2021 Scholarship Recipients

The Association of College and Research Libraries awarded 92 scholarships for this conference worth $24,008. ACRL expresses its sincere appreciation to the groups and individuals that participated in this campaign. Their support enables ACRL to build the skills and capacities of the next generation to lead and serve our profession.

Click a on the name of the recipient to learn how to learn how their scholarship made a difference in their professional life.

Lyndon Batiste

Samuel Bello

David Bernardo

Annette Bochenek

Lauren Bourdages

Evangalina Cunningham

Tanya Darden

Celia Dehais

Maia Desjardins

Hanwen Dong

Alison Downey

Alissa Droog

Analiza Frane

Jefferson Garcia

Neil Grimes

Laura Hogan

Maison Horton

Boutsaba Janetvilay

Samantha Kennefick

Allison Langham-Putrow

Stephanie Larson

Harvey Long

Nubia Mateus

Valerie Moore

Ashley Morrison

Maria Ruiz

Leah Sherman

Jasmine Simmons

Dwain Teague

Bonnie Thornton

Nancy Wallace

Janice Weddle

Amber Wessies