Carnegie-Whitney Grant responsibilities


Proposals are evaluated by the Publishing Committee at the ALA Midwinter meeting, Letters are sent to all applicants after the meeting with notification of the Committee’s decision. This is usually done by the end of February or the beginning of March.

  • Grant recipients must sign a letter of acknowledgment and agreement, accepting the grant and the conditions for completion.
  • Any changes to the scope of your project must be submitted to the Grant Administrator in a formal proposal. This change must be approved by the Publishing Committee.
  • A check for 60% of the allocated funds is sent to each recipient after the awarding of the grant. After the midpoint of the project and upon receipt of status reports, the next 35% of the grant will be distributed. The remaining 5% of funds will be sent to grant recipients, after project review of the final product by the Grant Administrator.
  • Grant recipients must send a brief status report twice a year to the Grant Administrator; the exact dates are chosen when the grant check is issued.
  • Completed projects are sent to the Grant Administrator with records of expenditures and a report on dissemination or publication of the work.
  • Grant should be completed within two years of the awarding of the grant.
  • Grant recipients must inform the ALA Grant Administrator of any contact information changes, or updates, including address, e-mail and phone number changes.
  • If the project is published, recipients must include the link to the following attribution line on the final project copyright page or in an otherwise appropriate or prominent location in the publication or on the website, along with a link to the Carnegie Whitney Grant page. See attribution line below:

                          "Supported by a Carnegie Whitney Grant from the American Library Association."



Please make sure that you include:


___ A filled out Application Cover Sheet.

___ A statement of purpose that provides a clear and concise description of the project, the scope of subjects covered and the intended audiences.

___ A work plan.

___ A plan for the timely publication or dissemination of the work.

___ A detailed budget.

___ Resumes for each person responsible for the project, including list of publications.

___ Two letters of reference for each applicant. (Two letters are required from professional references attesting to the ability of the applicants(s) to carry out the project.)


Please submit all applications in the above order as one pdf file to


Proposal Requirements

Application Cover Sheet

Sample Budget