Moving Your Library

Getting the Collection from Here to There

Steven Carl Fortriede

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Here readers will find worksheets, appendixes, and sign templates from Moving Your Library. The forms and worksheets are designed to be used either electronically (able to be filled out and saved) or printed and filled out manually.

Worksheet for Interfiling and Dividing Collections (Excel spreadsheet)
Appendix A: Specifications for Boxes (PDF)
Appendix B: Specifications for Move Carts and Sorting Trays (fillable PDF)
Appendix C: Worksheet to Calculate Shelving Layout and Growth Rates (PDF)
Layout Spreadsheet (Excel spreadsheet)
Appendix D: Signage
Instructions to Unshelvers (PDF) Instructions to Reshelvers (PDF)
Collection Flag (fillable PDF)
Origin Building Reminder (PDF)
Destination Building Reminder (PDF)
Waypoint Marker (fillable PDF)
Elevator Load Limit (fillable PDF)
Safety Concerns (PDF)
Sequence Card Worksheet Instructions (PDF)
Sequence Cards 1–100 (Excel spreadsheet)
Sequence Cards 101–200 (Excel spreadsheet)
Appendix E:  Sample Request for Quotes for an Office Move (PDF)


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