2008 Current Topics Discussions

Saturday, January 12, 2008

1:30-3:30 pm

Crowne Plaza Liberty C

This year, EBSS presents three simultaneous discussion topics during the Current Topics Discussion Groups time:

  1. Open Access to EBSS/ACRL publications

    Lori Mestre (University of Illinois-Champaign Urbana) will lead a discussion exploring issues such as benefits, barriers, and suggestions for open access to these publications. Conversation will also include sharing of action items for how EBSS can demonstrate leadership in open access.

    Discussion notes and

  2. Integrating Undergraduate Research Instruction in the Social Sciences

    Veronica Arellano (University Of Houston) will lead a discussion talking about ways social science librarians have successfully or unsuccessfully developed an integrated instruction program for research in their discipline. In addition, there will be discussion about gaining library and departmental faculty support and participation.

  3. Web 2.0

    Suzanne Brown (University of Florida) will lead a discussion about Web 2.0. Are we using Web 2.0 technologies, how are we using them, and do they make a difference?