Committee Meeting Highlights ALA Midwinter 2000

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Advisory Council
Sunday, January 16,2000 9:30 -11:00 am
Midwinter Conference
Marriott Residence Inn, Alamo Room

Members Present: Ellen Gilbert (President), Lorna Lueck (Vice-President), Lorene Sisson, (Secretary), Ellie Marsh (Member-at-Iarge), Kay Womack (Member-at-Iarge), Francine De Franco (Publications), Jan Wilson (Past President), Leslie Bjorncrantz (ACRL Liaison) Judy Walker (Listserv Moderator), Helga Vischer {Newsletter Editor), Kate Corby (Website Coordinator), Jeannie Kamerman (Curriculum Materials), Bob Hinton (Co-chair Government Policy), Doug Cook (Instruction for Educators), Charlie Thurston (Membership and Orientation), Brian Quinn (Psych/Psych), Julie Tharp (Reference Sources and Services), Sally Lawler (Social Work/Social Welfare), Jo Ann Carr (Ad Hoc Management of Curriculum Materials Centers), Fred Olive (Ad Hoc Committee to Revise CMC Directory), M. Lee Sweat (ACRL Liaison to EBSS)
Members Absent: Adele Dendy (Distinguished Librarian), Fred Olive (Ad Hoc Committee to revise CMC Directory)
Guest: Scott Walter

  1. Introductions and greetings:

    Ellen Gilbert, Chair convened the meeting at 9:30 am. Members and guests introduced themselves.

  2. II. Agenda Approval

    It was moved and seconded to approve the agenda. Motion passed.

  3. Approval of Minutes, Annual Meeting, June 27,1999

    It was moved and seconded to approve the minutes. Motion passed

  4. Announcements

    Action Items from Executive Committee Meeting

    1. Ad Hoc Committee on Revising the CMC Directory
      Anne Brownson and Gary Lare will Co-Chair the committee.
    2. Updating the EBSS Web Site
      Kate has updated the web site based upon information sent to her. Charlie expects to have the Orientation Manual updated by Annual. It was suggested that members of committees be listed on the Web Site. The information will be given to Kate Corby (Web Coordinator) by Lorna Lueck (Vice Chair). After Annual, Incoming Chair will send committee member names to the Web Coordinator. This change needs to be noted in the Master Calendar. Hosting and maintaining section Web sites has been left to the sections to manage. Thus far institutions have been graciously hosting (such as MSU).
    3. Leslie Bjorncrantz announced an exhibit to Northwestern University coming April 24 to June 4, 2000 called "The Art of the Story". This is the first ever appearance in the United States of the "Illustrators Exhibit of the Bologna Children's Book Fair". The website for this event is

V. Standing Committee Reports

    1. Conference 2000
      Ellen reported the committee is on track and she will work on transportation.
    2. Conference 2001
      Lorna reported the Chair of the Conference Program 2001 Committee is Jody Bales Foote. The theme for the Conference is "Collaboration and Community." Thoughts about program topics are K-12 collaboration, outreach to K-12 and collaboration of multi-type libraries.

      AASL -educational role of libraries educational standards for ed students how to facillitate ed people and library people/schools potential for Conference program schools collaboration

    3. Curriculum Materials Committee
      Websites created and maintained by the committee members were discussed. We explored how to publicize this resource: listservs, public service announcements and notices to major search engines. Deadlines for updates were set and new topics assigned. An Ad Hoc committee for Curriculum Materials Centers Standards will be proposed. Co-chairs will be found for this committee which has such great potential.
    4. D. Distinguished Librarian
      Reported by Ellen Gilbert. The deadline for nominations has been extended. There are 225 people signed up for the section listserv and 1600 members in the section Past award winners will be added to the Manual and posted on the EBSS Web page.
    5. Government Policy
      Bob Hinton has had health problems which has resulted in a need for a Co-Chair. Lorene Sisson has agreed to co-chair until Annual 2000. A list of government links will be published. Exploration of the future of the Government Policy Committee will be at the Annual meeting. Possible projects are: review and update the list of historical educational collections (in light of recent government sponsored interest in the preservation of educational materials), investigate developing a relationship with the NEN, and recruiting new members. A wonderful new web site is Ben's Guide to Government Information. It is aimed at the K-12 audience and has a wonderful section for teachers.
    6. Instruction for Educators
      The book has been sent to the editor. It has 8 chapters. The committee discussed what projects to do next. A webliography about statistics, update the ACRL 1992 standards for instruction, investigate special needs of educators for instruction. Standards would also make a good topic for Current Topics discussion Group. A discussion ensued of the connection to "Information Power" which is promoted by the AASL.
    7. Membership and Orientation
      The bylaws proposal would result in switching responsibility for the New Chair Orientation from the Past Chair to the Membership and Orientation Committee. The proposed bylaws change will go to ACRL and JoAnn Carr will monitor the proposal. The committee initiative to gain an intern through letters to Deans of Library Schools has brought no response. Lorna investigated different social events. ACRL offers loans to sections, they do the collecting of checks and tracking for the section. Lorna will post a question on the EBSS Listserv about interest in social events. Events are good for recruitment but are very labor intensive. The Instruction Section has a model planning guide. There will be a Tour of the National Library of Education in the near future. Annual at Chicago will have a trip to Wisconsin to see the Curriculum Materials Center.
    8. Nominating
      Member at Large nominee is Tammy Rabideau. Vice-Chair Chair-Elect is Brian Quinn. Nominating Committee 2001 will be Ellen Gilbert Adele Dendy, Ellie Marsh. Members are solicited for additional nominees.
    9. Psych/Psych
      Brian gave an update on the Society of Teachers of Psychology. The committee decided to compile best practices for faculty and develop information competency at the K-12level as well. ACRL has posted Inforn1ation Competency standards. Psych liaisons need to alert their faculty of site. AP A is ading abstracts to the database. They are piloting a program to offer full text articles at some sites. APA adding the ability to identify ownership of journals. Response to Psych Direct has been good, especially high school students.
    10. Publications
      Congratulations to committees on their publication efforts. Kate has developed guidelines for webpage which have been endorsed by the committee. Judy will investigate guidelines for the LISTSERV. Projects for the web shall all go through the Publications committee, but not updates of existing projects.

      Kate will post the EBSS manual on the web site and Charlie will send a message to the LISTSERV asking people to look at it on the web and send suggestions for changes to him.

      Helga will have help from Judy Walker. Articles need to be to her by March 1. Chairs can use their meeting highlights to write article for the Newsletter.

    11. Reference Services and sources
      The committee discussed possible projects. Educational periodical directory might be a good project. It would be especially useful if it indicated whether a title was peer reviewed. ERIC is not indexed by peer review category.
    12. Social Work
      They are designing a web page for social work librarians. They will sponsor a Current Topics Discussion Group focused on evolution of social work curriculum, key sites for needs assessment, meet with the professional organization (CSWE) regarding peer reviewed journals. Human Services Organizations web site will be included in the newsletter and oil the EBSS Web page.
    13. Ad Hoc Committee for Curriculum Materials Center Management
      Chapters have been reviewed. The print version will come out first. Jan 2001 is the target date for the print version. Web based version will include links of value.
    14. Ad Hoc Committee for Test Collection Directory
      The title will be "Directory of Test Collections in. .." A number of responses to the request for identification of Test Collections have been received. The directory will be published in print and on the web.
  1. Section Officers' Reports
    1. President's Report
      Ellen reported on an Oryx Press title by Dennis Tsicher of the American Council on Education. It had no chapters by librarians. She pointed out the California Library Digital effort as examples ofwhere we are going. She thanked everyone for a good year.
    2. Vice-Chair/Chair Elect
      Lorna reported on roster problems and thanked everyone for their patience and persistence. She will confirm members and their terms. The volunteer form is on the web site and thus easily filled out.
    3. Past Chair
      Jan Wilson had no report
    4. Secretary
      Lorene requested meeting minutes to her by Feb 14th one month after conference.
    5. Members At Large
      Kay and Ellie reported on Current Topics Discussion Group. Multiple topics will be offered at the same time slot, Assessment, Accessing Test Collections.
    6. ACRL Liaison
      Leslie Bjorncrantz reported that she will attend the ACRL meeting and report to the LISTSERV. She introduced Mary Lee ACRL 's Liaison to the Section.
  2. New Business

    Consolidated Meeting of the Section was during the presentation of the EDRS new system. The section would like to inform the EDRS folks that our regular meeting time is Saturdays 9 am to 12 noon and request that they schedule their presentations on other times as many of the section participants would like to attend. Request should be sent to head of the National Library of Education, Blaine Dessey and the Head of EDRS, Keith Stubbs.

The meeting adjourned at 11:20 am
Submitted by Lorene Sisson

Committee: Curriculum Materials Committee
Chairperson: Jeannie Kamerman
Date of Meeting: Jan 15, 2000
Members Present: Jeannie Kamerman, Penny Beile, Ann Brownson, Dorothy Scheicher, Jeneen LaSe-Willemssen, Trich Leukowski, John Hickok, Judy Walker
Members Absent: Judy Druse, Stephen Fitt, Betty Porter
Visitors: Janice Houck, Elizabeth B. Nibley, Marcia Keyser, Venta Silins, Donna Gilliland
Summary: We discussed the web sites created and maintained by the CMC members. We explored how to publicize this resource -listservs, public service announcement, an notices to major search engines. We declared deadlines for updates and assigned new topics.

The ad hoc committees - CMC Directory and CMC, Management of are working together to arrive at a product. As yet it is undetermined as to format. It could be paper, CD-ROM, a web site or some combination there of.

The ad hoc committee of CMC standards/guidelines is still in some flux, but it now appears that Gary Lare and Ann Brownson will co-chair. We had a wide ranging open forum with topic that may become issues for "Current Topics" or possible future projects.

Committee: Distinguished Education & Behavioral Sciences Librarian Award
Chairperson: Adele S. Dendy
Date of Meeting: Jan. 15, 2000
Members Present: Adele S. Dendy, Tammy Rabideau, Barbara Celone
Members Absent: Ellen A. De Marinis (notified Committee Chair & EBSS Chair in advance)
Visitors: None
Summary: Committee discussed the need to re-post the announcement of this award. A decision was made to extend the deadline for receipt of nominations from Dec 1, 1999 to March 1, 2000. Nominations are to be submitted to Tammy Raludieau (Swarthmore College). Committee members will be in contact by email, fax, phone, and mail. Chair is in the process of relocation from Georgia to Texas. Tammy agreed to receive nominations to expedite the nomination process. Chair will contact ACRL regarding the deadline for receipt of final selection, photo and article for ACRL. Meeting adjourned by chair.

Committee: Government Policy Committee
Chairperson: Robert A. Hinton
Date of Meeting: Jan. 15, 2000
Members Present: Robert A. Hinton, Lorene R. Sisson, Marylin A. Hicks, Tammy L. Rabideau, Barbara J. Celone
Members Absent: Mary M. Harrison
Visitors: None
Summary: Assessed the status of our current project, a web page of committees dealing with government issues and policies. Lorene Sisson will follow-up with the Publication Committee about the next steps.

Discussed the future of the committee. Evaluated the new project to update the 1988 Directory of Historical Education Collections (by Lois Lehman and Eva Kiewitt).

Liaison with National Education Network

Lorene Sisson to co-chair.

Committee: Instruction for Educators
Chairperson: Doug Cook
Date of Meeting: Jan 15, 2000
Members Present: Scott Walter, Gail Gradowski, Susan Ariew, Doug Cook, Sarah Beasley, Jennie Ver Steeg
Members Absent: Thomas Wright
Visitors: Laverna Saunders
Summary: Reported on the book, Collaborate Imperative: Librarians & Faculty Working Together in the Information Universe, which the committee wrote and has been sent to the publisher.

Discussed a new project - a webliography of educational statistics sites

New project - rewriting of article "Info Retrieval..." CRL News, Oct 1992, p.583

Committee: Member-at-Large
Chairperson: Ellie Marsh
Date of Meeting: 1/15/2000
Members Present: Kay Womack
Members Absent:
EBSS Current Topics Discussions included these group discussions/facilitations:

  • Psychology Collection Assessment - Nancy Schafer AcAuliffe (old Dominion University)
  • Electronic Access to Test Materials - Kay Womack (University of Oklahoma)
  • CMC's Classification schemes schedules and Subject Cataloging - Jeanie Kamerman (University of Western Florida)

In spite of room assignment problems, approximately 20 persons participated in discussion group.

Committee: Membership & Orientation
Chairperson: Charles Thurston
Date of Meeting: 1/15/2000
Members Present: Nancy O'Brien, Joan Fiscella, Barbara Kemp, Lorna Lueck, Charles Thurston
Members Absent: None
Visitors: None
Summary: The committee discussed procedures and timelines for making necessary changes to the web version of the EBSS Orientation Manual.

The committee agreed to abandon the internship initiative due to lack of library school response.
The committee will assume formal responsibility for New Chair Orientation at 2000 Annual Conference, pending formal approval of bylaws changes by section membership.

Committee: Psychology & Psychiatry
Chairperson: Brian Quinn
Date of Meeting: 1/15/2000
Members Present: Lisa Beall, Daniel Burgard, Monica Hagan, Karen Hartman, Nancy McAuliffe, Marian Shemberg, James Shelter, Elizabeth Simpson, Margaret White
Members Absent: Juanita Benedicto, Christine Harrington, Donna Pontau
Visitors: Jon Jeffery, Diana Ramirez, Linda Sammataro, Jan Wilson
Summary: Betty Simpson gave a report on the Ad Hoc Committee on Test Collections Directory. Brian Quinn provided an update on the liaison with society for the teaching of psychology in the absence of Donna Pontau. The society gave a program on information retrieval and evaluation and is working on an anthology of best practices of activities and active learning examples. Carolyn Gosling of the ARA talked about APA adding abstracts of dissertations dating back to 1995, the publication of a new Psycinfo user manual and publication of a multi-volume encyclopedia of psychology. There was considerable discussion of how APA could provide faster access to the full text of its journals. APA is adding digital object identifiers for its journal to Psycinfo, and will soon begin to offer full text access to its articles, one at a time via Psycinfo.

Committee: Publications & Communication
Chairperson: Francine DeFranco
Date(s) of Meetings(s): 1/15/2000
Members present: Julie Cunningham, Francine DeFranco, Laverna Saunders, Judy Walker, Helga Visscher, Ted Wygant, Kate Corby
Members absent: None
Visitors: None
Summary: Committee members reported on liaison activities with committee working on publication. Committee reviewed and approved preliminary publication proposal from CMC/MCMC for project.

Committee reviewed and approved EBSS web site manager guidelines developed by Kate Corby. Guidelines for listserv(?) manager will be reviewed for annual.

Committee discussed plan of action to identify and recruit newsletter editor to replace current editor when her term is over. Judy Walker will assist during upcoming year as a volunteer to participate to assist committee in determining the best choice for new newsletter editor.

Committee: Reference Service & Resources
Chairperson: Julie Tharp
Date(s) of Meetings(s): 1/15/00
Members present: Julie Tharp (Chair), Arizona State University; Kay Womack, University of Oklahoma; Jodie Bales Foote, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale; Barbara Wales, Central Missouri State University; Kate Corby, Michigan State University; Sharon Naylor (recording), Illinois State University
Members absent:
Visitors: Janice Houck, George Washington University; Dottie Marcinko, Auburn University
Summary :

Julie opened the meeting and welcomed guests. She noted that Jack Black and Michelle Clifford have both accepted new positions and have resigned from the Committee. Julie also noted that Barbara, Sharon, Jodi and herself will rotate off the Committee and Kay has chosen not continue. This leaves Kate as the only returning member.

Article Published
"Research in Education; A Comparison and Analysis of Databases, " an article representing the culmination of several years of effort on the part of the Committee, was published in the January 2000 issue of College & Research Libraries News. Julie commended members on achieving this goal.

New Projects
With the completion of the article, the Committee is now ready to take on a new major project. An idea discussed at previous meetings was establishing a Website designed to help new librarians. Michelle had offered to lead this initiative, but the project has faltered with her resignation from the Committee. Concern was expressed about our ability to maintain this initiative. The rotating nature of the Committee makes long term commitments difficult to maintain.

Julie suggested a project that involves identifying education journals falling into the categories of "peer reviewed," "juried," or "refereed." The committee decided that having ERIC and Education Abstracts add a searchable field for this information would be extremely useful. Janice will draft a letter. Julie will identify who should receive this information at ERIC and the Wilson Company.

Kate described her project analyzing where professors from top education schools are publishing.

A possible project involving Social Sciences Citation Index was discussed. The usefulness of SSCI for education research was questioned, since only approximately 29% of all journals indexed in the ERIC database appear in SSCI.

Nancy O'Brien (University of Illinois at Urbana) joined the group and discussed her current project working on a dictionary of education. She also discussed a book about education resources that she has recently completed. When asked how she had gone about getting the book published, she explained that the publisher approached her. Nancy suggested that we contact Keith Stubbs at ERIC about our idea for adding a new searchable field.

Kay suggested another possible project would be to complete a book on how to conduct research in education, possibly as part of the "How to Do Research In" series.

After discussing all suggestions, the committee decided to pursue the peer-reviewed journal project because it would make a valuable contribution to the field, as well as being a short-term project with the potential to be completed before the majority of committee members rotate off the committee.

Committee: Social Work/Social Welfare
Chairperson: Sally Lawler
Date(s) of Meetings(s): 1/14/2000
Members Present: Stephen Fowlkes, James Williams, Linda Sammataro, Cynthia Pierard, Vanette Schwartz
Members absent: Gary McMillan
Visitors: Katherine Downton
Summary: We critiqued our web page "Information Competencies for Social Work Students" (URL: We made some additions and corrections to existing pages. We also decided to expand the Collection Development Policy page to become a communication tool with faculty, by synthesizing the site rationale. We will be reviewing ACRL's Information Literacy Competency Standards in Higher Education and will try to relate their standards to curriculum issues in social work. APA competency statements will also be reviewed. We plan to add a new page on curriculum issues across the country in schools of social work. We decided to link the 137 human service organizations in the committee publication, Human Service Organizations and their Publications to our web page, Professional Organizations.

We proposed that the current topics discussion, "Integrating Information Competencies into the Social Work Curriculum" at annual take place at out Friday, 4:30 - 6:30, meeting.

Committee: Ad Hoc Management of Curriculum Materials Centers
Chairperson: Jo Ann Carr
Date(s) of Meetings(s): 1/15/2000
Members Present: Jo Ann Carr, Beth Anderson, Gary Lare, Allison Kaplan, Jeneen LaSee Willemssen, Mike Tillman
Members absent: None
Visitors: Jennifer Fabbi, Judith Walken, Lorene Sisson, Ann Brownson, Dorothy Schleichen, Gloria Liebowitz
Summary: Announcements of plans for ALA pre-conference visit to UW Madison CIMC; tentative plans for ACRL visit to Cherry Creek High School; announcement of forum on educational role of libraries.

Committee reviewed draft out hneo(?) for chapters, identified and developed strategies for addressing overlaps and missing contents in drafts; identified chapter coordinators and authors, and established a timeline for completion of print version of title. The committee is on schedule to complete the print version of title by Jan 2001. Report on status of directory indicated progress on review survey.

Committee: Ad Hoc Committee to Revise CMC Directory
Chairperson: Fred Olive
Date of Meeting: 1/15/2000
Members Present: Mike Tillman, John Hickok, Melba Tomeo, Penny Beile
Members Absent: Fred Olive
Visitors: Gary Lare
Summary: The chair was absent due to illness, but wishes to thank the committee for continuing to work on the Directory. The summary of the meeting is provided by Melba Tomeo.

The committee discussed the survey instrument for the directory and felt we might share our collective thoughts via e-mail. The committee decided to discuss changes to the draft electronically to expedite the process. The committee made additions to the June 1999 draft and forwarded the changes to the committee after the mid winter meeting.

Subsequent to the mid winter meeting the chair sent the following information to the committee. The chair adds this information for the record:

The revisions look great. Let me up-date you on the status of the Directory. Hugh Thompson (ACRL/ALA) has agreed to place the survey for data collection on a web site. I would like any further suggestions for content and then we will send to Hugh. Since we will have this available online the page limitation of the previous editions is no longer applicable.

Hugh raised an issue that I the committee to discuss. Would the committee think it is appropriate to have "advertisements" on the Directory web site to help cover the cost? The ads would be of course we reviewed for appropriateness. Most likely EBSCO, Gale, etc would be some of the potential advertisers. These ads might give us the opportunity to offer the Directory "free" from an additional charge.

After the survey is finalized (hopefully this month) then we must wait until the data collection web site is ready.

Next the announcements will go out to EBSS listserv, et al. I would like to send individual emails to those listed in the previous Directory. I would like to keep from having to send post cards or letters to the CMCs due to cost but we can do this if necessary.

After the announcements are out we should discuss any tables, charts of the data that we wish to have in the Directory. We should review the previous editions and see what we wish to add, delete, and enhance.

I have already had 1-2 CMCs individuals as to participate. Make it all worthwhile.

I have corresponded with JoAnn Carr and she is still looking forward to the publication to coincide with her publication. I think this will be a nice joint effort and a very useful publication.

Again, thanks to all the leaders on this Committee. Without you none of this would be possible. Fred Olive

Committee: Ad Hoc - Test Collection Directory
Chairperson: Paul Fehrmann & Nancy O'Brien
Date of Meetings: 1/14/2000
Members Present: Paul Fehrmann, Nancy O'Brien, Dan Burgard, Cheryl Grossman, Rolland McGiverin, Betsy Simpson, Ted Wygant
Members Absent: Annettee Curtis-Carroll, Bee Gallegos
Visitors: Helga Visscher
Summary: Committee members reviewed progress of the directory, and recommended modifications to the format of entries. Strategies for soliciting more responses to the survey were discussed and assignments were made to follow-up contacts at selected institutions. The preface will be expanded with an explanation and interpretation of some of the survey results. The list of resources will also be expanded. The title of the publication was changed to more accurately reflect its focus as the "Directory Test Collections Academic, Professional and Research Libraries." ACRL publication staff will be consulted regarding the size of the directory and producing it also as a web product.