Philanthropic Advisory Group (PAG)


The purpose of the Philanthropic Advisory Group (PAG) is to advance the philanthropic/fundraising activities of the American Library Association (ALA), and to increase the level of external funding that supports the work of the Association. The Philanthropic Advisory Group (PAG) will advise and report to the ALA Executive Board on philanthropic projects and activities. PAG will be growth-minded and promote scalable and sustainable strategic frameworks to optimize external fundraising success for ALA.

PAG will consist of eleven members, one of whom will be appointed as Chair by the ALA President. Among the 11 members, one member of PAG will be a liaison from the Endowment Trustees. All terms are for three years with no more than two consecutive terms. Membership will seek to ensure diversity of experiences, ethnic and racial diversity and representation from across the association and its divisions and round tables.


  • Anne Manly (Staff Liaison)
  • Barbara Ford
  • Brett Bonfield (Endowment Trustees Liaison)
  • Damon Austin
  • David Nutty
  • Jennifer Peters
  • John Culshaw
  • Joyce Garczynski (Vice Chair)
  • Julia Gelfand
  • Karlene Jennings (Past Chair)
  • Nancy Davenport (Chair)
  • Peter Hepburn (Executive Board Liaison)
  • Robert Newlen