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Other Resources

The LIBSUP-L listserv provides “discussion of all library-related topics as they pertain to library support staff.” 

American Libraries Live regularly publishes episodes concerning developing library trends. Previous episodes are archived.

Ideas + Inspiration by Demco publishes free webinars, an idea gallery, and other resources.

The Library Support Staff Certification Program “is designed to recognize the value and accomplishments of Library Support Staff.”

Learn more about the career outlook and employment for library workers at the Bureau of Labor Statistics website.

Storytime Underground provides a space for children’s and teen librarians to share storytime ideas and resources.

Further Readings

In 1991 the ALA Office for Library Personnel Resources Standing Committee on Library Education published a series of Issue Papers covering a wide range of topics concerning library support staff. Topics of issue papers include certification, basic and continuing education, compensation and career advancement, role definition, and morale.

The Department for Professional Employees, AFL-CIO’s report on Professionals in the Workplace: Librarians and Library Paraprofessionals (2015) offers a recent overview of employment, education, and earnings statistics; employment outlook; and unionization of library workers.

One Model for Creating a Career Ladder for Library Support Staff” (2009) from Library Publications and Presentations provides a suggested career ladder model focusing on promotion in place opportunities.

Library Worklife is an online publication from ALA-APA that “informs readers about issues - career advancement, certification, human resources practices, pay equity, recruitment, research, work/life balance - that concern all library workers.”

ASSOCIATES: The Electronic Library Support Staff Journal focuses on library support staff issues. Publication occurs three times a year.