Elmhurst History Project - 2010 Jaffarian Award Winner

Elmhurst History Project

School: Jefferson Elementary School, Elmhurst, IL

Nominated by: Nicolette Vaillancourt, LRC Director

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Program Summary:

The Elmhurst History Project focused on local history while incorporating several disciplines: art, technology, oral and written communication, and research skills.  It was the product of collaboration between the school librarians and second grade teachers, where students were encouraged to research and explore the history of their local community, then work with their classmates to create a variety of presentations including written reports, a mural and a podcast.

Program Images  

Elmhurst History Project Elmhurst College Collage                                 Elmhurst History Project Elmhurst Fountain Collage                                  
 Collage of Elmhurst College                                             Collage of Elmhurst Fountain

Elmhurst History Project Hill Cottage Collage                                 Elmhurst History Project York Theater Collage
  Collage of Hill Cottage                                                    Collage of York Theater


Reflection from the award winner


Award Ceremony Images

Linda Ward-Callaghan presents 2010 Jaffarian Award to Nicolette Vaillancourt                                Janice Ostrom, Nicolette Vaillancourt, and Linda Ward-Callaghan
 Jaffarian Committee Chair Linda Ward-Callaghan presents                                          Jaffarian Committee member Janice Ostrom, Nicolette Vaillancourt,
 2010 Jaffarian Award to Nicolette Vaillancourt                                              and Linda Ward-Callaghan


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