Letter of Invitation Request

Thank you for your interest in attending the American Library Association Annual Conference. If you have already registered for the conference, you will receive a letter of invitation upon registering. If you need a letter of invitation before you register for the The Library Learning Experience (LibLearnX), please fill out this form or send a request to the International Relations Office at intl@ala.org.


Guidelines for obtaining an invitation letter:

1. Please include your full employment information and mailing address. Please provide as much information as possible.

2. The official ALA letter of invitation is to be used to facilitate the processing of any visas or documents needed for you to attend the ALA conference only.

3. ALA is unable to provide financial support for your participation.

4. Letters of Invitation will only be sent to professionals working in the library field, exhibitors attending the conference, or those in a related field.

5. We cannot provide visa letters for spouses or guests.

6. The Letter of Invitation will ONLY be sent by email to the email address provided. The Letter of Invitation cannot be emailed or sent to the U.S. Embassy or U.S. Consulate.

7. ALA cannot intervene on behalf of the invitees with the Embassy or U.S. Consulate via fax, phone, surface mail, or email. The U.S. State Department provides information on traveling to the United States regarding passports, international travel, and visas.

8. If your visa application is denied, please inform ALA in writing that you wish to cancel your registration. A full refund will be issued if the cancelation notice is received by May 27, 2024 (only applies to Annual Conference). No refunds will be made for cancelation requests received after the refund date. Cancellation of registration will result in a handling fee of $25 for each item canceled. No refunds given for “Exhibits Only” badges. Refunds will be processed after the Annual Conference. Send cancelation requests to ala@onpeak.com and ahamann@ala.org

9. Filling out this form does not guarantee receiving a Letter of Invitation. Providing as much information as possible is highly recommended.


Personal Data Notification
The ALA (American Library Association and its units) and the ALA-APA (Allied Professional Association) (collectively “ALA”) use the personal data you provide to the ALA to process membership, inform you of products, services, conferences, education opportunities, events and for other purposes which are within the Association’s mission.  To accomplish these actions, ALA contracts with third-parties who gather and process personal data to complete interactions such as online purchases, conference registration, and fulfillment. The personal data as provided is processed and stored as a legitimate Interest to the ALA in order to fulfill your requests for information and services from ALA. For more information, review ALA’S PRIVACY POLICY.