Tip Sheet #25a

Nominating Committee Calendar


  • Nominating Committee appointed by section vice-chair/chair-elect.


  • Informational materials on nominations and elections sent by the ACRL office to Nominating Chair.
  • Names of Nominating Committee chairs and call for nominations published in
    College & Research Libraries News.

Annual Conference

  • Nominating Committee meets to finalize the slate of candidates.


  • Nominating Committee invites nominees to become candidates for office and requests formal letters of consent from the nominees.

September 10

  • Candidate letters of consent due to the ACRL office by September 10. Upon receipt of this information the Web address for the ALA online ballot form will be sent to those candidates that have submitted their letter of concent.

  • The Nominating chair sends a complete slate for the ACRL ballot to the ACRL office by September 10. All sections must submit a slate, with the candidates names listed in the order they should appear on the ballot.

October 22

  • Candidates must have completed filling out their biographical information and statements of concern on the ALA online ballot Web site.


  • Names of candidates for office published in
    College & Research Libraries News.
  • Names of petition candidates with completed biographical information and statement of concern are due by January 20.


  • ALA opens election. Ballots are sent via e-mail or mail.


  • Candidates for section officers are notified of election results by ALA during the first week of May.

Special Note* Contact the ACRL office with questions and concerns relating to the nominations process.