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On Wednesday, May 28, 2014, at 1pm CDT the College Libraries Section Chair, Sally Gibson, and members of the CLS Executive Committee held a webinar about Virtual Membership in the College Libraries Section. They addressed the following topics: 


  • Learning more about the College Libraries Section
  • How to become involved with CLS
  • CLS programs and events taking place during the 2014 ALA Annual Conference
  • Sharing ideas with CLS Leadership


Embracing Change: How to Energize and Engage Library Staff

On Tuesday, November 27, 2007, the College Libraries Section held a live webcast event to re-create its 2007 ALA Section Chair's program "Embracing Change: How to Energize and Engage Library Staff".

Speakers were: Irene M.H. Herold, Director, Mason Library, Keene State College; Kathleen Halverson, Assistant Director/Head of Public Services, Mason Library, Keene State College; Susan M. Campbell, Professor/Library Director, York College of Pennsylvania; Kathryn Deiss, Content Strategist, Association of College and Research Libraries; Tara Lynn Fulton, Dean of Library and Information Services and Associate Provost, Lock Haven University

Program description: Libraries are constantly evolving as user expectations change, technology develops, budgets constrain, and opportunities emerge. As these and other priorities shift, adaptation is key; as is the need for nimble organizations, mindful managers, dedicated employees, and creative work environments. This program will address methodologies for engaging library staff in change and development activities to cultivate a nimble organization by capitalizing on opportunities, implementing change, and emerging from the experience improved and energized!

ALA 2006: Big Ideas, Small Staff: Successful Tactics for College Librarians

This program was presented as a free webcast for members of the College Library Section on Thursday, November 16, 2006, 3:00 - 4:30 pm EST.

Now -- you too can view the archived webcast. To access this Elluminate recording, you'll need a free LearningTimes account. Clicking the webcast link above will get you started on that process.

Program description:

To support ACRL's commitment to service to members and to continuous learning, the College Library Section is pleased to offer an encore presentation of its successful 2006 ALA annual conference program: "Big Ideas, Small Staff: Successful Tactics for College Librarians."

Steven Bell, CLS Vice Chair/Chair Elect facilitated the webcast.

Program presenters:

Nancy Goebel, University of Alberta, Camrose, Alberta Campus. It Changed the Way I Do Research - Period: Augustana Talks Information Literacy. Augustana's Library faculty take a programmatic approach to Information Literacy. Three librarians developed 21 for-credit, discipline-specific courses, including pre-/post-tests with a web-based evaluation tool, and an annual librarian workshop.

Lisabeth Chabot, Ithaca College. Discovery Tool 101: Implementing an Open Source Application in a College Library. With open source software, the Ithaca College Library developed a remotely-hosted, database-driven research portal tailored to the college's academic programs. Portal searches retrieve subject-specific resources grouped by item type, linked searches in the library catalog, and relevant RSS feeds.

Nancy Magnuson, Goucher College, Austenmania! Learn how a small college parlayed an appealing special collection on Jane Austen into improved funding, space and staffing, as well as visibility for the college, garnering a John Cotton Dana Award in the process.

Janelle Wertzberger, Gettysburg College. Momentous Apprentice: Gettysburg Library Interns Go Pro. For the past eight years, Gettysburg has offered a full-time, paid, benefited internship to a recent college graduate interested in librarianship. This internship has generated other undergraduate internships, as well as interest among student employees in attending library science graduate programs.

Terry Ballard, Quinnipiac University. Big Idea: Starting a Book Digitization Program Using Existing Resources. Quinnipiac University's library was interested in taking on a project that would use technology to advance cultural understanding. The library had everything it needed: two collections of pre-1923 books, a scanner, a library server and a student work force. Rather than wait years for a grant, they decided to move ahead. Learn about their successful digitization project which generated new techniques in metadata and access.

Steven Bell, Philadelphia University. If You're Going to Blog, Blog it to Courseware. Creating a library blog is becoming more commonplace. But how will the users get the blog posts? Just having a link on the library home page isn't enough. Learn how an easy to use technology can push an RSS feed from the blog into spaces such as courseware sites and library home pages, and increase the utility of a library.


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