Writing for Book Links

Writers interested in submitting to Book Links should have a strong background in children's literature and should study the magazine for its style, approach, and focus prior to sending a manuscript. An overly academic style should be avoided in submissions to Book Links.

Issue Themes

Each issue of Book Links explores a curricular theme. Topics include multicultural literature, social studies, language arts, science, and the arts. While not every piece published in Book Links is theme-related, the bulk of articles do have relevance to one of the above topics.

Article Categories

  • "Classroom Connections" articles focus on a wide range of topics and consist of a brief introduction of 200-400 words, followed by an annotated bibliography of 20–30 books that advance the subject. In general, "Classroom Connections" articles should not exceed 2,500 words total.
  • "Timely Topics" features focus on seasonal and current events and related books.
  • "Quick Tips" articles relate proven techniques that successfully connect children with books.
  • "Books and Authors" features focus on a particular author or illustrator's work or teaching a particular book as a classroom unit.
  • "Just for Fun" articles spotlight books on the lighter side that will get kids reading.

Bibliography Guidelines

Effort should be made when appropriate to include picture books, novels, biographies, poetry, folklore, and informational titles in the bibliography. A bibliography may be organized by book type (picture book, novel, nonfiction, etc.) or by age level. Bibliographic entries should be in alphabetical order by title, followed by author (first name first), illustrator (first name first), date of publication, number of pages, publisher (main publisher/imprint if applicable), hardcover price, and 13-digit ISBN, and, if available, paperback publisher, price, and 13-digit ISBN. Note the following example:

Nouns and Verbs Have a Field Day. By Robin Pulver. Illus. by Lynn Rowe Reed. 2006. 32p. Holiday, $16.95 (9780823419821); paper, $6.95 (9780823420971).

One or two out-of-print books may be included in the bibliography if they are widely available in libraries (include author, title, original publication date, publisher, and "o.p." in imprint information). Each title should be annotated in the bibliography. Annotations, short but substantive, should make clear how the book relates to the subject and include a grade level range. Following the bibliography, consider including a list of discussion questions and mind-stretching activities that are related to the books. Relevant Web sites, audiobooks, videos, professional resources, and other sidebar information should also be included if appropriate.


Book Links accepts detailed queries and complete articles. Submissions are evaluated within two months. Queries and articles should be submitted electronically. The submission should include author's name, mailing address, e-mail address, fax, and telephone numbers. If the submission is accepted, a small honorarium is paid at time of publication, and the contributor will receive two complimentary copies of the issue.

Queries should be addressed to Gillian Engberg, Editor, Book Links, 50 E. Huron, Chicago, IL 60611, gengberg@ala.org.