Who Are We? - 2012 Jaffarian Award Winner

Who Are We?

School: Inter-American Magnet School, Chicago, IL

Applicant: Francis Feeley, School Librarian

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Program Summary

The program challenged 7th and 8th grade students to explore the individual and collective behavior of human beings in the past and present in a series of quarterly research projects. Using print and online resources and multiple social networking tools, students worked in small groups to research and create humanities-based presentations on topics such as the demographics of the U.S. population, protest movements throughout U.S. history, global human rights, and the lives and works of several historical leaders and change makers.


Program Images

 Inter-American Magnet School students conducting research for Who Are We program                            






 Inter-American Magnet School students conducting                          
 research for Who Are We program

 Student-created artwork







 Student-created artwork

Students conducting computer research






 Students conducting computer research

Student-produced artwork reading "Nobody Can Take Away Our Rights and Freedoms" in Spanish







"Nobody Can Take Away Our Rights and Freedoms;"
student-produced artwork


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