For the last 60 years, Choice’s mission has been to provide the academic library community with actionable advice on: what to read, what to collect, and how to navigate the constantly changing information technology landscape.
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As a publishing unit of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL), Choice supports the work of academic librarian by providing tools and services that help them become more effective advocates for their patrons. Through its sixty-year history, Choice has established itself as the authoritative source for the evaluation of scholarly resources and as the publisher of trusted research in areas of interest to a changing academic library community.

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Choice magazine covers

Every issue of Choice magazine offers 350 new reviews, a bibliographic essay, and upcoming titles worth knowing. Get our monthly publication delivered straight to your door.


  • More than 1,600 colleges and universities subscribe worldwide
  • Used by most major undergraduate institutions in the US and Canada
  • Serves national libraries in Europe, Asia, and Australia
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Choice Reviews gives subscribers immediate access to a comprehensive archive of more than 200,000 reviews representing more than a quarter-century of scholarship.


  • 350+ new reviews monthly, updated daily
  • Customizable user alerts
  • Direct links to WorldCat
  • Easy-to-access user statistics
Resources for College Libraries

Resources for College Libraries, co-published by Choice and ProQuest, covers the entire two- and four-year college curriculum, providing a list of core titles essential for undergraduate study. RCL is the best solution for academic librarians and faculty looking to build or assess collections, discover the subject literature, and guide students to the most credible scholarly works.

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