Loleta D. Fyan Grant



Loleta Fyan, 1951-52 ALA President, bequeathed funds to ALA with the intent that "these funds be used for the development and improvement of public libraries and the services they provide."


Loleta D. Fyan, who was the State Librarian of Michigan for 20 years, believed that every individual, regardless of residence, is equally entitled to high quality library service and that librarians must be adept in using the political process to acquire this "right of citizenship". A pioneer in extending library service to rural areas and small communities and a proponent of library cooperation, Fyan was a driving force behind Library Services and Construction Act (LSCA) funding.


Applicants can include but are not limited to: local, regional or state libraries, associations or organizations, including units of the American Library Association; library schools; or individuals.


The project(s):

  1. must result in the development and improvement of public libraries and the services they provide;
  2. must have the potential for broader impact and application beyond meeting a specific local need;
  3. should be designed to effect changes in public library services that are innovative and responsive to the future; and
  4. should be capable of completion within one year.


Up to $5,000 total for one or more projects. A check for half the total amount of the grant (up to $2,500) will be paid within one month of the ALA Annual Conference. The remaining amount released after winner submits a 6-month report and the report is approved by chair of the Fyan Jury and Staff Liaison to the Jury. If no proposal is deemed worthy, the award may not be given.

How to Apply

Please send via email one completed application cover sheet and proposal with budget to the ALA Staff Liaison listed below. Email subject line should read “2019 Fyan Award Proposal”. File formats accepted are MS Word 2003 or newer, and PDF. Please do not fax or mail.

If you are interested in applying for this award, please click on the following for more information:

Submission Deadline

January 11, 2019

Jury Chair and Members

Listing of Fyan Jury

Staff Liaison

Send submissions to:

Kathy Rosa, EdD, MSLS

Director, Library & Research Center

American Library Association

Phone: 312-280-4273

Send submissions to:

Past winners

Previous Fyan winners