Author Copyright Agreements for ALA Division Journals and Newsletters

Authors publishing in ALA division journals and newsletters are required to submit a signed copyright agreement. There are two forms:

  • Under the license agreement, the author retains copyright, licensing specific rights to ALA. The author is responsible for administering the copyright; requests regarding the work received by ALA will be forwarded to the author.

  • Under the assignment agreement, the author assigns copyright to ALA, while still retaining specific rights for further use of the material. Any request for reprinting or other copyright questions will be handled by ALA Publishing's rights and permissions office.

Material covered under either agreement will be submitted to third-party database aggregators according to agreements of which ALA is a party.

Authors are free to sign whichever agreement best suits their purposes. Fill out the form onscreen, print it, sign it, and mail or fax to the journal editor.

To obtain a form, please click below under "Related Files." You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the files (available via free download).

Questions? See the frequently asked questions file below. Editors may also consult their production editor or Mary Jo Bolduc in ALA Publishing's rights and permissions office.