator: Steven Harris

Summer 2001 (San Francisco)
The Beat Generation:Collaboration and Community (flyer)
Speakers: Ann Charters, Bill Morgan, Paul Karlstrom, Janice Ross, Michael McClure

Summer 2000 (Chicago)
Collecting Contemporary Fiction for the New Millennium
Speakers: Deborah Jakubs, Nancy Kushigian, Bob Nardini, Julia Alvarez
Reception sponsor: Algonquin Press

Summer 1999 (New Orleans)
Reading the South: Southern Literature and the Library
Speakers: Ellen Douglas, Ralph Adamo, Rob Melton, Patricia Dominguez, Jeanne Pavy

Summer 1998 (Washington)
Re-Imag(in)ing the Text: The Literary Text in the Electronic Age
Co-sponsor: Rare Books and Manuscripts Section
Speakers: Jerome McGann, John Price-Wilkin, and Marianne Gaunt

Summer 1997 (San Francisco)
Production of the Text and Publishing: The View of Fine Press Publishers in the San Francisco Bay Area
Speakers: Andrew Hoyem, Bill Barlow

Summer 1996 (New York)
Beyond the Stage Door
Co-sponsors: Theatre Library Association, ACRL Arts Section
Speakers: Edward Albee, Ming Cho Lee, Estelle Parsons, Jules Fisher, Richard Buck, Mary Ellen W. Rogan

Summer 1995 (Chicago)
The Humanist and the Librarian: Creating a Collaborative Partnership
Speakers: Stephen Wiberly, J. Paul Hunter, Marcia Pankake

Summer 1994 (Miami Beach)
The Electronic Revolution from Differing Perspectives
Speakers: R. Shaaf, A. Young, M. Kuenig, Robert D. Carlin, William Baker

Summer 1993 (New Orleans)
Little Magazines and Libraries
Speakers: Willard Fox, Yvonne Schofer

Summer 1992 (San Francisco)
Popular Culture and Libraries
Donald Ault, Barbara Moran, Douglas Highsmith

Summer 1991 (Atlanta)
Contemporary Poetry in American Libraries
Speakers: Robert J. Bertholf, Mary Biggs, Hank Lazer, Toby Moffeit

Summer 1990 (Chicago)
Methods for Assessing Literary Collections
Speakers: Mark Sandler, John Budd, Susan Steinberg, Maureen Pastine

Summer 1989 (Dallas)
The Nature of Literary Scholarship
Speakers: Harrison T. Meserole, Marianne Gaunt, Eric Carpenter, Richard Heinzkill

Summer 1988 (New Orleans)
The Literary Byte: Research in the Online Age
Speakers: Loss Glazier, Scott Stebelman, Robert Walther

Summer 1987 (San Francisco)
Literary Publishers and Libraries: Making the Connection
Speakers: Jean Day, Roberta Rix, Jack Shoemaker

Summer 1986 (New York)
MLA International Bibliography
Moderator: John Dillon Summer

Summer 1985 (Chicago)
Building Collections of Contemporary Fiction
Speakers: Charles Brownson, Robert Sewell, John O'Brien

Summer 1984 (Dallas)
Serials Selection and De-Selection for English and American Literature
Speakers: Stephen Wiberley, Richard Centing, Wendy Bousfield

Summer 1983 (Los Angeles)
Bibliographic Instruction for English Department Courses
Speakers: Mary George, William McPheron

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