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CLS 2014 ALA Annual Conference Program (Co-Sponsored by LLAMA BES) 

Science + Form = Function: The Impact of Neuroscience on Architecture & Design
Saturday, June 28, 2014 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm
Las Vegas Convention Center – S220
What can the new interdisciplinary field of neuroscience for architecture tell us about the connection between physical space and personal experience and well-being? Join us as we explore this topic and examine how this research can be applied to library building design and overall use of space. As the “library as place” debate continues, libraries are feeling mounting pressure to justify use of institutional resources to support brick-and-mortar facilities. Does this research speak to the value of physical library spaces?
Moderator: Eric Kidwell, Director of the Library/Professor, Huntingdon College
Speaker: Hannah Bennett, Head, Princeton University School of Architecture Library
Speaker: Kenneth Kornberg, Founding Principal & President, Kornberg Associates
Speaker: Michael Arbib, University Professor and Director of the USC Brain Project, University of Southern California

Program from the 2011 ALA Annual Conference:

Academic Librarian Lightning Round! Innovative New Roles (CLS and ULS)
Innovative College and University Librarians are increasingly assuming new academic, governance, professional, and service roles and responsibilities. By forging new pathways and partnerships, academic librarians can reassert the centrality of the library in their colleges and universities, and expand their expertise to benefit the core missions of their library and their institution. This fast-paced program features a variety of Lightning Talk presentations that dive right to the heart of the issue and engage the audience. This is a joint CLS/ULS program.

PowerPoint slides from the presentation (

Speakers: Gregory Schmidt, Librarian II, Auburn University; Susan Sharpless Smith, Director of Research, Instruction and Technology Services, Wake Forest University; Caitlin A. Bagley, Reference Librarian, Murray State University; Angiah Davis, Reference Librarian, Atlanta University Center; Lisa Lapointe, Reference and Instruction Librarian, Florida Southern College; Allison Leaming, Business Liaison Librarian, Arizona State University; Dominique Turnbow, Undergraduate Services Librarian, UC San Diego; Eric A. Kidwell, Professor and Director of the Library, Huntingdon College; Tara Schmidt, Research Services Librarian, The University of Texas at San Antonio; Michelle Demeter, Academic Partnerships Librarian, Florida State University; Diane VanderPol, Director of the Library, Westminster College; Rachel Besara, Assessment Librarian, Florida State University

Program from the 2010 ALA Annual Conference:

Librarians Just Need to have Fun: Utilizing Fun and Humor in the Library Workplace to Enhance Employee Performance addressed the important role that fun and humor play in creating a positive work environment and how these concepts can enhance employee motivation and performance. The program included a cohesive panel of four librarians who in past practice have effectively utilized fun and humor in their workplace.
Erin L. Davis, Reference Librarian from Utah State University, will present "A Happy Employee Is a Productive Employee." Our second panelist, Theresa Doherty, Access Librarian & Head, Circulation & Information Services at Virginia Commonwealth University, will show just "How Quickly Can Your University Librarian Shelf-Read This Cart? Social activities bring faculty and staff together."  Pat Van Zandt, the Director of Scholarly Resources & Research Services at Southern Methodist University, will discuss how the College of William and Mary’s Swem Library (her former place of employment) discovered great staff development resources in their own backyard in " Cooking with the campus chef (and other creative ways to motivate staff and have fun at the same time)." Our fourth panelist, Frances Weinstein Yates, Library Director at Indiana University East, will present " Purple Crayons, Random Dots, and Peanut Butter Sandwiches: Children’s Literature as Catalyst for Creativity and Change in the Workplace."

Program from the 2009 ALA Annual Conference:

Our Town, Common Ground: Academic Libraries' Collaboration with Public Libraries
Successful town-gown relationships between academic and public libraries exist in communities of all sizes throughout the United States. With such collaboration, everyone benefits. This program will address how academic-public library collaborations start, what nurtures their growth, how they are sustained, what unique situations arise through the partnership, and the responses libraries receive from their respective constituencies. Opportunity for questions and discussion between panelists and the audience will be provided. This program is co-sponsored by the Public Library Association and the ACRL Community and Junior College Libraries Section.

Speakers: Keith Washburn, Dean, Library and Learning Resources Division, Lorain County Community College; Janet Stoffer, Director, Elyria Public Library System; Sarah Palfrey, Director, Summersville Public Library; Judy Neale, Coordinator of Community Outreach, Cameron University; Susan Hall, Associate Professor, Mississippi State University; April Heiselt, Assistant Professor and Service Learning Coordinator, Mississippi State University; Robert Wolverton, Jr., Associate Professor, Mississippi State University

PowerPoint slides:

Photos from the program

Program from the 2007 ALA Annual Conference:
A standing-room-only crowd enjoyed the CLS Annual Conference Program, Embracing Change: How to Energize and Engage Library Staff on Monday, June 25.

On Tuesday, November 27 the College Libraries Section held a live webcast event to re-create its 2007 ALA Section Chair's program "Embracing Change: How to Energize and Engage Library Staff".

Speakers were: Irene M.H. Herold, Director, Mason Library, Keene State College; Kathleen Halverson, Assistant Director/Head of Public Services, Mason Library, Keene State College; Susan M. Campbell, Professor/Library Director, York College of Pennsylvania; Kathryn Deiss, Content Strategist, Association of College and Research Libraries; Moderator, Cecilia Knight, Catalog Librarian, Grinnell College; Tara Lynn Fulton, Dean of Library and Information Services and Associate Provost, Lock Haven University

Program description: "Libraries are constantly evolving as user expectations change, technology develops, budgets constrain, and opportunities emerge. As these and other priorities shift, adaptation is key; as is the need for nimble organizations, mindful managers, dedicated employees, and creative work environments. This program will address methodologies for engaging library staff in change and development activities to cultivate a nimble organization by capitalizing on opportunities, implementing change, and emerging from the experience improved and energized!"

Program handout in PDF.

Program from the 2006 ALA Annual Conference:

Big Ideas, Small Staff: Successful Tactics for College Librarians

2006 ALA Annual CLS Program Handout

Program from the 2005 ALA Annual Conference:

Bits and Bytes: Using Technology to Train Academic Librarians as Coaches

Program from the 2004 ALA Annual Conference:

A Library Balancing Act: Patron Rights vs. National Security

This year's program, "A Library Balancing Act: Patron Rights vs. National Security", was held at 8:30 am on Sunday, June 27 in the J.W. Marriott Hotel. About 55 people attended (with only 30% identifying themselves as ACRL members).

The program began with a review of the current state of the USA Patriot Act and its implications for libraries by Deborah Caldwell-Stone (ALA Office of Intellectual Freedom). She urged academic librarians to not only be informed about the law but to also preserve free inquiry by weighing in on the right of privacy for library users. If we fail to do this, she asserted, we make our rights and those of our patrons subject to the whim of imperfect men

Eugene Wiemers (Bates College) reported on the lessons he learned about managing information in libraries while developing campus-wide information technology security policies. According to Wiemers, librarians need to develop policies and procedures that obey the law, protect library equipment, preserve the confidentiality of library records, manage the authentication of users, and educate both users and staff. He recommended that libraries limit the collection of information about what people are reading while at the same time limiting the exposure of the library and the institution by carefully managing public computers and campus networks.

James Neal (Columbia University) exhorted librarians to enlist in the cause of ensuring free and open access to information. After outlining a litany of assaults on free speech and free inquiry, Neal called upon librarians to be the magnet that brings their campuses together to formulate institutional policies to protect the rights of students and faculty. By remaining true to our core values, librarians will be the bell ringers who call attention to the erosion of free speech and privacy rights and who keep the vision of free access to information alive.

Following the panel attendees participated in small group activities designed to begin the formulation of library privacy and confidentiality policies. The results of these activities will be available on the CLS website.

2004 ALA Annual CLS Presentation Group Activities

2004 ALA Annual Patron Rights vs. National Security Bibliography

Program from the 2003 ALA Annual Conference:

Casting Our Nets or Ice Fishing?: Recruiting Future College Librarians

Recruiting new people to college librarianship is an important issue. The three speakers below address this issue from different points of view. Maureen Sullivan is a past president of ACRL and leads workshops on recruiting librarians. Jennifer Paliatka and Lynda Duke are relatively new librarians who talk about what attracted them to college librarianship and give their input on what to look for in new professionals.

What Do Employers Want? Qualification Keywords for Library Positions Handout

Bibliography of Relevant Works

Program from 2002 ALA Annual Conference:

Will the Real Customer Please Stand Up? Designing Services for Twenty-first Century Users

2002 PowerPoint Presentation

Program from 2001 ALA Annual Conference:

Virtual Space, Virtuous Place": College Libraries in the 21st Century