EBSS Committee Structure

EBSS logo

EBSS Executive Committee

Chair (elected)
Coordinate Section
Plan Annual Program

Vice Chair (elected)
Appoint Committee Chairs & Members

Past Chair (elected)
Update EBSS Manual
Provide Orientation for New Executive Members

Secretary (elected)

2 Members-At-Large (elected)
Current Topics Discussions
Dutch-treat dinner with Membership and Orientation Committee

ACRL Liaison
Attends ACRL Board

Newsletter Editor
Creates the EBSS newsletter

Web Manager
Maintains the EBSS webpages and LibGuides

Membership and Orientation Committee Chair
Communicates with section membership

Subject Oriented Committees

  • Communication Studies
  • Curriculum Materials
  • Education
  • Electronic Resources in Communication Studies
  • Higher Education
  • Information Literacy
  • Instruction for Educators
  • Online Learning Research
  • Psychology
  • Reference Sources and Services
  • Research
  • Social Work/Social Welfare

Write articles, books
Create Web pages
Plan committee programs, tours, discussion groups, etc.
Tackle problems

Task Oriented Committees

  • Advisory Committee
    Report, discuss, advise
  • Awards
    Select recipient
  • Conference Planning (2)
    Plan Annual Program
  • Membership and Orientation
    New leader orientation
    Membership recruitment
    Plan social & Dutch-treat dinner with MALs
  • Nominating
    Develop slate of officers
  • Publications and Communications
    Approve ALL Publications -- articles, books, web pages, newsletter, etc.
  • ERIC Users
    Coordinate open ERIC User Group meeting
    Advise ERIC developers
  • ERIC Users
    Advise ERIC developers
  • Ad Hoc Committees
    Perform specific tasks, often prepare a specific publication