Public Programs Office Contact Information


The ALA Public Programs Office is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (CT). For general inquires, please call, write or fax us at:

Phone: 312.280.5045
Fax: 312.280.5759

Mailing Address:
Public Programs Office (PPO)
American Library Association
225 N. Michigan Ave.
Suite 1300
Chicago, IL 60601

To suggest a partnership or program opportunity, please fill out ALA’s Request for Collaboration Form.

Director, Melanie Welch (she/her)

Melanie headshot

Phone: 312.280.5054

Contact Melanie with general inquiries regarding the ALA Public Programs Office, the ALA Public and Cultural Programs Advisory Committee (PCPAC), the ALA Cultural Communities Fund, and support for library programming through partnerships, sponsorships, grants,and donations.

Project Director, Samantha Oakley (she/her)

Samantha Oakley headshot

Phone: 312.280.5287

Contact Samantha with questions regarding Libraries Transforming Communities, Let's Talk About It, Media Literacy Education in Libraries for Adult Audiences, Community Connect, ALA PPO's annual grant opportunities, online learning, evaluation, and partnership inquires.

Communications Specialist, Hannah Arata (she/her)

Hannah Arata headshot

Phone: 312.280.3272

Contact Hannah with questions or ideas for the website and for questions regarding communications and promotional materials for PPO's grant opportunities.

Program Officer, Emily (Em) Gallaugher (they/them) (honorific: Mx.)

Program Officer, Kaileen McGourty (she/her)

Deputy Director, Sarah Ostman (she/her)

Sarah headshot

Phone: 312.280.5061

Contact Sarah with questions or ideas for the website, including inquiries about submissions and blogging opportunities, and tips about innovative or potentially newsworthy stories about library community engagement. Questions regarding American Rescue Plan: Humanities Grants for Libraries, Americans and the Holocaust, the National Impact of Library Public Programs Assessment, and Exploring Human Origins should be directed to Sarah. Media should contact Sarah for more information about PPO grant offerings and programs.

Project Director, Brian Russell (he/him)

Brian Russell headshot

Phone: 312.280.5298

Contact Brian with questions regarding ALA Apply, the Public Programs Office's grant management system, partnership inquiries and for questions regarding Thinking Money for Kids, World on the Move: 250,000 Years of Human Migration, the Great Stories Club (GSC), and the STAR Net STEAM Equity Project.

Program Officer, BeeBee Cooper Browne (they/she) (prefix/honorific: Mx. Browne)

BeeBee Cooper Browne headshot

Phone: 312.280.5053

Contact BeeBee with questions regarding ALA Apply, the Public Programs Office's grant management system, with general questions about PPO as well as questions regarding Community Connect.

Program Officer, Meghan Gieseker (she/her)