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ALA Annual 2007 in Washington, D.C.

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Committee Name: Executive Committee
Time and place convened:

Name of person submitting Minutes: Sharon Naylor, Secretary
Members Present: Lisa Romero (Chair), Penny Beile (Vice Chair), Sharon Naylor (Secretary), Deborah Schaeffer (Chair Elect), Ann Brownson (Member-at-Large, incoming), Melissa Cast-Brede (Member-at-Large), Leslie Bjorncrantz (EBSS Liaison to ACRL Board), Debora Cheney (Publications and Communications), Doug Cook (Past Chair), Jessica Albano (Webmaster and Member-at-Large), Beth Broyles (Newsletter Editor).
Members Excused: none
Guests: Lori Mestre

Introduction and Greetings:
Lisa Romero (Chair) called the meeting to order at 8:00 a.m., June 23, at the Renaissance Washington, Room 6. Introductions were made.

Approval of the Agenda:
Penny Beile moved that the agenda be approved. Doug Cook seconded the motion. The agenda for the meeting was approved.

Approval of the Executive Board Minutes from 2007 Midwinter
Doug Cook moved that the minutes be approved. Penny Beile seconded the motion. The minutes were approved.


  • EBSS Program: Saturday 1:30-3:30 Renaissance Washington-Congressional A/B
  • EBSS Research Forum: Saturday 3:30-5:30
  • EBSS Social: Saturday 5:30-8:00 Dubliner Restaurant
  • Advisory Council: Sunday 4-5:30 Hamilton Crowne Plaza-Lafayette Park
  • Report from ACRL Leadership Council
    - Penny reported that many first time attendees fail to return. ACRL is trying to develop strategies to improve the rate of return attendance and has implemented an “ACRL 101” initiative. There was a discussion about whether the section can use membership funds to help fund attendance.
    - ACRL will implement the Interest Group structure that was discussed at Midwinter. Interest Groups will cut across sections. There will be a three year review to see how this approach is working.

Officer Reports

  • Chair
    - Lisa Romero reported that our membership has exceeded 1,000 since November. This is an important milestone because it affects our funding. Melissa noted that we will need to watch for the July and August statistics since that is when members who have not rejoined will show up.
    - Lisa also shared that the action plan she proposed last year about leading effective meetings caught the eye of ALA’s incoming president, Loriene Roy, and will be ALA funded. Both a wiki and podcasts are planned. Plans are for this to happen next summer.
  • Vice Chair
    - Penny Beile reported that appointments have been completed. The new online forms have created some confusion, but everyone who wanted to be on a committee was appointed to one, although perhaps not their first choice.
    - Deb Cheney asked if we could spend membership money to assist with the costs of either the Dutch treat dinner or the social. It was noted that Sage helped sponsor a new members welcome at Midwinter. Penny also mentioned that there may be a 40th anniversary celebration for EBSS that will require funding.
  • Past Chair
    - Doug Cook solicited input for any changes that may need to be made to the EBSS Manual.
    - Doug also noted that the charge of the Ad Hoc Information Literacy Steering Committee has changed and needs to be updated on the web page.
  • Secretary
    - Sharon Naylor thanked the group for their cooperation in getting Highlights and Minutes to her. She has recently been able to meet ACRL deadlines.
  • Members-at-Large
    - Jessica Albano reported that there had been a large attendance at the sessions at Midwinter.
    - They will put out a call for ideas for the upcoming Current Topics sessions in August.
  • Publications and Communications
    - Deb Cheney informed the group that her committee has set up liaisons with each of the other committees in order to assist them in working through ACRL policies and procedures.
    - Since many publications have moved to an online format, the question has come up about how to keep them current. This process needs to be clarified, and committees should build updating into their original planning.
    - Katherine Deiss is the new editor for ACRL and Deb hopes to meet with her at Midwinter.
    - A discussion followed about how to address the issue of updating electronic resources. Jessica Albano, Webmaster, said that she can add a “last updated” note to individual web pages.
  • EBSS ACRL Board Liaison
    - Leslie Bjorncranz reported that the ACRL Board had not met yet.
  • Webmaster
    - Jessica Albano reported that she had had a student check all of the links on the web page for accuracy.
    - Jessica asked what she should do about the sections for disbanded ad hoc committees. She suggested a running archive. Lisa recommended asking Adam Burling about this.
    - The new content management system is not ready yet.
  • Membership and Orientation
    - Venta Silins was unable to attend the conference because of health reasons, but Lisa reported that our membership continues to exceed the 1,000 mark.
  • Newsletter Editor
    - Beth Broyles asked the group to forward her any suggestions for articles or any photographs that could be used in the newsletter.
    - She will announce the deadline later.

Discussion Items

  • Possible new EBSS committee: EBSS Online Learning Committee
    - Lori Mestre and Penny Beile led a discussion regarding the addition of a new committee related to online learning. They noted that as jobs change, we may lose members if we do not try to respond to these changes. Online learning and the use of course management software plays an increasing role for many of us.
    - Doug questioned how this group might relate to the Distance Learning Section. Penny noted that this committee would be more EBSS- and subject-focused.
    - Lori Mestre volunteered to chair the committee and Penny noted that membership could be backdated. The committee will start July 1st and will meet for the first time at Midwinter.
  • Ad Hoc Mentorship Committee: new committee name
    - Penny introduced the possibility of moving this group to a standing rather than an ad hoc committee. Doug indicated that the future of this committee might depend on funding, and he asked if the group’s work would go forward in another action plan.
    - A discussion of potential names took place. The Executive Committee recommended “EBSS Future Librarianship Mentorship Program.” The addition of a sponsor’s name is also recommended if appropriate.
  • SITE report
    - Penny reported that members of EBSS had been invited to present at a Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE) annual meeting. An article discussing the presentations was published in the most recent EBSS Newsletter. SITE would like to have a formal liaison from EBSS, and the ACRL board will address the issue in the afternoon. If the board approves this, they will want more than one nomination for the position of liaison.
  • Research Reports
    - Penny reported that Kate Corby has made inquiries about division-wide research reports. In general, the feedback has been positive. Several sections do not have the “critical mass” required for this type of program.
    - Kate will continue to work on this issue.


The Executive Committee approved the formation of a new committee, the EBSS Online Learning Research Committee, which Lori Mestre will chair.

The charge is as follows:

To provide a forum for librarians working with faculty to integrate library resources into courses; to discuss current and future trends and considerations in online learning; to sponsor programs or discussions that highlight effective library/faculty practices in online learning; to conduct projects that explore the intersection of librarian and faculty development of online learning programs in the areas of education and behavioral sciences.

Possible projects might be to:

  • survey librarians to learn of their involvement with online learning initiatives on their campus, particular programs/tools they develop or their connection with integrating library resources into online courses.
  • research issues of comparative outcomes assessment with respect to traditional, hybrid, and online courses and programs that our librarians are involved with.
  • look at training that librarians have in regard to online learning (effective online and technologically assisted instruction, creation of how-to” materials and instructional design assistance, effect of learning and teaching styles on design and dissemination of courses)
  • look at support that librarians receive and provide in the development of online technologies (through their library, with the subject departments/colleges they liaise with or campus)
  • investigate best practices/innovative uses of technology (web 2.0...)
  • evaluate current practices to determine which e-learning modes are effective within various instructional contexts.
  • explore how librarians create and share their learning objects and how they work together to create an online resource (with librarians, faculty, center for teaching, edtech…)

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30.
Respectfully submitted, Sharon Naylor (Secretary)

Committee Name: Advisory Council
Time and place convened:

Name of person submitting Minutes: Sharon Naylor, Secretary
Members Present: Lisa Romero (Chair and E-Resources in Communication Studies), Penny Beile (Vice Chair), Doug Cook (Past Chair), Sharon Naylor (Secretary), Jessica Albano (Webmaster and Member-at-Large), Leslie Bjorncrantz (Liaison to ACRL Board), Ann Brownson (Member-at-Large, incoming), Beth Broyles (Newsletter), Mary Jane Brustman (Social Work/Social Welfare), Jo Ann Carr (Mentorship, Ad Hoc), Melissa Cast-Brede (Research and Member-at-Large), Debora Cheney (Publications and Communications), Vanessa Earp (Curriculum Materials Centers), Laura Koltutsky (Instruction for Educators), Lori Mestre (Best Instructional Collaborative Practices and Online Learning Research Committee, incoming), Geoff Morse (Reference, incoming), Sally Neal (Psychology/Psychiatry), Nancy O’Brien (Distinguished EBSS Librarian Award and Nominating), Laura Ramirez (Membership & Orientation), Deborah Schaeffer (Vice Chair Elect and Program Planning 2008), Heidi Senior (Communications Studies), Kate Silfen (Reference), Bruce Stoffel (Psychology/Psychiatry), Benita Strnad (CMC Directory, Ad Hoc), Judith Walker (Information Literacy, Ad-Hoc), Carol Wright (Higher Education and Education Librarians Research Forum.
Members Excused: None
Guests: None

Introduction and Greetings:
Lisa Romero (Chair) called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m., June 24, at the Hamilton Crowne Plaza-Lafayette Park. Introductions were made.

Approval of the Agenda:
Vanessa Earp moved that the agenda be approved. Doug Cook seconded the motion. The agenda for the meeting was approved.

Approval of the Advisory Council Minutes from 2007 Midwinter
Nancy O’Brien noted two editorial corrections. Bruce Stoffel moved that the minutes be approved. Judy Walker seconded the motion. The minutes were approved with the corrections.


  • Judy Walker reported that the ACRL Executive Board has approved the position of a formal liaison with SITE (Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education). SITE will put out a call for volunteers. ACRL will assist with funding for the liaison to attend SITE conferences.
  • Laura Ramirez (Membership and Orientation) reported that ACRL 101, orientation sessions to the ALA conference, will only be held at Annual. Two sessions had been provided for this conference. One session conflicted with the EBSS consolidated meeting. Jo Ann reported that five people had come to the EBSS table at the session she has volunteered for. Strategies for contacting and involving new members were discussed.
  • Jessica Albano reminded the group that there will be a call for suggestions for the Current Topics sessions at Midwinter.


  • Membership
    - Laura Ramirez reported for Venta Silins. She reported that on April 1, the EBSS membership stood at 1,033.
    - The new EBSS brochures are now ready. They are now more in line with the rest of the sections’ brochures. However, Laura noted that the brochure includes a mistake. Lisa suggested that Venta contact the ACRL office about making corrections.
    - The committee had also discussed the upcoming 40th anniversary of EBSS and brainstormed ideas for a celebration. Penny Beile noted that the schedule for Saturday is becoming crowded. The group discussed the possibility of moving the social to Friday and/or combining it with another event. The decision was made to move the social to Friday at Midwinter 2008. Penny asked the group to contact her with ideas that had been used at previous celebrations.
  • Newsletter
    - Beth Broyles asked the group to forward any suggestions for articles or pictures from the conference to her.
    - She also inquired whether we need to consider other forums for conveying news. One possibility might be to add updates to the web page. Nancy O’Brien noted the need to check publication guidelines.
  • Publications and Communications
    - Deb Cheney announced that the committee has named liaisons between the Publications and Communications committee and the other EBSS committees.
    - The committee has been trying to monitor print publications currently in the pipeline. However, they have noticed a distinct movement to digital products. We currently do not have a formal process in place for updating digital products, and the committee is in the process of creating appropriate guidelines.
  • Secretary
    - Sharon Naylor thanked the committee chairpersons for their cooperation in getting information to her. She reminded them to forward meeting Highlights to her as soon as possible and requested that meeting Minutes be sent to her by July 13th.
  • Past Chair
    - Doug Cook noted that as Past Chair of EBSS, he is responsible for updating the EBSS Manual. Let him know of any problems we spot in the Manual.
  • Vice Chair
    - Penny Beile reminded the committee chairpersons to check their rosters to see if they need more members. Let Penny know if more members are needed or if new members have been identified. We can backdate appointments.
    - Penny informed the group that the Executive Committee has approved the formation of a new committee, the Online Learning Research Committee. Lori Mestre, who proposed the new committee, will be the first chair and will put out a call for volunteers.
  • Vice Chair Elect
    - Deborah Schaeffer reported that she needs to have a new action plan to ACRL by July 15. She can have one or more proposals. Penny volunteered to help with this. The suggestion was made that future candidates for the Vice Chair position need to be aware of the requirement for an action plan and include their ideas in their personal statements.
  • Conference ‘07
    - Penny Beile reported that there had been 111 attendees at the program and that it had gone well. She thanked the rest of the committee for their work.
  • Members-at-Large
    - Melissa Cast-Brede reported that the forums had gone extremely well. Future plans were briefly discussed.
  • Conference ‘08
    - Deborah Schaeffer reported that the program theme will be open access issues. John Willinsky and Ray English have been invited to be speakers. The Science and Technology Section will co-sponsor in name only. The necessary room size was discussed with the decision being made to request a room that will hold 300 people.
  • Chair
    - Lisa Romero shared that the action plan she proposed last year about leading effective meetings had caught the eye of ALA’s incoming president, Loriene Roy, and will be ALA funded. Both a wiki and podcasts are planned. Sections Council has ranked potential topics.
  • Webmaster
    - Jessica Albano reported that all links on the EBSS web site have been checked and updated. She thanked the committees for their help in keeping the site current.
    - The new content management system is not yet ready.

Committee Reports

  • Communication Studies
    - Heidi Senior reported that the group has been working on information literacy standards with a focus on journalism.
  • Curriculum Materials Centers
    - Vanessa Earp noted that the Guide to Writing CMC Collection Development Policies is available in a PDF format and is linked from both the committee’s web page and the ACRL Publications web page.
    - The group is also working on updating their Webliography.
  • Distinguished EBSS Librarian Award
    - Nancy O’Brien reported that the awards ceremony had gone well. Nominations are currently being solicited for the ’08 award.
    - In response to Penny’s comment that the award provided by APA was a significantly larger cash amount than the EBSS award, Nancy suggested approaching Wiley, the sponsor of the EBSS award, about the possibility of increasing the $1,000 amount.
  • Electronic Resources in Communication Studies
    - Lisa Romero reported that the committee has completed its work compiling data for several projects.
    - The committee is continuing to work through four subgroups.
  • ERIC Users
    - Judy Walker reported on attendance at the ERIC Users Forum.
    - A new RFP will be out next year.
  • Higher Education
    - Carol Wright informed the group that the committee has been working on a list of journals related to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and that they have identified “orphan” titles that are not indexed. The committee plans to submit list of suggested titles for inclusion in the ERIC database.
    - A new project has been identified and involves collecting a list of resources on “getting started” for librarians who work with higher education programs. The committee plans for this to be a web based resource, and Carol with check with the Publications and Communications committee about procedures.
  • Education Research Libraries Forum
    - Carol Wright reported that the group had sponsored a program Friday which addressed access to society publications. Five speakers presented.
    - One conclusion of the group after the meeting was that we need to start “at home” with ALA publications.
  • Instruction for Educators
    - Laura Koltutsky announced that an article the committee wrote about NCATE has been accepted by the journal Education.
    - The committee continues to work on information literacy standards for education.
  • Nomination
    - Nancy O’Brien noted that the committee has met and will soon begin contacting potential nominees.
    - Candidates must be identified by September.
    - It was noted that the liaison to the ACRL board is an informal appointment made by the Executive Committee.
  • Psychology/Psychiatry
    - Sally Neal and Bruce Stoffel reported that their committee has been working on information literacy standards and is in the process of completing a literature review. They also plan to solicit input from APA and to do some mapping with APA’s Undergraduate Psychology Major Learning Goals and Outcomes.
    - The committee plans to book a room for a discussion group at Annual ’08 on Sunday at 1:30. They plan to address what people “in the trenches” can do to further open access initiatives.
  • Reference
    - Kate Silfen reported that the group had had great success working with wikis.
    - The committee has completed reviewing their collection of web sites that include public domain testing resources.
    - The group plans to revise the Education Librarian’s Toolbox and to move it to a wiki.
  • Research
    - Melissa Cast-Brede reported that the forums had gone extremely well and that APA has kept the psychology librarian award in their budget for next year. One suggestion was that the forums be kept distinct from the program.
    - There is clearly a desire on the part of members to learn more about how to do research, and EBSS may collaborate with other sections. The Advisory Council discussed potential ways of collaborating and reaching members
    - Presentations, poster sessions, and handouts will be posted on the EBSS web site.
  • Social Work/Social Welfare
    - Mary Jane Brustman reported that the group had met with representatives from EBSCO.
    - They are also working on information literacy standards and plan to use a wiki.
  • Best Instructional Collaborative Practices (Ad Hoc)
    - This committee has been disbanded. They will work with Jessica Albano to move their current web page to the EBSS server.
  • Curriculum Materials Centers Directory (Ad Hoc)
    - Benita Strnad reported that the group is making good progress and that she had met with Katherine Deiss, the new editor for ACRL.
    - The group plans to have their work completed by March 1 and the publication out next summer.
    - The Council discussed the best way to distribute the survey and potential funding issues.
  • Information Literacy Steering Committee (Ad Hoc)
    - Doug Cook reported that the committee has been working with the subject committees.
    - Cook suggested the possibility of a discussion at Midwinter and potential involvement in an action plan.

Other Business: EBSS 40th Anniversary

  • The Membership and Orientation Committee will lead this initiative.
  • The Membership and Orientation may work with the Members-at-Larte. Decisions
  • The social at Midwinter ‘08 will be held on Friday.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:00.

Respectfully submitted, Sharon Naylor (Secretary)

Committee Name: 2007 Program Planning
Time and place convened:

Meeting Highlights:

Name of person submitting Minutes:
Members Present:
Members Excused:


Committee Name: 2008 Program Planning
Time and place convened: Sunday, June 24, 2007, Washington Convention Center Room 305

Name of person submitting Minutes: Kate Corby
Members Present: Deborah Schaeffer, Penny Beile, Stephanie Davis-Kahl, Diane Schrecker, and Kate Corby
Members Excused: None
Guests: None

At this meeting chair Julie Todaro went around the room while everyone presented their program plans. This gave her, and others in the room an opportunity to look for connections and assist others in improving programs. Julie would like many of our programs to be high quality and eye-catching enough to attract publicity by publications like Library Journal. She seemed pleased that we would have a big name speaker and urged us to increase the room size request. The Science and Technology Section representative said that his section would like to co –sponsor with us. After this portion of the meeting Megan Griffin discussed deadlines for the upcoming months.

Discussion of Program Plans and Speakers

We decided to revise our program request to ask for space for 200 (up from 150) with a note that we will defer to ACRL judgment if they still think we are still too low. We will also ask for one floor microphone to facilitate the Q&A portion of the program. (Deborah’s responsibility)

We also discussed the format of the program and decided to ask John Willinsky to essentially keynote, with a speaking time of about 45 minutes. Then we will ask a librarian and a publisher representative to serve as respondents. They will have about 15 minutes each. Kate will ask Allison Mudditt of Sage Publications to be one respondent, and Stephanie will ask Ray English to be the other. We will provide 15 minutes at the beginning of the program for the EBSS Distinguished Librarian Award. There will still be time for questions.

Both the Research Committee, which organized a research forum to immediately follow the program this year, and the Psyc/Psyc Committee have approached us about working with us on this program. The Research Committee wants to tie in their forum with our program; Psyc/Psyc would like to host a follow-up discussion session.

We were pleased by both of these overtures, but identified issues with each. If we lengthen the requested time to accommodate a research forum afterwards, then the length of the program looks really long in the ALA schedule and people decide not to come because it is too long. Eventually we decide to ask the Research forum folks to work with us, but request their own venue and a co-location, which usually works.

The APA sponsorship of refreshments at the forum was one aspect of the tie in that we thought would also benefit the program. The APA awards ceremony might be a tad uncomfortable because we have no say in the recipient and it is a larger award than the EBSS Distinguished Librarian Award. It was clear to us that this tie in would preclude having anyone from APA participate in the program. (The more I think about it the more I suspect that ACRL would not be pleased that we let them do this at an EBSS sponsored event.) In any event we decided to ask the Awards committee to consider asking Wiley to up the amount of the award at the next agreement period. Penny will handle this.

The EBSS Social, which has traditionally followed the program, becomes somewhat superfluous when we’re scheduling such a long programming block (1:30-5:30 in two segments). Penny will ask the Membership Committee to consider having the Social on Friday evening.

The Psyc/Psyc overture is not as complicated, but it cannot also be part of the program time frame if we work with the Research Forum. Since refreshments and a change of pace seemed like a good choice to follow up the program, we decided not to try to suggest having this discussion at the same time. We do want to encourage Psyc/Psyc to plan a follow up discussion and could provide some of the names we’ve identified as possible speakers if requested. So we’re enthused but just think it needs to be at a different time.

We also briefly discussed co-sponsors and evaluation of the session. Diane Schrecker will look into what we need to do for evaluation. Kate will contact Scholarly Communications Committee; Deborah will contact STS and ANSS.

Meeting times for Midwinter

Same day and time works for us for midwinter.

Committee Name: Best Instructional Collaborative Practices (Ad Hoc)

Name of person submitting Minutes: Lori Mestre

The committee did not meet in person at the annual conference because we had concluded our work on the web page: “Connecting the Standards: The Intersection of Education and ACRL Information Literacy Standards” via e-mail prior to the conference. The tenure of this group has now ended.

Still to be done:

  • Lori will finish up last minute edits and resubmit to the publishing group for their feedback and for revisions.
  • The site will continue to be hosted at the University of Illinois until the ACRL content management system is ready to go for EBSS. Then the site will be transferred there.
  • The Instruction for Educator’s committee will oversee maintenance and updates to the site.

Committee Name: Communication Studies
Time and place convened: June 23, 2007 at 10:30pm at the Grand Hyatt

Meeting Highlights:
Name of person submitting Highlights:
Heidi Senior, Chair

Major Topics of Discussion:
1. Our ongoing project, information literacy standards for communication studies. We discussed uniform formatting, balancing the level of detail, and incorporating sub-disciplines.
2. Outreach to related groups (RUSA/BRASS, ACRL sections with similar projects) but especially outreach to the National Communication Association (NCA) which will meet in Chicago in November 2007 and which has given us program time to present our draft and get feedback.

Major Decisions:
For the moment we will continue to focus on journalism rather than disperse ourselves in the other subjects making up communication studies.
We will expand our outreach and strengthen our NCA program by inviting faculty to join us.

Upcoming Activities:
Expansion of literature review
Refining our draft
Preparing for National Communication Association conference

Name of person submitting Minutes: Catherine Michael
Members Present: Kate Adams, Tasha Cooper, Marsha Forys, Amanda Hornby, Cathy Michael, Missy Murphy, Heidi Senior
Members Excused: Monique Threatt
Guests: Katy Dichter

Agenda Item Minutes: [use your meeting agenda to outline discussion/activities]

I. Adaptation of the ACRL Information Literacy Competency Standards ("master") for Journalism students and practitioners. The Anthropology & Sociology Sections' (ANSS) document served as a model. A wiki had been used to collaborate on the document. A handout of the draft document as of June 2007 was distributed by Heidi Senior. Committee members need a password to edit it. There is a lot of file space available to post shared files.

Thanks to Amanda Hornby and Heidi Senior for the transcript of the 2007 Midwinter ALA Conference that featured important discussions on information literacy by visiting faculty. Heidi will resend the electronic version of the transcript to members who haven't yet received it. The J202 packet submitted by Kathy Campbell for her course called Information Gathering. There is an electronic version of the document; Heidi will try to post it to the wiki.

The meeting began with the Committee reading and discussing the standard points they've been drafting. Members should comment on possible areas of additions and expansion. Cathy worked on standard one. She questioned the consistency of the format (should the points include examples, questions, outcomes); some sections appeared self-evident and needed no elaboration. Also, she sensed redundancies throughout the document. A question of the level of detail -- the extent to which the adapted version follows the original -- was raised. It was noted that the ANSS Committee made 4 standards out of 5. In fact, it was mentioned that there may be some revisions to the ACRL master standards; it is already considered out-of-date. There is a separate meeting at the conference to consider updates, especially additional aspects to incorporate. There was also a question as to how to proceed following the completion of the Journalism standards; to write new standards for other Communications disciplines would be labor intensive. Some members planned to meet Susan Macicak (ANSS section) for lunch to see how they balanced the breadth of the over arching subjects with the value added details of the specific disciplines. There are practical and theoretical issues connected to each specific discipline that should be considered.

Tasha worked on standard 2; she entered standard 3 straight from the master. She hesitated on questions of how specific to make the standards and how close we were compelled to follow the master. The tip sheet mentions that standards can be modified allowing for creativity.

Heidi volunteered to develop standard 3 further.

Amanda worked with Katy Dichter on developing standards 4 & 5. They utilized the ANSS, the tip sheet, as well as the standards from ACEJMC. One key question they had was who were the standards for? They struggled with the question of the audience. The aim was to emphasize the critical thinking aspects of the document, making it richer than just database searching. The "student or journalist" was decided to be the primary audience. Using a document created by a librarian for English 100 level standards, they incorporated a section, "Measurement of progress for faculty and the profession". Statements began with the understood phrase, " A writer does this".

They wondered whether the section on ethics should be all pervasive or a stand alone section. Heidi suggested that ethics should be all pervasive. She gave an anecdote where county researchers were looking up personal information to their friends and family. Katy thought they should be infused throughout, yet singled out for clarity. Cathy thought the separate section could simply point to already existing professional standards developed by the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) & the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA). The question of whether measurements of progress would pertain to graduate students was considered. The conversation returned to whether to keep specific discipline references or broaden it; for instance, journalism ethics would likely differ from marketing ethics. To consult on a Marketing/Advertising/PR standard, someone wondered if BRASS had adopted business information literacy standards. This might also address some of the interdisciplinary nature of some of the classrooms (English majors and journalism majors taking the same course).

It was decided to focus on the discipline of journalism as a goal for the near future, using the ANSS standards as a guide. The standards should be a balance of theory and applied aspects. Given that the professional standards (ACEJMC, SPJ) contain jargon appropriate to the profession, then our standards should reflect that. After completing the standards and presenting them to at the fall NCA conference, future directions will be decided based on faculty/professional feedback. Given that there are information literacy questions being addressed throughout ALA (in RUSA/RSS/User Ed,, ACRL/IS, ACRL/ARTS (Vis lit), EBSS IL (ad hoc), LIRT, etc.), perhaps a meeting comprised of all stakeholder stakeholders should be arranged for a future conference. There is a group considering the ACRL standards; there is another group [ILAP] being formed. Heidi said that the EBSS IL ad hoc committee will continue with Judith Walker as Chair.

II. Planning for the presentation of the Journalism standards at the NCA Conference in Chicago, Nov. 15-18, 2007

Lisa Romero, current EBSS Chair, has a regular slot arranged in conjunction with colleague Susan B. Kretchmer, Co-Director and President of Partnership for Progress on the Digital Divide (PPDD). Amanda Hornby will be presenting to the NCA, an association of faculty with a wide range of interests in communication education. Other members of the Committee are encouraged to attend in order to form a panel. Tasha Cooper and Heidi Senior may join Amanda. The session will be an hour and a half. Heidi will contact Susan Kretchmer regarding the details (room, organization, etc.). The session title is, "Making the Leap of Faith that Your Students are Information Literate: Information Literacy Standards for Communications Studies Education" [see HS's email of 2/13/07 for clarification]. Our panel will present the standards. Three or four of Heidi's faculty will be in attendance. It would be wise to contact faculty ahead of time alerting them of our presentation, perhaps even to participate.

Time adjourned. 12 pm.


Motions [made and voting results]
Focus on the Journalism standards in preparation for NCA. Consider future directions at midwinter.
Continue to discuss format options for the standards via email and wiki updates.

Action Items [What needs to be done and by whom.]
All members: Alert our faculty of the Committee's presentation at NCA.
All members: Occasionally print or save copies of the standards as back-up copies.
Heidi Senior and Amanda Hornby: Contact Susan Kretchmer about the room at NCA.
Heidi Senior: Upload the J202 electronic course packet to the wiki and mail midwinter meeting transcripts to Kate Adams and Katy Dichter
Amanda Hornby: Acquire a copy of the Harvard rubric.

Committee Name: Curriculum Materials
Time and place convened: 10:40 a.m., Grand Hyatt, Independence A

Meeting Highlights:
Name of person submitting Highlights:
Vanessa Earp, Chair

Major Topics of Discussion:
We are working on revising the Guidelines for Curriculum Materials Centers & updating the webliography.

Major Decisions:
Send a request for new webliography editors out to the EBSS listserv. Create a wiki to work on the revision of Guidelines for CMC's.

Name of person submitting Minutes: Vanessa Earp
Members Present: Lisa Baures, Vanessa Earp, Ann Brownson, Cindy Judd, Rita Kohrman
Members Excused: Darla Bressler, Collette Childers
Guests: Beth Broyles, Julie Miller (ACRL Standards & Accreditation Committee), Heather Simth-Collins , Cynthia Waiters

The meeting was called to order by chair Vanessa Earp at 10:40 a.m. The meeting was held in Independence A of the Grand Hyatt Washington.

The committee and guests introduced themselves. The minutes from the midwinter meeting in Seattle were approved. Vanessa informed the committee of the webliography editors who no longer wanted to work on sections. It was decided to send an inquiry to the EBSS listserv seeking new editors for those sections. Everyone was informed that the Guide to Writing CMC Collection Development Policies was approved by the ACRL publications committee and was posted online.

The majority of the meeting was spent discussing the revision process for the Guidelines for Curriculum Materials Centers. Julie Miller, representative from ACRL SAC, brought a handout explaining the process that the committee will need to follow for revising the guidelines. The committee decided to meet on Sunday June 24 to review the current guidelines and identify areas that would need revised.

Time adjourned. 11:45 a.m.


No motions made

Action Items Vanessa Earp will set up a wiki so the committee can start working on the guideline revisions before the next midwinter meeting.

Vanessa Earp will send out an inquiry to the EBSS listserve to solicit members from small or private institutions to join the committee. She will also send out an inquiry to find new editors for the webliography

Committee Name: Curriculum Materials Centers Directory (Ad Hoc)
Time and place convened: Saturday June 23, 2007, 10:30am-12:30pm, Grand Hyatt

Meeting Highlights:
Name of person submitting Highlights:
Benita Strnad, Chair

Major Topics of Discussion:
1. Bernadette Lear is in the process of writing the methodology section of the book. Jennifer Fabi has the Statement of Purpose written. Benita Strnad is working on the introduction. Benita, Alex, and Bernadette are hard at work on the database contact list.

2. In May Benita contacted Kathryn Deiss of ACRL publications and she met with the committee. We had a number of questions for her. Our survey is not written but major categories are decided on and ready to go. Kathryn Deiss has to find out from her predecessor wither ACRL houses the survey results on their server or if it has to be farmed out to one of the committee members. Benita is going to contact the past chair of this committee (Fred Olive) and find out how it was done last time. Ms. Deiss is sure that because so much of the preliminary work regarding the survey is already done that the directory can be finished by March 1, 2008, and be ready for sale by June of 2008.

Name of person submitting Minutes: Benita Strnad
Members Present: Bernadette Lear, Alex Hodges, Jennifer Fabi, Benita Strnad
Members Excused: Winifred Flint, Jane Smith
Guests: Kathryn Deiss – ACRL Publications & Deborah Cheney – EBSS Publications Committee

Meeting called to order by chair – Benita Strnad

I. Roll Call & Introductions – Winifred Flint and Jane Smith were absent. Guest Deborah Cheney Chair of the EBSS Publications Committee was introduced.

II. Old Business
A. Duration of the committee – This was discussed at the Seattle Mid-Winter EBSS Exec Board meeting. Penny Beile noted that according to ACRL rules members of an Ad Hoc Committee could only serve for four years with a one year extention. This committee was at the end of the four years. The EBSS Exec Board voted in favor of extending the appointments of the current committee members for one more year. This means that this committee has to have a directory published by June of 2008.

III. New Buinsess
A. Reports from committee members
a. State of purpose – Bernadette Lear & Jennifer Fabi presented a draft of the Statement of Purpose. Discussion was held and work will be done on this via e-mail discussion.
b. Introduction – Benita Strnad – not completed. Discussion was held and work will be ongoing via e-mail.
c. Methodology – Bernadette Lear presented a draft of the statement. Discussion was held and work will be ongoing via e-mail.

B. Database Contact List
a. Bernadette, Alex, and Benita have been working on this list. There are approximately 850 CMC’s on the present contact list. Bernadette announced that she had found approximately 100 more to add to the list. Work will continue on this list

C. ACRL Publications – Kathryn Deiss was introduced to the committee. She will be our contact person for ACRL publications.
a. Committee gave their status report to Ms. Deiss and followed by discussion. Reported to Ms. Deiss the results of the preliminary survey done a year ago, and gave her a copy of those survey results.
b. The committee had the following question for Ms. Deiss.
a. Who mounts the survey and distributes the survey? Ms. Deiss did not know but will find out.
b. On whose server is the data collected, collated, and edited? Ms. Deiss did not know but will find out.
c. How is this data presented to ACRL publications? In Word or Excel files.
d. In what format will the finished directory be? Book, CD, or other? The committee voted for a book with accompanying CD. Ms. Deiss pointed out that this would raise the cost of the directory. She thought that a print book, even with a large number of pages could be published within the $50.00 that the preliminary survey said was what most institutions would expect to pay. But probably not if a CD accompanied the book.
e. Page layout for the book was also discussed with results of the work by Alex and Jane discussed. No decision was made regarding layout and discussion will be continued on this item.

D. Time-line & Assignments
1. Timeline
a. September 15, 2007 was set as the target date for sending out the electronic survey
b. December 15, 2007 was set as the target date for having the data gathered and survey completed.
c. March 1, 2008 all data edited and sent to publisher

2. Assignments
a. Benita, Alex, and Bernadette will continue working on the contact list
b. Benita – write introduction
c. Alex & Jane – compile and decide on page layout after discussion with ACRL publications.
d. Kathryn – will talk to colleagues and find answers to our questions and report to the committee for discussion.

IV. Meeting adjourned at 12:30 p.m.

Committee Name: EBSS Distinguished Education and Behavioral Sciences Librarian Award
Time and place convened:

Meeting Highlights:

Name of person submitting Minutes:
Members Present:
Members Excused:


Committee Name: Education Research Libraries Forum
Time and place convened: June 22, 2007, 3-4:30pm, Capital Hilton, Congressional Room

Name of person submitting Minutes: Nancy O'Brien
Attendance: Lisa Allen, George Washington University; Jo Ann Carr, University of Wisconsin-Madison; John Collins, Harvard University; Kate Corby, Michigan State University; Christina Dunn, National Library of Education; Lesley Farmer, California State University at Long Beach; Marilyn Hicks, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Nancy O’Brien (Recorder), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Carol Wright (Convener), Pennsylvania State University.

Carol Wright welcomed the group and suggested that the group may want to have longer term vision and goals. Christina Dunn asked what education libraries need that might be provided by the federal government in terms of content, services and so on. One response was that perhaps a Webliography of digitized sources for education was needed. Suggested were digitized products including Classics on ERIC; works by Dewey, Montessori, Froebel; and the papers of the first U.S. Commissioner of Education, Henry Barnard. Christina mentioned that Google has interest in digitizing federal documents such as early U.S. Education reports and bulletins and, possibly, the work of the regional education laboratories, and other clearinghouses. It was noted that not just print but other formats and media should be digitized. In the future, state education agencies should be considered as sources for documents to digitize.

Potential tasks for the group to consider are reviewing and revitalizing the group’s listserv hosted by Harvard (educationinfosymposium-list@gse.harvard.edu) and asking for liaisons from each state to identify state education contacts and resources. Carol Wright will draft a message relating to the latter task to send to EBSS.

As a follow-up to the panel discussion held immediately prior to the business meeting, it was recommended that perhaps an article for Education Libraries should be developed, or possibly a thematic issue. There was agreement that this should be pursued with one article clearly indicating that Open Access is a financially viable option for subscription-based journals.

In regard to the lack of ALA and ACRL publications that are available through Open Access, it was noted that C&RL News does have open access. ALA should be a model for open access, but it makes most sense for this group to focus on ACRL at this point. Jo Ann Carr suggested that EBSS should provide e-publications only, for example.

John Collins reminded the group that JSTOR has asked for a list of education journals that should be included in its holdings. The group suggested that JSTOR should bundle education journals for sale. John and Carol will keep the Education Research Libraries Forum (ERLF) informed of progress on this project, since they are both working with JSTOR.

In a discussion of who will convene the next ERLF meeting in Philadelphia during the ALA conference, Carol agreed to convene that meeting since it is being held in her home state. Carol also reminded everyone of the SPARC Forum being held June 23 and 24.

Jo Ann outlined the progress of the Education Informatics themed-issue being developed for Teachers College Record (TCR). The plan is for TCR to have the submitted articles by ALA Midwinter 2008.

The group reviewed previous discussion topics including graduate student publications and scholarly serial publications from Schools of Education. It was agreed that we should expand our topics of discussion at future meetings. One possibility for discussion is the use of datasets in education. See ICPSR, the Harvard/MIT data center and ATLAS/UIUC as examples of centers for data archives. Often, these are not open access data sets and services, however. The group should also consider grant proposals to IMLS in the future, if a project seems viable.

With the confirmation that Nancy O’Brien would send out the summary of the meeting and that Carol Wright would convene the next meeting, the group adjourned at 4:25 pm.

Committee Name: Electronic Resources in Communication Studies
Time and place convened:

Meeting Highlights:
Name of person submitting Highlights:
Lisa Romero, Chair

Major Topics of Discussion:
The committee continued its work on: working with JSTOR, LOCKSS and Portico in their effort to include communication studies journals in their scope/collections, finalizing the communication studies database comparison document (intended to be available via the committee website).

The committee has completed its work on the following projects: now available on the committee webiste is a list of communication studies listservs, information about professional communication studies conferences, and a list of vendor contacts for communication studies products; a list of criteria that may be used in the evaluation and selection of communication studies databases; and 10 areas on the committee website, Library Resources for Communication Studies have now been updated.

Name of person submitting Minutes: Catherine Michael
Members Present: Lisa Romero (Chair), Jessica Albano, Sharon Black, Erica Carlson, Mark Emmons, Adrian Ho, Elliot Kanter, Sharon Ladenson, Ken Liss, Cathy Michael, Darby Orcott
Members Excused: Jenifer Flaxbart, Vicky Lebbin (virtual member)
Guests: None

I. Introductions and Greetings
II. Approval of agenda: no additional items were added
III. Announcements
Data Consortium Project/Communication Access Group, Sunday, June 24th, 2007, 10:30-noon, Beacon Hotel & Corporate Quarters, Ballroom

Overview and comments on the session sponsored by the Committee:
The project, in conjunction with the Communications Data Consortium Group (DCG) and the Donald McGannon Communication Research Center at Fordham, presented concerns over why the data access is difficult to access and listened to librarians about problems they face and ideas of how the consortium might proceed. The DCG approached Arbitron for data; they will draft a license for educational access; however, this agreement transpired over nine months ago and the Group is still anticipating the document. The session was casual and open. Prof. Napoli left with some useful information from attendees. He provided librarians with some personal information, articles, and alerted them of the SSRC Media Research Hub website as well as free materials to be found on the McGannon Center homepage. Prof. Napoli is the Director of the McGannon Center. One paper he distributed, "Toward a Federal Data Agenda for Communications Policymaking" can be found there amongst others. If public policy is beign drafted, both the policy makers and the public affected by the policy should have access. Those interested in the DCG may join for a nominal fee of $10.

In the discussion, the initial thought would be to have the DCG as the portal to the data (such as a potential deposit from Arbitron). Some of the history of the lack of data was attributed to the federal government having ceased collecting data reports from media companies during the early 80s (referenced in Napoli's article, cited above). In addition to raw data, the DCG is also interested in programming and content. One reason that librarians can be effective in working the DCG is that as academic researchers, they know precisely what their data needs are. They recognize that libraries are important partners in this initiative.

SSRC: Data Consortium Group
McGannon Center (includes pdf files of papers)

IV. New Business:

Thanks to Mark Emmons for his hard work on behalf of the Committee. He'll be rotating off to work on a PhD in Educational Leadership. Darby Orcutt will become a virtual member.

1. Review progress of 4 subgroups:

A. Communication: Cathy, Darby, Erica, Jenifer, Ken, Lisa
Progress to date:
Added to the "Library Resources for Communications Studies" are three new areas:

The Communications subcommittee will be responsible for and report changes to Jessica Albano. A question of vendor contacts explained that some contacts were field representatives while others were product managers; some were in sales, some in production.

Cathy Michael reported that they ACRL/EBSS Communication Studies Committee will be presenting information literacy standards for journalism as part of a panel at the National Communication Association meeting in November, 2007. Amanda Hornby and Lisa Romero will both be presenting at the conference.

Future Plans:
Cathy Michael will draft a section of blogs by Communications Librarians; this may be expanded in the future to other media blogs. Also, a list of video sites for educational use was proposed. Darby Orcutt has been gathering sites that can be used as a basis for this portal.

B. Evaluation/Assessment: Elliot, Jessica, Ken, Sharon, Sharon, Vicky

1. Revision of List of Criteria

2. Ken's Communication Database comparison

Ken reported no action from CIOS. He can post the list to the website as a pdf or HTML or both. Lisa Romero will post it to the listserv. The subcommittee will divide up a list of 34 journals covered by all three databases (CMMC, CSA and CIOS) and examine the reality of coverage over time by comparing indexing of sample issues in 1978, 88, 98, and 2005. One aspect of indexing that effects retrieval is with book reviews. A sample of all three major databases yields different book review results. Some databases will allow searchers to filter them out; others contain errors in indexing that make this problematic. Lisa Romero suggested that the subcommittee consider turning their detailed research into an article for publication.

3. Future plans
The Committee proposed a comparative examination of how the databases cover particular subject areas. This can also be examined via federated searching. There is an end of October deadline on this coverage review.

C. Scholarly Communication/Principles: Adrian, Darby, Erica, Mark

1. Coverage of comm. studies journals in JSTOR, LOCKSS, and Portico

[Note: in advance of the meeting Darby Orcutt emailed on 6/19/07 the following Excel spreadsheets: a. List of Communication Journals not a part of the Portico, LOCKSS or CLOCKSS programs; b. a list of journals considered]

Darby Orcutt began with a list of approximately 130 titles. He subtracted titles that were in 2 or more of the archival sites. A majority published in Portico, LOCKSS or CLOCKSS as they're in Taylor & Francis or Sate. There were 30 or so that were not. He examined where access was found; for many of these, there was print only. Six of the titles are open access only. The vast majority were from associations that published noly one journal. Lisa Romero inquired if there was a good chance these publishers would be willing to participate. Darby replied that he believed that there was a good chance they'd consider participating; many of the publishers never heard of digital preservation or thought about it. They tend to consider access issues over preservation issues. Lisa then asked about the process of depositing works in the archives. The publisher would have to join with all the journals they produce. Portico can work with communication publishers to store digital files. Cathy Michael inquired about EBSCO EJS titles. EBSCO can be placed into Portico or LOCKSS. Portico is a sister company to JSTOR. LOCKSS is open access; you just need institutional sponsorship; it is easy to participate. Adrian noted that LOCKSS had a selection mechanism for preservation of open access journals. The publisher of an open access journal that was not eligible for LOCKSS preservation could approach Vicky Reich at Stanford. (Librarians could also nominate open access journals to Reich). She would then aks LOCKSS-participating libraries to vote on whether to make the journal eligible for preservation. If there were at least 12 votes for yes, LOCKSS would work with the publisher to make the journal eligible for preservation. Individual LOCKSS-participating libraries would then perform the preservation work by caching the journal on their LOCKSS Box server. Mark mentioned UNM has a LOCKSS Box seat. Ken Liss at Boston College does, too; the libraries can talk to one another. Portico has a second version. Adrian described that LOCKSS offered a decentralized preservation approach while Portico centralized the preservation effort. Darby explained that some journals are small. Some with EBSCO will have thir materials digitized. Some companies would like to place their titles in LOCKSS after a period of time. Lisa inquired about how to reach out to the publishers -- what is the next step? Darby recommended to look at the publishers and categorize them. Non-commercial publishers with one or two journals are in their own class. ME Sharpe, Emerald -- they've a lot of serial titles; they may partner with other groups. Ken cited the Journal of Communications, a Blackwell's title; it is electronic only if participating in Portico or LOCKSS(?). Darby thinks they will participate if the Wiley acquisition of Blackwell is official. For the future, Darby plans to answer the question marks noted on his spreadsheet and realign it by types of publishers.


2. JSTOR inclusion of comm. studies journals - progress to date
[Note: in advance of the meeting Lisa Romero emailed on 5/30/07 Mark Emmons' spreadsheet of titles to recommend to JSTOR]
There are four criteria used by JSTOR for considering titles to include: 1) citation analysis, 2) number of subscribers, 3) recommendations, & 4) years in publication. Mark used Thompson Scientific Journal Citation Report impact factors, the Eigenfactor rankings, Ulrich's and WorldCat. Additionally he read over the ICA Newsletter for April 2007. Given the data inputted on the spreadsheet, he evaluated the titles and marked them recommended: yes or no. Out of the 42 listed, 26 are marked "yes." There are some titles that may be improbable based on the publisher, for example, journals by Elsevier and Sage. Also, the NCA has been reluctant to open access. However, whether or not a major publisher would not consider allowing JSTOR to include recommended titles, the Committee should recommend what ought to be there; it should include titles that may be improbably obtained. Jessica Albano recommended that the European Journal of Communication be recommended. The dividing line over specialized journals versus broad interdisciplinary titles was considered. Sharon Black recommended the Harvard International Journal of Press & Politics. Mark explained that the journal was only 11 years old; as part of his criteria, he hesitated to select titles from the 1990s. Darby Orcutt said he could add a column of publishers to the spreadsheet and send it out on email. That way we can see how many may be by Sage, Elsevier or the NCA. LEA was acquired by Taylor & Francis by the end of 2006, and Blackwell recently merged with Wiley. Yet Taylor & Francis publish a lot of titles they don't own. Given the dynamics of the publishing industry, it was decided to keep all titles on the list submitted to JSTOR with the publisher information added by Darby. Lisa Romero recommended the list be completed by September 1, 2007. Marc Emmonds also volunteered to send an article to the list [one from the ICA Newsletter??].

Erica Carlson recommended [a list of journals in institutional repositories]. It would be information for those who've created an institutional repository. Adrian Ho mentioned that the session organized by ALCTS CMDS Collection Development & Electronic Resources Committee (Content Recruitment for Institutional Repositories) was successful. This session was co-sponsored by our Committee. He distributed copies of a bibliography compiled for that session. There are three websites on this topic listed there. Lisa Romero requested they be posted to COMLIB. Adrian reported that the Collection Development & Electronic Resources Committee would be organizing a session for next year about migrating library materials to electronic only format. The E-Resources Committee would like to co-sponsor that event, too.

ICA Newsletter
ALCTS co-sponsored event on IRs
Bibliography for the ALCTS session: Content Recruitment for Institutional Repositories

D. Website: Elliot, Jessica, Lisa, Mark, Vicky

1. Review website updates completed to date
This section assigned and submitted to Jessica Albano were updated. Lisa Romero will post the revised site to the listserv. Lisa asked the subcommittee how the review processed worked. It worked well. Visitors should regard the last modified date

2. Revised criteria for subject guides
[Lisa Romero distributed a copy of the latest draft.]

Update of Website: Review progress, answer questions, future plans

Cathy Michael volunteered for the Media Ethics section. The unassigned sections will be posted on the listserv for volunteers. Jessica Albano said that the Publications Committee will have guidelines by next annual. She presumes that they'll expect pages to update once annually. There could be differentiations between links and actual content. Darby Orcutt asked if non-Committee members could volunteer as he knows people that would be interested in contributing. Lisa said that only committee members could work on committee projects/publications.

Library Resources for Communication Studies

V. Future activities:
VI. Adjournment


Action Items

Evaluation/Assessment: Post Ken Liss's spreadsheet to COMLIB. Project: subject based comparison of print to electronic coverage over time [?]

Communication: list of blogs by communications librarians; list of web videos for communications instruction; presentation by Lisa Romero and members of CSC at NCA in November

Evaluation/Assessment: comparison of subject coverage between major communication databases

Scholarly Communication: Darby Orcutt will categorize his list of publishers not included in an archive; he will research the titles whose archive status was uncertain. He will amend Mark Emmons' list of recommended titles for JSTOR to include the publisher (deadline: September 1st, 2007). Adrian Ho will alert the committee about the ALCTS session for ALA 2008 on migrating library materials to electronic format.

Website: Jessica Albano will update the subject guides of the website as alerted by assigned members. She will notify the committee about changes to publishing rules set by ALA. A call for volunteers to update unassigned subject sections will be posted to COMLIB.

Committee Name: ERIC Users Group
Time and place convened: Saturday, June 23, 2007 - 10:30am - 12:30pm, Grand Hyatt Washington, Independence A (Part of the EBSS Consolidated Mtg.)

Meeting Highlights:
Name of person submitting Highlights:
Judy Walker, chair

Major Topics of Discussion:

Peer Review: The Department of Education has committed to going back through the older ERIC documents (pre 2004) and assign peer review status to the appropriate journals. Process and timing are still under review.

Methodologies: This is still somewhat problematic since it is difficult to identify which methodologies/designs to include but ERIC folks are working on it.

Thesaurus/Indexing: ERIC is working on making the help files for the thesaurus more accessible. The committee asked CSC if they could publish their Indexing manual as an ED so librarians would have an idea of their philosophy of indexing and their process.

Major/Minor Descriptors: ERIC will not go back to having both but they are not limiting the number of descriptors used.

Name of person submitting Minutes: Judy Walker, chair
Members Present: Wil Frost, Elana Broch, Laura Lillard, Lorna Lueck, Ada Woods, Leslie Farmer, (SLA rep), Jeannie Kamerman, Sara Beasley, Suzanne Brown, Nancy DuPree
Members Excused: Linda Brew
Guests: Kate Corby, nancy Cawley (CSC), Pete Dagutis (CSC), Craig Brandt (EBSCO)

1. Judy Walker, chair, welcomed members and visitors and had the group go around and introduce themselves. Judy also introduced in-coming co-chairs Laura Lillard and Wil Frost.

2. Reviewed agenda.

3. Old Business

A. Methodologies/designs:

1. Judy distributed the results from an informal survey of EBSS-L members. Seventy-six different terms where submitted with about 1/3 being submitted more than once.

2. Nancy Cawley explained that when a person submits a document they use ERICs structured abstract form, which is still in beta test, to describe their work. This form includes 11 research methodologies/design suggestions. The committee asked if they could see the items listed in the structured abstract form.

3. Committee members expressed the desire that the record include more information about research methodologies/designs. There is a difference between design and the analysis which is not always easy to capture.

4. The question of exactly what is searched when someone does a keyword search came up. Nancy C. wasn’t sure about this and will get back to us.

5. Judy asked if the committee was interested in doing a more thorough survey with Monkey Survey. The response was mixed and the consensus was we should wait.

B. Indexing/Thesaurus

1. Who is creating the abstracts for the journal articles? <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Nancy indicated if an abstract is provided from the vendor they will use it, if not they will make their own. ERIC is assigning the descriptors. They don’t always have access to the entire article which can present some challenges for the indexing.

2. Major/minor descriptors: ERIC is not going back to having both but they are not limiting the number descriptors.

3. The committee asked if CSC would publish their manual for indexing as an ERIC document. This might help librarians understand how CSC goes about creating and assigning indexing terms.

C. Peer Review:

1. Nancy indicated they are still in discussion as to how it’s actually going to happen.

2. Christina, from the Dept. of Ed. will be at the forum and we’re going to have her clarify her email about who will be assigning the peer reviewed designation to the older EJs.

D. Miscellaneous items:

1. There will be a big release of ED pdfs tonight!

2. The backlog is being continuously updated

3. There seems to be a discrepancy in results among vendors. They are receiving updates monthly but may be mapping the fields differently. Example – there was a change in where the education level has been placed. The EBSCO rep indicated they are mapping to the new field but we don’t know what other vendors are doing.

E. The ERIC contract goes through to March 11, 2009 could be extended by 6 months. The committee needs to make sure they keep on top of this.

4. New business: Discussed the logistics for the forum on Sunday and the visit to the ERIC facility on Monday.

<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Minutes and Highlights submitted by: Judy Walker, Chair 7/17/07

Committee Name: Higher Education
Time and place convened: Saturday, June 23, 2007 10:30 am - 12:30 pm Grand Hyatt Washington, Independence A

Meeting Highlights:
Name of person submitting Highlights:
Carol Wright and Sharon Naylor

Major Topics of Discussion:
1. Carol explained what the "Education Research Libraries Forum" is and how some of their projects dovetail with those of the Higher Education committee. The forum sponsored a panel discussion on Thursday related to index coverage. Their work with JSTOR in attempting to secure more coverage of education journals is also relevant for us.

2. Carol updated the group on our indexing project. An examination of "orphan" titles has been completed. Carol will compile a list of non-indexed DOAJ titles. After this is completed, we will examine appropriate criteria for indexing online titles, generate a list, and go forward. Sally will query the POD listserv soliciting titles for indexing in ERIC.

3. Carol suggested that the group consider a new project. The decision was made to develop a tip list entitled "Getting Started: Librarians Serving Higher Education Programs."

Major Decisions:
1. The group will start working on a web-based guide for librarians serving higher education programs.
2. A list of recommended "orphan" titles will be completed and forwarded to ERIC.

Name of person submitting Minutes:
Members Present: Carol Wright (Penn State University) [chair], Leslie Bjorncrantz (Northwestern University), Mary Cassner (University of
Nebraska), Julie Cunningham (CUNY Graduate Center), Cristina Dominguez Ramirez (Virginia Commonwealth University)
Incoming Members: Jeris Cassel (Rutgers University), Diane Schrecker (Ashland University), Gloria Colvin (Florida State University)
Guests: Sharon Naylor (Illinois State University), Sally Neal (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis)

Report on Education Research Libraries Forum
Carol provided background on the forum, which is affiliated with EBSS, and emphasized that some of their projects dovetail with those of the
Higher Education committee. On Friday June 22, the Forum sponsored a 5-member panel discussion dedicated to access issues regarding
association and society journals. Participation was strong, and one conclusion was that library associations such as ALA and ACRL need to
provide leadership in modeling open access in association publications. A business meeting followed, where announcements included that a special
issue of Teachers College Record will focus on education informatics. Also, as a focus for the next project, Christine Dunn from the National
Library of Education suggested the possibility of digitizing state education agency documents. Their initiation of discussion with JSTOR
to secure better coverage of education journals was announced to EBSS members; a small interest group, including some Higher Education
Committee members, is now collaborating with JSTOR to identify titles that meet JSTOR criteria. JSTOR may eventually offer an education-only

SOTL journals project
This project identified important journals for the study of, and publication opportunities in, the "Scholarship of Teaching and
Learning". From the list, existing Education and subject indexing was recorded, and 'orphan' titles were identified. From this orphan list the
committee will apply criteria [frequency of publication, peer review, currency, and time at same institution] and recommend titles to ERIC for
inclusion. Core journal titles, such as The Journal of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and Mountain Rise will be included on the list.
Relationships with Teaching/Learning Centers Sally Neal discussed her role as librarian for the Center for Teaching and Learning at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. Among her responsibilities are teaching faculty about incorporating information literacy in the classroom and working with faculty teaching
online courses.

Future Project
The group discussed possible future projects; decided on a 'tips list" for librarians beginning to serve higher education programs. Topics
might include professional and regional accreditation, SOTL, services to administrators, distance education, strategies for establishing a
relationship between the library and the Center for Teaching and Learning, and ways to support teaching and learning on campus when no
center exists. Entitled "Getting Started: Librarians Serving Higher Education Programs", this will include tips and briefly annotated links,
and will be submitted for inclusion on the EBSS web site.
Assignments: [to date]
* Leslie Bjorncrantz -- service to administrators
* Mary Cassner -- distance education

1. The group will begin work on a web-based guide for librarians serving higher education programs.
2. A list of recommended SOTL "orphan" titles will be completed and forwarded to ERIC.

Committee Name: Information Literacy Steering Committee (Ad Hoc)
Time and place convened: Sunday, June 24, 2007 1:30-3:30, JW Marriott, Cannon

Meeting Highlights:
Name of person submitting Highlights:
Doug Cook, Chair

Major Topics of Discussion:

  1. Reports from liaisons to EBSS Subject Committees
    - Instruction for Educators - would like to bring classroom faculty to gather information regarding classroom information literacy needs
    - Psychology - mapping ACRL Standards to APA college standards. Contacting APA to invite them to become involved
    - Communication Studies - have been invited to present standards at National Communication Association Conference, November 2007.
    - Social Work - working on a literature review
  2. Incoming chair Judy Walker was present and led a discussion of potential activities for the coming year
    - bring classroom faculty from Education and Social Work to ALA Conference for reflection on information literacy [similar to the Action Plan which provided monies to bring Communications and Psychology faculty to ALA Midwinter 2007]
    - bring together all ACRL committees who have worked on creating subject standards for a panel discussion

Major Decisions:
To work with EBSS Exec to create an Action Plan for the year.

- bring classroom faculty from Education and Social Work to ALA Conference for reflection on information literacy.

- bring together all ACRL committees who have worked on creating subject standards for a panel discussion

Name of person submitting Minutes: Doug Cook, Chair
Members Present: Doug Cook, Claire Clemens, Tasha Cooper, Amanda Myers, Kate Silfen
Members Excused: Merinda Hensley, Barb Mann, Cynthia Crosser
Subject Committee Liaisons: Laura Koltutsky (IE), Bruce Stoffel (Psych), Heidi Senior (Comm), Sally Neal (Psych)
Guests: Kathy Dibda, Steve Black, Judy Walker, Sherry Eskridge

1. Report - EBSS Newsletter article - Spring 2007 - The very successful Midwinter Discussion hosted by the Committee was featured in the Spring Newsletter.

2. Reports from Liaisons
a. Instruction for Educators (Laura Koltutksy) - IE would like to bring classroom faculty to an upcoming ALA to gather information regarding classroom information literacy needs. They are also creating a wiki to use to create their documents.

b. Psychology (Bruce Stoffel, Sally Neal) - They are mapping ACRL Standards to APA college teaching standards. They have initiated discussion with ALA to invite them to become involved in the process.

c. Communication Studies (Heidi Senior) - They have been invited to present their work on subject standards at the National Communication Association Conference, November 2007.

d. Social Work (Kate Silfen) - They are working on a literature review. Also they are at work on discussing particular standards to highlight.

3. ILAC - Doug Cook reported that the ILAC (Information Literacy Advisory Committee) should be appointing Consultants this summer. We should not stop work as ILAC attempts to get organized.

4. Review of ACRL Standards - Doug Cook reported that ACRL is undertaking a review of the Info Lit Competency Standards. Lori Goetsch is chair - lgoetsch@ksu.edu

5. The Committee has been given another two year Ad Hoc charge, similar to the current one. (Changes have been removed out for comparison.)

Renewed Charge:
This steering committee is charged with guiding the creation of subject-related information literacy guidelines for the disciplines represented by EBSS in compliance with ACRL guidelines for the disciplines represented by EBSS, in compliance with ACRL guidelines for process and structure. [removed: The committee will also oversee the details of the 2006 EBSS Action Plan (funded for $2000) to bring non-library faculty to Annual 2006 to consult on this project.]

6. Incoming chair Judy Walker was present and led a discussion of potential activities for the coming year.

a. bring classroom faculty from Education and Social Work to ALA Conference for reflection on information literacy (similar to the Action Plan which provided monies to bring Communications and Psychology faculty to ALA Midwinter 2007)

b. bring together all ACRL committees who have worked on creating subject standards for a panel discussion

7. Action Items
Judy Walker will coordinate plans to hold a Midwinter Discussion Session for the Committee.

Committee Name: Instruction for Educators
Time and place convened: 10:30AM, Saturday, June 23, 2007, Grand Hyatt Washington-Independence A

Meeting Highlights:
Name of person submitting Highlights:
Laura Koltutsky

Major Topics of Discussion:

  1. The responsibility for the Best Collaborative Practices web site will transfer to the committee and the ALA server.
  2. Education Information Literacy Standards project timeline reviewed. Will complete literature review using wiki format. Discussed possible Current Topics session related to standards development.
  3. NCATE article submitted to the journal "Education"

Major Decisions:

  1. Move forward writing introductory piece and complete literature review for Standards project.
  2. Work with Jessica Albano and Lori Mestre to have the ad hoc Best Collaborative Practices web site continued until ALA's content management system stabilizes.

Upcoming Activities:

  1. Continue ongoing project for Education Information Literacy Standards. Goal of Midwinter for completion of the introduction and the literature review. Will assign areas using wiki format.
  2. Possible Current Topics session on work on standards.

Name of person submitting Minutes: Laura Koltutsky, Chair
Members Present: Laura Koltutsky, Rachel Wadham, Eric Frierson, Lee Ann Lannom, Meg Meiman, Kate Zoellner
Members Excused: Dr. Alison Graber, Ada Woods
Guests: Chuck Burchard, Kathy Dobda


  • Introductions
  • Agenda approved and
  • Minutes from Midwinter 2007 approved
  • Introduction of incoming co-chairs, Alison Graber and Kathy Dobda
  • Reports (NCATE article, ad hoc Best Instructional Collaborative practices website)

Discussion Items

  • Education Information Literacy Guidelines
  • Wiki
  • Timeline
  • Responsibilities
  • Membership

Current Topics Session – potential topics for Midwinter 2008



Ada Woods has submitted the NCATE article to the journal Education for publication. This will be her last attempt to see the article published as she is no longer serving on the committee. Laura will ask Ada for a copy to keep for our records and the committee will discuss what further dissemination should be done if any.

The ad hoc Best Instructional Collaborative Practices in Education committee has ended their work which originated as a subcommittee within Instruction for Educators. Lori Mestre still hosts the website on her institution’s server and we may need to see it transferred over to the ALA servers. Further discussion has resulted in leaving the page where it is for now. Questions relating to ownership and updating responsibilities will be tabled until this situation changes.

Discussion Items:

Instruction for Educators will continue its work on developing subject specific information literacy standards and will continue using the wiki that was created previously. An overview of the process was given for new members and a proposed timeline has been established. A preliminary literature review has been completed and the committee will work on completing the literature review, possibly contacting partner groups within education, and beginning to flesh out the standards.


Committee members were charged with locating other articles and developing the introduction piece by Midwinter 2008.

There was some discussion about trying to tie a Current Topics Session for Midwinter 2008 to the development of education information literacy standards. Perhaps through inviting local Education faculty to participate and getting their input. Educational statistics was another area discussed as a possible topic.

There will further committee discussion before submitting a proposal.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:00PM.

Committee Name: Membership & Orientation
Time and place convened: June 23, 10:30am, Grand Hyatt Washington, Independence A

Meeting Highlights:
Name of person submitting Highlights:
Laura Ramirez

Major Topics of Discussion:
Brainstormed ideas on how to boost membership of librarians in areas represented in EBSS other than education. Suggestion made to e-mail potential members and highlight upcoming EBSS anniversary and to collect anectdotes and quotes from present and past members.

Major Decisions:
Assigned someone to represent EBSS in the ACRL 101 sessions.

Upcoming Activities:
Social/celebration at Anaheim.

Name of person submitting Minutes: Laura Ramirez
Members Present: Laura Ramirez, Stephen McGinty, & Edith Ann Scarletto
Members Excused: Venta Silins, Ann Brownson
Guests: N/A

The meeting was convened at the Grand Hyatt Washington in room Independence A at 10:30 AM. After introductions, the discussion turned to the Membership Statistics report, which showed that EBSS had finally surpassed 1000 members. As of May 10, 2007, EBSS Membership was 1,033 members strong. The committee had completed the new EBSS brochure, but copies were not available at this meeting to distribute.

Next, new projects were discussed. In order to boost membership, we need to work on recruiting more people from non-education sectors of EBSS. Ideas such as contacting interest groups, editorial boards of journals, or searching through directories of specialized collections in this area to gather names of potential members were mentioned. There will also be a chance to recruit at the ACRL Conference in Seattle in 2009. Another initiative where this committee is involved is in the ACRL 101 programs, where each section needs to have one representative to distribute information about EBSS and recruit new members. The next one will be in Anaheim, CA in 2008.

The majority of the discussion centered around the upcoming 40th anniversary of EBSS. The M&O committee will take the lead in organizing the celebration in Anaheim. Among the ideas discussed were contacting EBSS members and asking for anecdotes about their participation and past events to be featured at the celebration. The committee will also work on heavily promoting the event.

The meeting adjourned at 11:30am.


Laura Ramirez will email the committee right after Annual (including new 2007-2008 members) to inform them of the committee's forthcoming activites:

  1. work on recruiting new members
  2. begin to organize the 40th Anniversary Celebration

Laura Ramirez will represent EBSS at the ACRL 101 event on Saturday in Anaheim (2008), and Stephen McGinty will represent EBSS on Sunday.

Committee Name: Mentorship (Ad Hoc)
Time and place convened: Hamilton Crowne Plaza 14 K Lounge

Meeting Highlights:
Name of person submitting Highlights:
Jo Ann Carr

  1. Reviewed and revised a letter to chapters and affiliates to advertise scholarship and encourage identification of mentees in their states. Chapter and affiliates are being encouraged to establish a similar program in their states.
  2. Reviewed announcement page for scholarship to be posted on EBSS web site following conference.
  3. Assigned responsibility for developing an application page to be posted by December 1.
  4. Reviewed and revised qualifications for mentors, determined that an advertisement recruiting mentors from EBSS will be developed for the EBSS newsletter.
  5. Developed outline of questions to be asked of mentee and mentor to be included in a post Anaheim conference interview.
  6. Discussed potential recommendations for sustainability after 2008.

Name of person submitting Minutes: Jo Ann Carr, Chair
Members Present: Jo Ann Carr (chair), Paulita Aguilar, Adis Beesting, Kay Buchanan, Lee LaFleur, Allison Sutton, Signia Warner
Members Absent: Colette Childers, Suzette Hollins, Venta Silins
Guests: None

I. Call to order/announcements: Jo Ann Carr called the meeting to order at 3:00. There were no announcements.

II. Introducations of members and guests: Members present introduced themselves. There were no guests.

III. Review of charge: To oversee the details of the funded EBSS Action Plan which proposes to create a scholarship/ALA attendance program for diverse undergraduate juniors/seniors interested in librarianship as a profession. Monies have been included to bring both mentor and student to an ALA conference. The student will accompany the mentor to EBSS meetings. The committee will also coordinate with the ACRL DR. E. J. Josey Spectrum Mentor Scholar Committee.

IV. Report of Committee Activities since Midwinter

A. Name of scholarship: Three potential names were forwarded to the Executive Committee for review and for selection of a name for publicity. The Executive Committee has not announced their choice.

B. Publicity

  1. Letter to chapters/affiliates: Signia Warner has drafted a letter to send to ACRL chapters and AASL affiliates. This will be sent to these groups encouraging the identification of potential student applicants for the program.
  2. Status of web pages
    a. Announcement page: Adis Beesting has drafted an announcement of the program for posting on the EBSS web page. This will be posted as soon as the scholarship name is approved.
    b. Application page for mentors: Kay Buchanan and Adis Beesting will develop an online application page for mentors for posting on the EBSS web site. Online applications will be submitted to Jo Ann who will review for completeness before forwarding to the committee. Jo Ann will also develop a rubric for evaluating these applications during the Midwinter meeting. This rubric will include EBSS involvement in the last 5 years, mentorship experiences, communication skills, ability to positively portray EBSS and librarianship. Elements of the form will be:
    (i) Name
    (ii) Contact information
    (iii) Record of involvment in EBSS
    (iv) Statement of their interest in program
    (v) Statement describing their mentorship experience
    (vi) Reference from a mentor or colleague regarding their mentoring capabilities
    (vii) Ability to attend and commit time at conference to spend with mentee and participate in post conference interview with committee. Recommended activities during the conference include the research forum, the EBSS program, poster sessions, the Executive Committee Meeting and Breakfast with an ACRL or EBSS dignitary.
    c. Email to targeted groups: Allison Sutton will develop an email to send to groups who can recruit potential mentees. This will be sent by November 1

V. Next Steps

A. Develop final process for recruiting mentors by Midwinter 2008- An advertisement to recruit mentors will be included in the EBSS newsletter and sent to the EBSS list.

B. Review plans and applications process for mentee recruitment to be posted December 1, 2007-April 1, 2008: Application page for mentees: Allison will work with Adis and Kay to adapt the Application page for mentors to an application page for mentees. Elements of the form will be:
(i) Name
(ii) Contact information
(iii) Record of involvement in EBSS
(iv) Statement of their interest in program
(v) Statement describing their mentorship experience
(vi) Ability to attend and commit time at conference to spend with mentee and participate in post conference interview with committee

C. Draft questions for followup interview with mentee and mentor: The committee will hold interview with the mentee and mentor following the 2008 conference as a first step in identifying the success of the program. These questions will include:

  1. What were your expectations for participation in this program? Were these met?
  2. What are two specific benefits from this program?
  3. What could be done to improve this program?
  4. Did your conference experience influence your thought process and plans about pursing a graduate degree in library science?
  5. Was the time you spent with your mentor/mentee
    (a) Too much
    (b) Too little
    (c) Just right
  6. How important was the availability of funding to your participation in this program?
  7. Please rate the effectiveness of this program on a scale of 1 (low) to 5 (high)

D. Recommendations for sustainability after 2008: Sustainability will be approached in two ways. The first is to continue to send letters and email to mentees to continue the relationship. Matching this mentee with the local librarian where their program is located will also extend this relationship. The second aspect of sustainability is the identification of continued funding. We need to work with the EBSS Executive Committee to identify potential funders to contact. We should also work with ALA accredited programs to determine if they would be willing to support this program at their campuses.

VI. July-December assignments

A. Revise letter and send to ACRL Chapters and AASL affiliates-Signia

B. Post announcement and application for mentors on EBSS page-Adis and Kay

C. Develop announcements to targeted groups and adapt application for mentors to be used for mentees-Allison

D. Develop rubric for scoring mentor applications-Jo Ann

E. Contact EBSS Executive Committee about process for contacting vendors-Jo Ann

VII. New Business: None

VII. Adjourned at 3:55

Committee Name: Nominating
Time and place convened: Sunday, June 24, at 10:30am, Marriott at Metro Center (CLOSED MEETING)

Name of person submitting Minutes: Nancy P. O'Brien
Members Present: Jen Fabbi, Sharon Naylor, and Nancy O'Brien (Chair)
Members Excused: None
Guests: None

The members of the committee, Jen Fabbi, Sharon Naylor, and Nancy O'Brien (Chair), met in Washington, DC on Sunday, June 24, 2007, at 10:30am at the Marriott at Metro Center to discuss possible nominees and assignments for contacting them. The two positions to be placed on the EBSS 2008 ballot are the Vice-Chair/Chair Elect and Member-at-Large. The committee first discussed the need to maintain confidentiality throughout the process. The committee also noted that potential nominees should be informed of all the meetings that they need to attend, that they will have to provide a letter of consent for the election as well as biographical information and a statement of concern for the ballot.

The committee then developed a prioritized list of potential nominees to contact, assigned contacts to individual committee members, and confirmed that the deadline for submitting the slate (and letters of consent) to ACRL is September 14, 2007. It was agreed that in the event that we were unable to fill the slate with our initial list, we would follow up through email.

Action Items:

Contact potential candidates, send them information about the requirements of each position as well as the documentation that they must provide in order to be on the ballot, and insure that deadlines are met.

The meeting adjourned at 11:50am.

Committee Name: Psychology/Psychiatry
Time and place convened: Saturday, June 23, Renaissance Washington, Room 1

Meeting Highlights:
Name of person submitting Highlights:
Bruce Stoffel

Major Topics of Discussion:

  1. Update of products and services available from the American Psychological Association.
  2. Review of Current Topics discussion for ALA Midwinter 2007.
  3. Status of committee web pages and core journals list.
  4. Update on Information literacy standards for psychology/psychiatry project and next steps.
  5. Ideas for future programs--possible discussion group for ALA Annual 2008.

Major Decisions:

  1. Information literacy standards working group will proceed with drafting standards based on an exhaustive literature review and in conjunction with the ad hoc information literacy committee of EBSS. The working group will explore ways to involve the APA Teaching of Psychology division with the goal of having that division review, comment on, and/or approve the standards.
  2. Psychology/Psychiatry will pursue organizing a discussion at Annual 2008 related to open access issues in the behavioral sciences, including a discussion of model open access initiatives involving behavioral sciences librarians.

Upcoming Activities: at Midwinter '08

  1. Discussion of information literacy project.
  2. Discussion of '08 Annual discussion event.
  3. Review of core journals criteria.

Name of person submitting Minutes: Sally Neal
Members Present: Laura Barrett, Lorna Lueck, Sally Neal (Co-Chair), Bruce Stoffel (Co-Chair)
Members Absent: Tobeylynn Birch, Laurel Haycock, Deborah Schaeffer, Sala Shierling
Online Member: Darlene Nichols
Guests: Angela Boyd, Cynthia Crosser (Psychology Liaison to EBSS Ad Hoc Information Literacy Steering Committee, starting on committee July 2007), Dr. Paula McMillen (starting on committee July 2007), Laura Mullen (starting on committee July 2007), Ramona Romero


Discussion with Susan Hillson and Linda Beebe, American Psychological Association.


Designation of Recorder/Conveners

Co-Chairs Bruce Stoffel and Sally Neal convened the group. Sally volunteered to take notes for the meeting.


Members and attendees introduced themselves around the table.

Conference Activities Announcements

Bruce and Sally reminded the group about EBSS programs and activities at annual: the EBSS Consolidated Committee Meeting & Membership Meeting, Saturday from 10:30am to 12:30pm; the EBSS Program entitled "Empowering Data," Saturday from 1:30 to 3:30pm; and the APA sponsored EBSS Research Forum, Saturday from 4 to 5:30pm

Old Business

Current Topics Discussion at Midwinter 2007 (follow up)

The group discussed the success of the MidWinter Current Topics discussion: 'Tests and Measures in the Social Sciences: Best Practices in Collection Development, Instruction, and Reference.' Due to the number of attendees (approximately forty attendees), there were four separate table discussions. It was noted that the combined notes posting on the EBSS listserv was a valuable service. This was insightful for those who could not attend and allowed a sharing of information from the four separate discussions. The group also agreed that this type of follow-up discussion after our more formal presenter-discussion at ALA Annual 2006, was an interesting approach to continuing the discussion of a hot topic for social science librarians.

Committee web pages/core journals list

Sally is still serving as the Psychology/Psychiatry Web Links page editor; however, anyone interested in taking over the responsibility is welcome to pursue this for the committee. Currently, we are simply maintaining current links on the page and editing dated content.

In May/June, Sally inquired with Jessica Albano, EBSS Executive Committee Member at Large and EBSS Web Page Editor, concerning updating outdated links. Jessica responded that while the new ALA content management system has a link checker, the EBSS pages having not been moved over to the new system, could not be checked this way. Jessica provided Sally with a listing of dead links and Sally located updated links (through the assistance of a student employee). These updated links will be sent to Jessica in the coming weeks.

In a related note, Debora Cheney of the EBSS Publications and Communications Committee, contacted Sally concerning the status of the Psychology/Psychiatry Web Links page. She noted that the publications committee had these pages on their list of 'publications in progress' and was inquiring whether the pages could be classified as completed. Sally will contact Debora to notify her that we are in the process of updating dead links and will include a 'last updated' note on the page (at Debora's suggestion). Once these minor updates are made, the committee considers the page completed.

Bruce is still maintaining the committee's Core Journals in Psychology. Again, if anyone is interested in taking over this project, please contact Bruce.

Information Literacy standards project

The Information Literacy Working Group is mid-way through completing their literature review for the Subject-Specific Information Literacy Standards. The group is following the procedures outlined in the Tip Sheet for Developing Subject-Specific Information Literacy Standards. Lorna Lueck provided the majority of the literature searching for this part of the project - thank you, Lorna! Databases searched included: PsycINFO, Library Literature and Information Science, ERIC, etc. Committee members are in the process of reviewing articles and casting votes for the articles to be included. As a reminder, Working Group members are:

Cynthia Crosser
Tobeylynn Birch
Lorna Lueck - will be rotating off the committee as of July 2007
Sally Neal
Darlene Nichols
Deborah Schaeffer - will be rotating off the committee as of July 2007

With two Working Group members rotating off the committee (due to EBSS committee term limits), the group welcomes new Psychology/Psychiatry Committee members to volunteer for the group.

Lorna brought to the attention of the committee Sally's work in mapping the ACRL Information Literacy standards to the APA Undergraduate Curriculum standards. Lorna suggested that the group consult this when developing the subject-specific standards.

Bruce reported on his investigation into any subject-specific information literacy work that the APA Division 2, Society for the Teaching of Psychology group has conducted (website). He contacted Merriam Joseph, a psychology librarian at St. Louis University, who has been active in recent years with this APA Division. Bruce has provided the Working Group with a detailed transcript of his conversation with Merriam (e-mailed dated May 18, 2007). His information outlines the history of the grou's subject-specific information literacy work. The Working Group will be contacting this division to notify them of our ACRL project and investigate any collaboration and/or endorsement possibilities.

New Business

The group discussed topics for a possible 2008 Annual Psychology/Psychiatry Committee discussion session (in format, much like the panel discussion on 'Tests and Measures' at the 2006 Annual Conference). With the EBSS section choosing the topic of 'Open Access in the Social & Behavioral Sciences' for the EBSS 2008 Program, the group explored topics that would dovetail with this or complement this. New commitee member Laura Mullen is in the process of writing an article on open access issues in the Social & Behavioral Sciences and had a wealth of ideas for a panel discussion. The group discussed the idea of bringing in various players in the open access arena such as a publisher, librarian, and a faculty member. Laura provided a number of contacts for us to explore such a discussion. While the idea of repositories was considered as a possible panel topic, it was decided that this could be a whole separate topic, covered at another conference program (perhaps the following MidWinter).

In Closing...

The committee would like to thank the following committee members, who are rotating off the committee, for their participation and hard work on committee initiatives and programs: Laurel Haycock, Lorna Lueck, and Deborah Schaeffer.

The meeting adjourned at 10 a.m.

At the conclusion of the official business meeting, Eileen Lawrence, Vice President for Sales and Marketing from Alexander Street Press talked briefly about their new database: Primary Sources in Counseling and Psychology.


Motions: non made

Action Items:

  • Update dead links on the Psychology/Psychiatry Web Links page. Contact Debora Cheney of the EBSS Publications and Communications Committee concerning the status of these pages.
  • Information Literacy Working Group:
    • Complete the Psychology Information Literacy literature review
    • Begin developing guidelines. Consult the ACRL-APA mapping document for guidance.
    • Contact the APA Division 2, Society for the Teaching of Psychology to notify them of our ACRL project and investigate any collaboration and/or endorsement possibilities.
  • Once the 2008 EBSS Program Planning Committee determines its programming (at this conference), be ready to discuss Psyc/Psyc putting on a quasi-program/discussion at ALA 2008 Annual on e-mail. (We are hopig to follow on a similar theme as the major program.)

Committee Name: Publications & Communications
Time and place convened: 8:30 am to 10am, June 24, Convention Center, Room 157

Meeting Highlights:
Name of person submitting Highlights:
Debora Cheney

The publications and Communications Committee finalized its Committee Liaisons to EBSS Committees and developed a plan to revise the Publication Guidelines to encompass web page and other digital products of the committee to ensure they are guided by the publications process. A working plan for revising guidelines and the Committee charges to be reviewed by the Advisory Council was developed.

Name of person submitting Minutes: Debora Cheney
Members Present: Beth Broyles (Newsletter Editor), Judy Walker (Listserv Manager), Karin Suni, Kathy Dobda, Jill Woolums
Members Excused: Jessica Albano (report supplied in advance)
Guests: None

Agenda Items:

1. Report and Discussion of EBSS Committee Liaisons - Committee members finalized and corrected the Committee Liaisons from EBSS Publications and Communications Committee to EBSS committees. Liaisons will advise and track publications and web projects being considered, in progress, or completed/incompleted by individual committees. The goal is to provide information and support (informally) to committees as they develop publications and web page projects to ensure compliance with EBSS and ACRL publication guidelines.

2. EBSS Web site report and issues (Jessica Albano, EBSS Web Manager)

Jessica submitted the following report: The website is up to date. All of the links for the main EBSS pages have been checked, as well as for some of the committee publications such as the Psychology Web links and the Library Resources in Communication Studies. ALA / ACRL are still in the process of moving the ALA Web site over to a new content management system (CMS). Committee chairs should continue to send their Web updates, new web projects, etc. to Jessica Albano until the CMS is implemented fully.

Jessica raised the following questions, which should be addressed by revisions to the Publications Guidelines as proposed and discussed under New Business:
What to do with Web pages for committees that have disbanded, such as Ad-hoc committees like the Ad Hoc Best Instructional Collaborative Practices committee? Do we need to keep these pages or is having information about them in the EBSS Manual enough? See: EBSS Manual, page 37, Committee Histories: Charges, Chairs, Activities, Relevant Documents: Inactive Committees. If we decide to keep these pages, Jessica proposes that we remove them from the EBSS Web site's Committees list and add them to an Inactive Committees Web page archive. We might also add a note to the top of the committee page stating that the committee disbanded and add the date of that event to the web page for future reference.

3. Newsletter Report (Beth Broyles, Newsletter Editor) - Beth reported that she was waiting for the newsletter submit date; Newsletter seeks content, which should be submitted to her for inclusion in the Newsletter.

4. Provided the Committee members with updated copies of the EBSS Publications and Web Page Publication Grid (available on the EBSS-Publications and Communications Committee web site)-provided updates on publications still in process.

5. New Business - Discussed Updating the EBSS Manual to incorporate new digital/electronic publications and the role of the Publications and Communications Committee in overseeing these "publications," as well as the need to ensure Committees understand their responsibilities in maintaining/updating these "publications." See the EBSS Manual, page 6 for the Updating Guidelines. We developed a workplan that will result in some draft guidelines, etc. that we may be able to share with the Advisory Council and Executive Committee at ALA Midwinter.

Action Items to be completed by Dec. 15, 2007; D. Cheney to send a reminder by Nov. 15, 2007 to remind Committee Members:

  • Review the Publications and Communications Committee and suggest wording to incorporate responsibility for electronic/digital publications-Beth Broyles and Debora Cheney
  • Review Charges of other EBSS committees and suggest wording for ensuring responsibility for electronic/digital publications-Karin Suni
  • Create a "Digital Products Proposal Form" (Draft) (see P. 17 of EBSS Manual for the Print publications proposal form)-Kathy Dobda and Jill Woolums
  • Find out what ACRL is doing to archive digital publications/products such as Web Pages, summarize, and report to group-Jessica Albano and Judy Walker
  • Still to do: Review existing and recommend Web Site Revisions/Updating Guidelines. Existing model/documents to be considered from the EBSS Communication Studies Committee be provided by Lisa Romero (after ALA Annual meeting).

Committee Name: Reference Sources and Services
Time and place convened: 10:30am, June 23, Grand Hyatt Washington

Meeting Highlights:
Name of person submitting Highlights:
Kate Silfen

Major Topics of Discussion:

  • The committee reviewed the final revision of the statistical directory that we have been compiling on a Wiki.
  • We reviewed our collection of web sites that include public domain testing resources.
  • The committee discussed the possibility of editing and updating the Education Librarian's Toolbox that was begun by an earlier group.

Major Decisions:

  • The statistical directory is ready to be publicly available from the Reference Sources & Services Committee web site.
  • Our compilation of testing websites will be created on a Wiki.
  • The committee will make some revisions to the Education Librarian's Toolbox, and this work will also be moved to a Wiki.

Upcoming Activities:
Committee members have divided up the tasks of putting together the new Wikis (for the tests project and the Education Librarian's Toolbox) and revising the Education Librarian's Toolbox.

Name of person submitting Minutes: Kate Silfen
Members Present: Susan Ariew, Adis Beesting, Scott Collard, Marija Freeland, Jim Jonas, Geoff Morse (incoming chair), Adina Mulliken, Kate Silfen (outgoing chair)
Members Excused: Cheryl Ghosh
Guests: Patricia Leslie

Agenda Items:

  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Review of current projects:
    a. statistical directory
    b. public domain tests & measures
  3. Discuss updating Education Librarian's Toolbox
  4. Introduction of incoming chair
  5. Ideas for new projects?

Time adjourned: 12:30 pm


1. We opened the meeting with introduction for current and incoming members of the committee.

2. The committee reviewed several past and ongoing projects, including:

  • A Wiki with a directory of statistical sources in psychology, social work, education, gerontology, and the general social sciences. Jim Jonas put together a Wiki, and Adina Mulliken and Geoff Morse refined it. Susan Ariew will add a category for higher education statistics, and the committee will add to it as individuals find useful statistical sources. The committee determined that the Wiki is now polished and ready to be linked to from the Reference Sources & Services Committee's web page. We will also look into ways to add meta tags to the Wiki so that it is more likely to be found on the World Wide Web.
  • A document describing public domain tests available on the World Wide Web. We have collected site with tests in the fields of psychology, education, and gerontology. There was some discussion about expanding the guide to make it a more comprehensive tool for finding tests and measures.
  • The Education Librarian's Toolbox. Kate Silfen reminded the committee that a previous group of committee members had worked on putting together a tool kit for education librarians who are learning about collection building in this area. She asked if the committee wanted to keep this resources up-to-date, and several committee members volunteered to update portions of the toolkit.

3. Geoff Morse, the committee chair for 2007-2009, introduced himself to the committee and facilitated a discussion of the committee's next steps:

  • The committee will add a section on higher education statistics to the Wiki and make it publicly available from the Reference Sources & Services homepage.
  • The Education Librarian's Toolbox will be updated by volunteers (Susan Ariew, Adis Beesting, Scott Collard, and Geoff Morse). Jom Jonas volunteered to put the Toolbox on a Wiki. This work will be done by November 15th.
  • The committee will limit the Test & Measures resource guide to those that are freely available on the Web. Adina Mulliken volunteered to update the guide and put it into a Wiki.

Committee Name: Research Committee
Time and place convened: 10:30am, June 23, Grand Hyatt Washington, Independence A

Meeting Highlights:
Name of person submitting Highlights:
Melissa Cast-Brede, chair

Major Topics of Discussion:
Set up for this year's Research Forum
Ideas for next year

  • forum format
  • online possibilities (online class, tip sheet, wiki)

Major Decisions:
Have another forum next year
Change format to a brief presentation, followed by poster sessions and consultations with research coaches & journal editors for those working on new research activities

Upcoming Activities:
Review selection criteria
Consider online formats for information on how to do research
Investigate possible collaboration with other sections
Put out next call for participation

Name of person submitting Minutes: Melissa Cast-Brede, chair
Members Present: Signia Warner, Merrie Davidson, Jill Woolums, Laura Mullen, Dana Peterman, Sue Wortman
Members Excused: N/A
Guests: Karen Hartman

1. Forum setup
Renaissance Washington, Congress a/b

  • Be there at 2:30pm for setup (for a full hour)
  • Double sided tape and tacks.
  • Facilitator should have one or two questions ready for the presenter in case to get things started.
  • For timing: 3:30 for food. 3:45 announcement.
  • Program starts at 4pm. Brief introduction with format. Thanks, award for APA, move on to discussion right after.
  • Discussion for 30 minutes, so wrap up about 5:30pm and have presenters stay for feedback.

2. Review criteria
We'll review the process via email.

3. Review process
We'll review the process via email.

4. 2008 Research Forum

  • Think about timing of the event. Might want to go to every other year.
  • Want to stick to an EBSS all day thing so that it works better.
  • Could do as poster.
  • Having editors in the room is critical (make this clear in the call). This is very important.
  • Working with Kate Corby to get as a part of the larger ACRL research initiative.
  • Setup online instruction. Perhaps a wiki.
  • Do an ACRL education session.
  • There is a psych wiki that is useful that would be a model. No one talked about the specific URL.
  • Put out a call to do initial contributions.
  • A wiki might have to go through Publications.
  • Point made that Publications is becoming mostly online. There is an issue with currency and who is responsible.
  • Wondering about credit for wiki administration.
  • Possibly have a structured set of information to fill.
  • Will need to see how our first one goes today.
  • Evolve this into a research award type of thing.
  • Thinking about archiving of the information that we put out.
  • Need to encourage digitizing somehow.
  • Adjust format and do a presentation on how research, editors talk about what they are needing right now.
  • Ask for more APA sponsorship with poster sessions and consultations and/or CLS
  • Possibly combine with other people and partner.
  • For online stuff - Could we get a group on it Merrie Davison, Jill Woolums, Dana Peterman willing to start it.
  • Suggested that there be a type of editorial board to work on the wiki for appropriateness, relevance, etc. to check if things out of date, etc.
  • Issue of authority using.
  • Suggestion to having website permanency. Could follow the model of the Communications committee. Jill might flesh out the idea. Merrie would flesh out the wiki. We would have to see about other partners.
  • A temporary budget might include $3,000 for food, $200 for posters.
  • Will need to create a more substantially fleshed out budget.


We will continue with a similar Research Forum for next year and add research consultations with CLS group and editors.

We will explore online options and collaborations within ACRL.

We will review the review process and criteria.

Committee Name: Social Work/Social Welfare
Time and place convened: 10:30am, June 24, Renaissance Washington, Room 17

Meeting Highlights:
Name of person submitting Highlights:
Mary Jane Brustman

Major Topics of Discussion:

Guests from EBSCO to discuss SocINDEX and Social Work Abstracts.

Guest from NASW to discuss Social Work Abstracts and NASW Press.

Discipline Specific Information Literacy Standards for Social Work.

Major Decisions:

Meeting almost entirely consisted of discussion with the EBSCO and NASW guests.

While there was some discussion of the Discipline Specific Information Literacy Standards for Social Work, more discussion will take place at the next meeting.

Upcoming Activities:

Continued work on Discipline Specific Information Literacy Standards for Social Work

Name of person submitting Minutes: Mary Jane Brustman
Members Present: Mary Jane Brustman, chair; Jennifer Nason Davis; Ellen DeMarinis; Karen Hartman; Arif Jamal; Adina Mulliken; Deborah Schaeffer
Members Excused: Allison Sutton, JoAnn Mulvihill
Guests: Veronica Arellano; Kate Silfen; Necia Parker-Gibson; Crystal McDonald (NASW Press); Jim Kropelin; Sam Brooks; Craig Brandt (EBSCO)

1. Meeting was convened at 10:30am at the Renaissance Washington Hotel by Mary Jane Brustman, chair.

2. The committee meeting minutes from January 21, 2007 were approved.

3. Three representatives from EBSCO publishing presented to the committee and answered questions about SocINDEX and Social Work Abstracts. SocINDEX will eventually have more than 100 fulltext social work journals. They noted that it includes all active Social Services Abstracts titles (often with more content) and all Sociological Abstracts content back to 1952. Author profiles have been merged for the 10,000 most cited authors. 750 e-books have been added. Books are also indexed from selected publishers.

4. EBSO has begun offering Social Work Abstracts. They will bring coverage back to volume 1. SocINDEX and Social Work Abstracts will have different indexing terminology and policies. Whether there will be more frequent updates or a thesaurus will be up to NASW (National Association of Social Workers). Committee members noted that in addition to more frequent updates and a thesaurus, they wanted more limiters (age, inpatient/outpatient, male/female, methodology, peer reviewed).

5. EBSCO will also be offering the following Sate print indexes in electronic format: Abstracts in Social Gerontology, Family Studies Abstracts, Public Administration Abstracts, Urban Studies Abstracts, Violence and Abuse Abstracts. These will be offered in various packages.

6. Crystal McDonald from NASW Press (naswpress.org) talked about changes at NASW Press. Distribution services will be moving to Georgia. There will be a "librarian center" on the website. There will be a new Authors' Guide to Social Work Journals out in Summer 2008. Standing order purchase should be available again. Bulk order purchase discounts are available. The new Encyclopedia of Social Work will be out in February 2008, published by Oxford University Press.

7. According to Ms. McDonald Social Work Abstracts now covers 500 journals (most selected coverage, most peer reviewed). They are unable to expand the number of articles covered due to limitation on number of pages in print version. They select books for the database by publisher. All NASW Press books are included plus several other publishers.

8. The wiki space for working on the Discipline Specific Information Literacy Standards for Social Work now has many of the standards filled in. Committee members should look over the draft statements. Allison Sutton, the incoming chair of the committee, was not present to participate in planning the next steps on this project.

9. The meeting was adjourned at 12:20pm.