The Carroll Preston Baber Research Grant

Schedule and Procedures

  1. Applicants develop proposals, complete cover sheet, update resumes.
  2. Applicant e-mails one copy of proposal, coversheet, and resume(s) by deadline date to the ALA Staff Liason (deadline date and address listed on the Baber Grant Guidelines page).
  3. Jury meets to select winner at the ALA Midwinter Meeting or offsite/ virtually at that period.
  4. Jury Chair informs applicants of Jury's decision within 30 days of the Midwinter Meeting.
  5. Grant winner receives check for half of the amount of the award within one month after the ALA Annual Conference.
  6. Grantee submits six-month report to the ALA Staff Liaison who will forward a copy to the current jury chair. (See separate instruction page for content of six-month report.)
  7. The two people just named agree on acceptability of six-months report and approve second payment.
  8. Staff liaison arranges second payment.
  9. Grantee completes work and produces final project report. (See separate instruction page.)
  10. Staff Liaison sends letter informing grantee that project is complete and sends copy to Jury members.
  11. Grantee implements dissemination plan and keeps Staff Liaison informed of presentations and publications.

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