Phyllis Dain Library History Dissertation Award Winners

Previous Winners

2021               Dr. Cindy Anh Nguyen
                       "Reading and Misreading: The Social Life of Libraries and Colonial Control in Vietnam, 1865-1958"

2019               Travis Ross 
                       "History,Inc - Herbery Bancroft's History Co and the problem of Selling Past"

2017                 Margaret Yu-Yin Hung 
                        "English Public Libraries, 1919-1975: Vocation and Popularisation"

2015                Miriam Intrator 
                       "Books Across Borders and Between Libraries: UNESCO and the Politics of Postwar Cultural
                       Reconstruction, 1945-1951"

2013                Sharon McQueen
                       "The Story of ‘The Story of Ferdinand’: The Creation of a Cultural Icon"

2011                Susan Reynolds 
                       "The Establishment of the Library of the Supreme Court of Victoria, 1851-1884: Antecedents,
                       Foundation, and Legacy"

2009                Karen J Cook
                       "Freedom Libraries in the 1964 Mississippi Freedom Summer Project: A History"

2007                Not Awarded 

2005                Bonnie Mak 
                       "(re)Defining the Page for a Digital World"

2003                Not Awarded 

2001                Mildred L. Jackson
                       "Do What You Can: Creating an Institution, Ladies’ Library Associations in Michigan, 1850-1900"
1999                Toby P. Graham
                       "Segregation and Civil Rights in Alabama’s Public Libraries, 1918-1965"

1998                Christine Pawley 
                        "Reading on the Middle Border: The Culture of Print in Osage, Iowa, 1870 to 1900"

                       Certificate of Merit
                       Christine Jenkins
                       "The Strength of the Inconspicuous: Youth Services Librarians, the American Library
                         Association, and Intellectual Freedom for the Young, 1939-1955"

1995                Marilyn Martin
                       "From Altruism to Activism: The Contribution of Women's Organizations to Arkansas
                        Public Libraries"

1993                Not Awarded 

1991                Plummer Alston Jones Jr. 
                       "American Public Library Service to the Immigrant Community, 1876-1948"