Big Ideas, Small Staff: Successful Tactics for College Librarians

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An encore presentation of this program was given on November 16, 2006 and an archived webcast is available, courtesy of your friends at CLS.

ALA Annual Conference 2006 New Orleans

ACRL College Libraries Section's Annual Conference Program
Big Ideas, Small Staff: Successful Tactics for College Librarians
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Sunday, June 25, 2006 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Moderator: Irene Herold, Library Director, Keene State College

Topics and Speakers

It Changed the Way I Do Research - Period: Augustana Talks Information Literacy (10 min.)
Augustana's Faculty Library (University of Alberta, Camrose, Alberta campus) takes a programmatic approach to Information Literacy (IL). Three librarians developed 21 for-credit, discipline-specific courses, including pre-/post-tests with a web-based evaluation tool, and an annual librarian workshop. The presentation includes a video created to describe and promote Augustana's IL program.

Nancy Goebel, Head Librarian/Human Rights Advisor
Nancy Goebel teaches the credit bearing course, Physical Education 294: Physical Education and Information Literacy, and organizes Augustana's annual Information Literacy in Academic Libraries Workshop. She directed It Changed the Way I Do Research - Period: Augustana Talks Information Literacy-a video documenting and promoting Augustana's Information Literacy Program.

Reflection, Community, Laughter: Readings at the Nick (47M PPT)
Linfield College in rural western Oregon enjoyed happy town-gown relations based primarily on sports. Building on that foundation, five years ago the library reached out to the McMinnville Public Library and the Linfield English Department to bring authors to town. Extending the outreach to local bookstores and high schools Linfield College held its first and highly successful Mac Reads with David James Duncan.

Susan Whyte, Library Director
Susan Barnes Whyte (B.A., Earlham College and M.Ln., Emory University) has worked in technical services, distance learning, instruction and reference in college libraries since 1983. She began in a Benedictine Abbey and landed at Linfield College in western Oregon in 1990. In her deep past she was a pianist, an accompanist, and a singer, all of which taught her to play well with others.

Discovery Tool 101: Implementing an Open Source Application in a College Library (1.5M PPT)
With open source software, Ithaca College Library developed a remotely-hosted, database-driven research portal tailored to the college's academic programs. Portal searches retrieve subject-specific resources grouped by item type, linked searches in the library catalog, and relevant RSS feeds.

Lisabeth Chabot, College Librarian
Since August, 2003, Lisabeth Chabot has been College Librarian at Ithaca College, a comprehensive college enrolling 6,000 students. She views her primary role as that of chief advocate for the library with the College administration, faculty, staff, and students. Prior to coming to Ithaca College, she spent twenty-five years at two small liberal arts colleges in Virginia, working in cataloging, reference, and library instruction.

Austenmania! (11.1M PPT)
How one small college parlayed an appealing special collection into improved funding, space and staffing, as well as visibility for the college.

Nancy Magnuson, College Librarian
College Librarian at Goucher College since 1987, Nancy Magnuson is currently consumed with planning for a new library building. She's a native of Seattle with an MLS from the University of Washington and library experience at Haverford College and the public libraries of Philadelphia and of King County Washington.

Momentous Apprentice: Gettysburg Library Interns Go Pro (3.3M PPT)
For the past eight years, Gettysburg has offered a full-time, paid, benefited internship to a recent college graduate interested in librarianship. This internship has generated other undergraduate internships, as well as interest among student employees in attending library science graduate programs.

Janelle Wertzberger, Director of Reference & Instruction
Janelle Wertzberger (M.A. English, University of Florida and M.L.S., University of Texas at Austin) has published and presented on librarian liaison programs and information literacy in the biology and management curricula. Currently, she is working on a book chapter about using "clickers" (personal response devices) in information literacy instruction. E-mail:

Toward Collaborative Learning: Connecting Library Peer Mentors with Freshman Composition Classes (20 min.)
UNH Manchester experiences enormous success in peer writing and math tutoring, so incorporating library peer mentors seemed a natural extension of collaborative efforts to integrate information literacy within the curriculum. Training students to provide basic research assistance gives the library an outreach element within the student community and acts as a vehicle to reach students "where they are" in the research process.

Annie Donahue, Assistant Professor/Library & Media Services
Annie Donahue (B.A. in Humanities, University of New Hampshire, M.L.S., Southern Connecticut State College, and an A.L.M. Harvard University, concentration in Celtic Studies) has taught research and reference skills to students in academic libraries for the past ten years. Her research interests include the collaboration between teaching and library faculty, assessing student learning, and integrating information literacy within the curriculum. E-mail: Tel: 603-641-4173.

Big Idea: Starting a Book Digitization Program Using Existing Resources (41.1M PPT)
In 2001, Quinnipiac University's Arnold Bernhard library was interested in taking on a project that would use technology to advance cultural understanding. The library had everything it needed-two collections of pre-1923 books, a scanner, a library server and a student work force. Rather than wait years for a grant, we decided to move ahead. By the time we had digitized a dozen books, we had attracted a substantial audience. As the project progressed it generated new techniques in metadata and access.

Terry Ballard, Automation Librarian
Terry Ballard (M.L.S., University of Arizona) worked previously at Adelphi University, St. John's University, and New York University and is currently at Quinnipiac University. Author of the 1995 book Innopac: A Reference Guide to the System, as well as more than 50 professional articles, he won "Article of the Year" by Computers in Libraries in 1993 for "Spelling and Typographical Errors in Library Databases." His views on information technology can be found on his blog at


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