Loleta D. Fyan Grant

Previous Winners

2018 Sarah Strahl for "Food Literacy – A Critical Need at Hillsboro Public Library." [Press Release]

2017 Broward Public Library Foundation for "Project upLIFT: Libraries Inform Family Tolerance." [Press Release]

2016 Lindsey Tomsu for “Tween & Teen BUILD Collective” [Press Release]

2015 Smithville Public Library for “Enriching Education: Joining the Humanities with the Community of Learners.” [Press Release]

2014 Haslet Public Library for the early science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education program for pre-teens, “Haslet Robotics Club.” [Press Release]

2013 North Shelby Library for the “Animation for the Next Generation” project. [Press Release]

2012 Carmen Patlan, of the Waukegan (Ill.) Public Library for “Promotoras Ambassador Program.” [Press Release]

2011 Mary Mann and Terry O'Connor in partnership with the Lac du Flambeau Public Library for "Revitalizing Libraries in Indian Country: The Lac du Flambeau Ojibwe Research Center."

2010 Pamela MacKellar, New Mexico State Library for "Online Management Course for New Library Directors in New Mexico."

2009 Not awarded in 2009.

2008 Not awarded in 2008.

2007 Not awarded in 2007.

2006 Kent District Library for "Early Literacy Center."

2005 Cadillac-Wexford County Public Library for "MP3 @ the Library."

2004 Orange County Library System for “WI-FI Technology Promotes Customer Service.”

2003 Friends of Libraries U.S.A. for “Making Our Voices Heard: Citizens Speak Out for Libraries.”

2002 Not awarded in 2002.

2001 Parsippany-Troy Hills (NJ) Public Library for “Click on the Library: Evaluating the Video Format and Library Usage.”

2000 Williamsburg (VA) Regional Public Library for "Feed Me A Story."

1999 Dean K. Jue and Christine Koontz for "Library Market Area Determinations Through User Address Data and Use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)."

1998 Cindy Mediavilla for "A Study of Homework Centers in Public Libraries."

1997 Kansas Library Network Board for "Kansas Community Connections."

1996 Plainsboro (NJ) Public Library for "Eureka! Science in the Public Library."

1995 Judith J. Senkevitch, School of Library and Information Science, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee for "Improving Library Services to Individuals with Special Needs."

1994 Middle Country (NY) Public Library for "The Development and Field Testing of a Public Library Quality Review Initiative."

1993 Franklin Lakes (NJ) Public Library for "Preschool Library Catalog."