Scheduling Meetings Between Midwinter and Annual Conferences

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In response to a motion passed by the ALA Council regarding electronic meetings, ALA has developed a new online meeting calendar. In order to comply with the ALA policy on opening meetings, please announce any meetings held between Midwinter or Annual Conference 10 days in advance on the online calendar.

Meetings That Must Be Announced

Please register telephone conference calls, synchronous Internet chats, and face-to-face physical meetings. Meetings that do not need be registered include asynchronous electronic discussions, meetings initiated by a non-ALA group, or meetings that involve discussions that affect the privacy of individuals or institutions (awards and nominating committees, for example).

Required Registration Information

You will be asked to provide: date and time of meeting, name of convener, unit, section, group, description of the meeting, telephone number of the convener, fax, email, format of meeting, and url for meeting agenda.

Where is the Online Meeting Calendar?

On the ALA web site meetings Web page
(If the link doesn't work, click on "Events and Conferences" button and on the following page you will see a link to "Business Meetings Outside of Midwinter and Annual Conference." )

Logging In

At this point you will be prompted to enter your ALA login and password. Your login is your ALA membership number.

If you encounter problems, please contact ALA Customer Service at 1-800-545-2433 or email

Agenda and Meeting Report

URLs for meeting agendas and reports must be posted on the online calendar. The EBSS Web Manager can give you a URL for the publication of the agenda and minutes/meeting report. Contact Stephanie Orphan ( for help with other aspects of the online calendar on the ACRL web site. Agendas should be published before the meeting and reports within two weeks of the meeting.