Harmony with Voice III - 2011 Jaffarian Award Winner

Harmony with Voice III - Our Poems Go Trans-Pacific

School: Harmony Middle School, Overland Park, KS

Applicant: Ronda Hassig, School Librarian

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Program Summary:

Featuring collaboration among a team of library staff, teachers, administrators, parents, a poet, and a community organization, “Harmony with Voice III” involved 7th graders working with local poet Bonnie Lynn Tolson to create poetry and art around the theme of homelessness. Blending 21st century technologies such as Skype and Google Docs with more traditional humanities subjects, the program captured the spirit of the Jaffarian Award, while also giving back to the community with an auction of the student-created artwork, benefiting a local women’s homeless shelter.

Program Images

Poet Bonnie Lynn Tolson Skyping with Harmony Middle School Students Harmony MS presents check to local women's shelter

Poet Bonnie Lynn Tolson Skypes with students Harmony Middle School students present check to local women's shelter

Completed student artwork Student reciting poem

Completed student artwork, inspired by student poetry Student reciting poetry

Award Presentation Images

Ronda Hassig with Jaffarian Committee chair Robbie Nickel Jaffarian winner Ronda Hassig with committee chair Robbie Nickel

Ronda Hassig and Jaffarian Committee Chair Robbie Nickel Ronda Hassig receives Jaffarian plaque

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