2019 Conference Scholarship Recipients

The Association of College and Research Libraries awarded 170 scholarships for this conference in five categories worth a record-breaking $124,210. Eighty-five of these scholarships (over $66,000 in value) came from the ACRL Scholarship Campaign. ACRL expresses its sincere appreciation to the groups and individuals that participated in this campaign. Their support enables ACRL to build the skills and capacities of the next generation to lead and serve our profession.

Click a on the name of the recipient to learn how to learn how their scholarship made a difference in their professional life.

Stephanie Akau

Nathasha Alvarez

Marquel M. Anteola

Deb Baker

Catherine A. Baldwin

Brittni Ballard

Donna Baluchi

Megan Benson

Lucas Berrini

Aja Bettencourt-McCarthy

Wendy L. Bundy

Vivian Bynoe

Alexa Carter

Orolando Duffus

Carron Edwards

Tonya Ferrell

TaChalla Ferris

Sarah Gilchrist

Mandi Goodsett

Samuel Hansen

Amanda Hawk

Soojeong Herring

Amy James

Geoff Johnson

Hana Kim

HyunSeung Koh

Josette Kubicki

Vera Kuipers

Claire E. Lobdell

Val Magno

Diana J. Matthews

Jenessa McElfresh

Abigail Moore

Marisol Moreno Ortiz

Teresa Moreno

Chelsea Nesvig

Cali Neuberger

Michelle Nielsen Ott

Gina Nortonsmith

Laurin Paradise

Russel Peterson

Hale Polebaum-Freeman

Leila Rod-Welch

Michele Santamaria

Cynthia Simpson

Rachel Stark

Rita Suarez

Mea Warren

Jennifer L.A. Whelan

Jamia Williams

Mindy Wilmot