Loleta D. Fyan Grant

Proposal Requirements

  1. Application Cover Sheet-Word Version

    Application Cover Sheet-PDF Version

  2. Narrative
    1. Need: What problem, issue or concern will be addressed by this project? Please answer this question in two ways by describing both the specific or local need you hope to address and the project's potential for a broader impact and application beyond meeting a specific local need.
    2. Purpose: What do you hope to achieve by undertaking this project? Include in your answer both the anticipated immediate impact of the project and its potential to effect changes in public library services that are innovative and responsive to the future.
    3. Target audience: Who is the audience for this project (e.g. children, rural people, nursing home residents, public library trustees, support staff)? Why?
    4. Planned activities: Outline what you intend to do and when you intend to do it. Include a time line or calendar. Remember that the project should be completed within 12 months. Be as specific as possible.
    5. Qualifications: Describe any organizations or agencies involved in this project, including the application organization if there is one.

      Describe the knowledge and experience of the people who will be doing the project. Please state specifically why they are qualified for THIS project.

    6. Evaluation: How will you know if the project is successful?
    7. Plans for sharing the results of your project: Describe how you intend to share the results of the project with others in the library field. Sharing of results can take place after the end of the project year. Some ideas are:
      • oral presentation at an ALA Annual Conference or divisional national conference.
      • oral presentation at meeting of other library or non-library organization.
      • article in an ALA periodical.
      • article in a non-ALA periodical.
      • submission to ERIC.


    1. If the project results in a print or non-print product suitable for sale, ALA Publishing Services has the right of first refusal. If the project results in a periodical article, the ALA periodical appropriate for the subject matter has the right of first refusal.
    2. In any publication or presentation of results, the grantee should acknowledge that full or partial support for the project came from the Loleta D. Fyan Grant administered by the American Library Association.
  3. Budget

    The budget should include all costs that can be specifically identified with the proposal and should show both costs being covered by other sources and the amount being requested from the Fyan Grant.

    Possible categories are:

    1. Salaries and wages Project Director Support staff Fringe benefits for salaried personnel
    2. Consultant services
    3. Travel for work on the project
    4. Supplies and materials
    5. Other, including such costs as rental of space and/or equipment, communications, and computer services.

    Note: Institutional overhead is not an acceptable budget item.

For more information, please see the following: