Translation Opportunities for American Library Association Publications

Translation Opportunities for American Library Association Publications

The American Library Association welcomes and encourages requests for translations of ALA publications.

Proposals sponsored by national library associations or by commercial publishers that have the support of national library associations offer an exceptional opportunity for rapid authorization.

Factors that contribute to the success of an ALA translation include the following:

  • Established need;
  • Competence of the translator;
  • Translator’s knowledge of librarianship;
  • Ability of the publisher to make the translation available internationally at a reasonable price.

A small sampling of titles published by ALA Editions that represent possible translation opportunities include:

Assistive Tech in Library

Cost Control

Whole Library 5

Assistive Technologies in the Library

Cost Control for Nonprofits in Crisis

The Whole Library Handbook 5

Fundamentals of Reference

Managing Volunteers

Reid's Read Aloud 2

Fundamentals of Reference

Managing Library Volunteers

Reids’ Read-Alouds 2

Other opportunities throughout the Association can be found on the ALA Web site. For a complete listing of ALA Editions titles, please visit ALA Editions online.

If you are interested in translating an American Library Association publication, please submit the following Translation Rights Request Form:

Translation Rights Request Form

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