Reading Is Funny!

Reading Is Funny Day—April 1 

April Fool’s Day is a great time to show kids that reading is both fun and funny.

  • Check out joke and riddle books from your local library.
  • Play Old Maid or Memory with the reproducible playing cards on this page.
  • Give children the reproducible activity sheets available on this page.
  • Let kids make paper bag puppets and glue reproducible riddles on the back.
  • Dream up your own ways to motivate kids to read just for the fun of it.

Motivating Kids to Read with Riddles

Dee Anderson

Readers of Reading Is Funny! can download, modify, and print the reproducibles from appendix C here.

Patterns for Bulletin Board Cutouts

Talking Turnip Playing Cards

Loony Library Playing Cards


Can You Fill in the Blanks? Activity Sheet

Who Said That? Activity Sheet

Who Wrote That? Activity Sheet

Crack the Code Activity Sheet

Why Should You Go to the Library? Activity Sheet

Answers to Activity Sheets


Teeth Bookmark

Doctor Bookmark

Glasses Bookmark

Pets Bookmark

Pumpkin Bookmark

Renewal Bookmark

Treasure Bookmark

Sharing Bookmark


Mother Goose Riddles for Dish Puppets

Library Riddles for Paper Bag Puppets

Ghost Riddles for Paper Bag Puppets

Snow Riddles for Paper Bag Puppets

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