Storytime Magic

400 Fingerplays, Flannelboards, and Other Activities

Kathy MacMillan and Christine Kirker

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Here readers of Storytime Magic: 400 Fingerplays, Flannelboards, and Other Activities will find full-size flannelboard and craft patterns (shown in miniature in the book). All images can be printed and used as patterns for storytimes in the library or classroom setting.

  9 Five Loose Teeth Flannelboard
13 What Sound Does It Make? Flannelboard
17 My Texture Book Craft
21 Am I Ready to Go? Flannelboard
22 Getting Dressed from Head to Toe Flannelboard
23 When Do I Wear It? Flannelboard
29 Five Little Geese Flannelboard
34 Rooster’s Feathers Flannelboard
43 Ten Dogs in the Window Flannelboard
45 Dog’s Colorful Day Flannelboard
50 Five Little Fish Flannelboard
61 In the Woods Flannelboard
62 The Mixed-Up Chameleon Flannelboard
63 Time to Sleep Flannelboard
72 Five Little Camels Flannelboard
73 Did You Ever Eat . . . ? Flannelboard
74 I Love You More Than . . . Flannelboard
75 Lion Hide and Seek Flannelboard
88 An Australian Creation Story Flannelboard
96 Leaves Flannelboard
97 Turtle’s Flight Flannelboard Story
104 Coyote and the Laughing Butterflies Flannelboard Story
112 Do We Touch It? Flannelboard Activity
118 Five Rubber Ducks Flannelboard
119 Three Bubbles Flannelboard
124 Four Little Stars Flannelboard
126 Five Little Monkeys Flannelboard
127 Mother, Mother I Want Another Flannelboard
128 Ready for Bed Flannelboard
129 Wee Willie Winkie Bedtime Clock Craft
130 Design Your Own Pajamas Craft
131 Star Mobile Craft
143 Five Little Fireflies Flannelboard
144 Five Little Caterpillars/Five Little Butterflies Flannelboard
145 Ant Picnic Flannelboard
146 Bugs in the Rug Flannelboard
162 Rainbow Flannelboard
163 Mrs. Mark’s Favorite Color File Folder Story
166 Pennies in My Piggy Bank Flannelboard
167 My Number Book Craft
172 Mom’s Kitchen in Contrast Flannelboard
173 Animal Opposites Flannelboard
174 Daytime/Nighttime House Picture
176 Sizes Flannelboard
178 Shape Game Flannelboard
181 Shape House Craft
191 Five Little Dragons Flannelboard
192 Five Tiny Fairies Flannelboard
193 A Blanket for the Princess Flannelboard Story
194 Three Billy Goats Gruff Flannelboard
195 Cinderella’s Rat File Folder Story
198 Granny and the Wolf Puppet Craft
199 Magic Wand Craft
206 Family Portraits Craft
209 Five Friends Flannelboard
214 Hug Card Craft
225 Five Little Jellybeans Flannelboard
226 Five Cookies in the Bakery Shop Flannelboard
227 Ice Cream Shop Flannelboard
228 Picking Fruits and Vegetables Flannelboard
229 Pizza Pie Flannelboard
230 If You Give a Moose a Muffin Flannelboard
231 Sandwich Shapes Flannelboard Story
232 Bake Me a Cupcake Craft
234 Peapod Craft
241 Five Little Candy Canes Flannelboard
243 Five Little Easter Eggs Flannelboard
253 Groundhog Pop-Up Puppet Craft
255 Five Little Ghosts Flannelboard
269 Shamrock Craft
272 Pumpkin Pie Flannelboard
275 Five Little Valentines Flannelboard
276 Four Candy Hearts Flannelboard
283 Four Snowflakes Flannelboard
284 Mitten Count Flannelboard
301 Leaf Rubbing Craft
303 Seasons Game
309 Five Little Stars and the Moon Too Flannelboard
310 Look Out into Space Flannelboard
311 There Was a Bold Lady Who Wanted a Star Flannelboard
312 Moongame Flannelboard
319 I Am a Grocer Flannelboard
320 Milo’s Hats Flannelboard
321 Shhhhh! Everybody’s Sleeping Flannelboard
322 Sorting the Mail Game
324 Badge Craft
325 What Hat Should I Wear? Craft
337 Five Little Kites Flannelboard
339 A Little Ball Flannelboard
340 Silly Sally Flannelboard
341 Ball Flannelboard Game
360 Ten Little Books Flannelboard
361 The Bus for Us Flannelboard
363 School Bus Craft
379 Dancing Shoes Craft
392 Five Big Boats Flannelboard
393 Five Hot Air Balloons Flannelboard
394 Five Little Trucks Flannelboard
395 Rocket Ships Flannelboard
396 Grandma Rabbitty’s Visit Flannelboard
397 My Dump Truck, Fred Flannelboard Story
398 Helicopter Craft
399 Tractor Craft
400 Train Craft
401 Outer Space Craft


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