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The College Libraries Section Website of the Month feature was retired in July 2013.

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Website of the Month guidelines

Librarians realize that a library website, in addition to enhancing access to a library's resources and services, serves in general as a major means of communication with current and future users.

As a result, the CLS Communications Committee is pleased to offer a new service/feature commencing in January 2005. The College Library Website of the Month features one site that the committee feels is noteworthy. While the committee recognizes the fact that there are currently many outstanding college library websites, there are some from which librarians at other institutions can learn so that they, in turn, can enhance their own sites.

In choosing sites, we followed a number of guidelines. The pool of potential libraries consists of those schools having Carnegie classifications at the baccalaureate or master's levels with student enrollment less than 5000. The aim is to include as many college and small university libraries as possible. Second, we will make every effort to choose libraries from different regions of the country each month, with each of the fifty states, and the District of Columbia, being represented at least once.

As each website was carefully examined, attention was given to the following factors:
1. Ease of access -- timely connection with a relatively quick load of graphics
2. Content -- useful and relevant, containing breadth and depth, and characterized by accuracy
3. Currency -- an indication of the last update of the site
4. Design -- an eye-catching and appealing overall look, effective use of graphics related to a page's theme, and consistent layout
5. Navigation -- features such as a link back to the home page, site search capability, and site layout.

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